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As the country of Israel is getting legal access to cannabis and marijuana, this website will help you find a reliable dispensary and learn about anything you could ever need to know about it.

Telegrass is a Telegram bot that allows different and diverse merchants to advertise their goods in a bot for the benefit of both consumers and patients.

While cannabis has been gaining popularity, there are few ways to purchase a range of cannabis products. Telegrass is one – a messaging app that enables users to order and pay for cannabis through the app. In doing so, it enables many customers who are very selective when it comes to quality of product and service delivery. Every trader in the market is fighting for customers because you’re never sure what another provider will do or if they’ve taken care of all your needs and questions. Only the best get in here!

How to order in Telegrass?

The great thing about using it offers a simple, fast app specifically for ordering. After adding your address to the טלגראס app, within a few minutes you’ll be able to have your order delivered anywhere.

Hiding your IP, ensuring utmost privacy and anonymity is all possible.

Regardless of what your sourcing needs are, you should be able to find sellers and suppliers using the search engine in the Telegram app.

When you go to establish a supplier relationship, we’ll walk you through beginning the process.

Buy Weed / Cannabis in israel telegram

Telegram is a mobile messaging application that specializes in encrypted communications. The keywords for the app are speed, security, and efficiency. A message sent on this app is sent from sender to receiver without any intermediaries, meaning merchants receive their messages immediately. With estimates saying that Telegram’s turnover is about NIS 60 million a month  and it was used by more than 200,000 Israelis according to police sources. It is estimated up to two-thirds drug trafficking in Israel relies on this method of communication.

The Israel Police is working hard to fight cannabis trafficking in the Telegrass network in various ways, including using undercover investigators.

On March 12, 2019, after an undercover investigation that lasted about a year and a half, the police arrested 42 senior members of Telegrass from around the world, including founder Amos Dov Silver who was visiting Ukraine at the time and was released under house arrest for four months.

Eventually he was extradited to Israel following a decision by a local court in Ukraine. In March 2020 the Central District Court ruled that Telegrass could be considered a criminal organization, and founder Amos Silver was charged with running it.


This is the story of Isaiah Silver, a young drug trafficker who turned his life around and went on to promote cannabis in America. The network’s name originated from the string of words telegram, grass and they took it upon themselves to create an app that would facilitate this legal trade. They use Telegram as the base for their business model.

Yossi Meshi, 34 years old and 19 years of age – convicted for drug charges. Known as “Gal”

Unit 8200 – a subdivision of the Israeli Defense Forces – has significant ties to domestic counterterrorism operations. Ben Levy served in the organization and left when he was appointed as VP of Operations.

Gali Amar is Amos Dov Silver’s wife

In September of 2018, three heads of the Telegrass gang were arrested simultaneously in Germany for their role in a drugs and weapons-running operation.

With nearly 4,500 merchants in the platform and over 200,000 customers worldwide, Telegrass has grown exponentially since it was founded just five years ago. It employs 70 managers that serve a variety of functions and handles various community-related activities. The company also has software people that know their way around Python programming and communications. One of the major upgrades made by these programmers is the bot that answers questions automatically to members of different groups. The high level of activity on the platform has led to a drop in cannabis prices as well as groups for psychedelic drug sales, discussions and reviews. According to FaedaGoldsman, Telegrassfounder and CEO, making money through the service is not something he’ll pursue because “there are too many merchants who pay me voluntarily.”

During the month of September 2017, Telegrass had the world’s first ground search party, known as “Search for the Treasure”.

For this ground search party, 23 bags of grass were buried throughout the city. After that event, hundreds of marijuana lovers joined in finding them.

A database of hacked American merchants leaked in February 2018 to a network known as Telegrass. While the database did not include identifying data, it featured incriminating videos with evidence that implicated these merchants [18]. The company responded saying they had been hacked and one programmer stole 1,500 functional accounts, but the system was not compromised [19].

Merchants of the chain continued to work in external frameworks even during the corona plague, despite their country being in the middle of one. They used couriers from legal companies such as Walt and Let Bite, and even disguised themselves as couriers for a discreet transaction.

Network activity

Telegrass was created in 2012 and aims to provide a range of news and information to the general public about the cannabis sector. In November 2018, Facebook closed down their page due to violating policy guidelines. With the page gone, it’s been difficult for them to promote their message of marijuana legalization in Israel. However, since Amos Silver’s page was also blocked, they decided it would be best for their cause after their contract with Facebook ended so they began working on a site that would allow everyone who wants to get involved with activism and promoting marijuana legalization, freedom of use in Israel. Police got wind of what they were doing and arrested Telegrass members on March 12th and shut down all content related to weed in Israel.

Police fight

Getting caught committing a crime in Israel is always a bad idea. In fact, the country has so much severe anti-drug laws that even using cannabis without the appropriate authorizations could bring about arrest. Despite the arrests and indictments of drug dealers by Israeli police, the Minister of Internal Security had announced the change in enforcement policy [22]. According to Silver and Telegrass, this isn’t enough because they don’t agree with the legalization of soft drugs. The Israeli Police on the other hand, disagree and accuse Silver and Telegrass of being an illegal organization that deals in hard drugs. They also charge that Silver who lives in the United States has a warrant for his arrest pending internationally as well. Despite these accusations from one side or another, sellers are arrested from both sides but we have yet to see convictions for either side

On the other hand, Telegrass people revealed on the Internet the photos of undercover police officers – but did you know that there was an identity card requirement? People who were trading online had to present their ID card.


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