10 Best Poker Rules For Beginners To Win Online

Best Poker Rules

Poker is a card game loved by many worldwide. It has an ardent base of fans that religiously indulges in the game daily for multiple hours. The online gaming platforms give plenty of scopes to cherish hours of poker play. You can use the GetMega gaming platform to enjoy the game while abiding by thepoker rules. It is a one of a kind gaming site that provides you with the scope of enjoying games from various genres. With that, you even get to win cash prizes as rewards for winning. – Best Poker Rules 

Poker rules for beginners

Below are the rules of poker that might help you to win the game from the very beginning.

1. Rules of poker hand ranking

For starting a poker game you need to first know about the cards and their ranks. The pack of 52 cards has cards belonging to different categories and each category has a specific point restricted to it. The cards and their ranking are discussed below in the descending order:

Royal flush

These are the cards holding the highest position among the deck of 52 cards. The jack, ace, queen and king belong to a particular suit. 

Straight flush

If you have 5 cards from the same suit in a sequence and between the numbers 1 and 9 then you have a straight flush. For an instance, 2,3,4,5,6 of ♥ then you have a straight flush.

Four of a kind

As the name suggests it is a sequence of 4 cards having the same denomination but from different suits of cards. For example, 10 of ♥,♦,♠, and ♣ and a card having a different denomination. 

Full house

If you have 3 cards having the same denomination and a couple of cards of another denomination then you have a full house. 


You get a flush if you have 6 cards of the same suit of cards. 


If your card hand has a consecutive sequence irrespective of the suit then you have a straight hand. 

Three of a kind

A set containing 3 cards of the same denomination and the other two of separate denominations then it is a “three of a kind” hand. 

Two pairs

Two sets having the same denominations along with a different card makes two pairs. For an instance, two 9 of ♥ and ♠ and two 6 of ♣ and ♥ besides a 4 of ♥ will make a “two pairs”.

One pair

When two cards have the same denomination along with three cards mismatching one another it makes “one pair”. 

No pair

This is the lowest ranking hand of cards. It contains all cards belonging to different suits and having different denominations. 

2. Betting rules

    • The 5 card sets are distributed by an online dealer to all the players.
    • You bet in the following two ways:
  • Ante – It is a procedure where betting is done beforehand by all the players together.
  • Blinds- Here two blinds are set. One is small and the other big. The small blind is half the amount of the big blind.

3. Rules when initiating a poker game

  • To start a game after placing a bet if you want you can discard a card or as many as you want to and replace them with new ones. 
  • After the new cards are taken a new round of betting takes place. 

4. Rules of showcasing cards

  • You have three options for showcasing your card to the opponents: call, raise and fold.
  • ‘Call’ is the option you choose when you want to be the same amount as the previous player did. 
  • On the other hand, you choose the ‘raise’ option if you place a bet higher than the previous opponent. 
  • ‘Fold’ is the option to go for when you are dissatisfied with the set of cards you have. In such cases, you can give the cards back to the dealer and quit the game. 

5. Begin with low stakes

  • You should always start bidding at low stakes because your ultimate aim is to ace the game without losing money. 
  • It enables you to understand the game and play with weak players to get time for the next moves. 

6. Find out your best hands

  • Even though you should start your call with a low stake but always be aware of your best hand.
  • Call the hand when you think it’s time to increase your chances of winning. 

7. Avoid limping as the first player

  • Limping is calling out the preflop of the big blind. You should avoid doing so because your chances of winning the pot get meagre. It is better to raise first than limp.
  • Besides, when you limp first you give attractive pot odds to your opponents. This increases the possibility of you facing multiple players. Hence making it less likely for you to win the jackpot. 

8. Swift play your strong hands

  • It is better to bet your strongest hands as it helps you to build a good pot.
  • It also helps in equity protection.
  • However, first check if you can be outdrawn by your opponent, if not then play your strong hands.

9. Defend the big blind

  • The position of a big blind is always a good option because you already have set a big blind which you have invested for the pot. 
  • This also makes the position better because you have a better chance of calling pot odds than the others. 

10. Play a tight game aggressively

  • Most of the time beginners make the mistake of opening many hands at once. This is not a good strategy to play. 
  • Observe how the opponents are picking their cards and then decide on which hand to go for. 

Poker is not a game that can be easily aced. You need to practice and build strategies to get the pot. GetMega is the ideal platform for starting your poker fever. You get the scope of betting very small amounts here. Besides, playing with the connoisseurs of the game helps you to understand better. 


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