10 Ways To Kill Some Time With Your Smartphone Today


Whether you’re stuck as a passenger in a traffic jam, experiencing a power cut at home, or waiting for your delayed flight at the airport, beating the boredom is not always easy. Luckily today, we have many more options to fight our boredom than we did in the past, and one of the best remedies for this is the smartphone. There are many things you can use your smartphone for to help time pass when you’re in a dull situation. To help you decide on something to do, we’ve listed a few suggestions.

Chat To Someone
Our first suggestion is a relatively simple one: to start a conversation with one of your friends or family. This might be a good time to reconnect with someone you might not have spoken to in a while, or to update family members or friends on the progress of your journey, for example. Chatting with someone can really help to pass the time, and having access to a phone like this can help you here when you’re sitting on your own.

Learn Something New
When you have time on your hands like this, instead of sitting around and wasting time, you could instead learn some new skills. There are so many learning apps out there today, allowing you to learn new skills that could help you in your career. For example, you could learn how to code, practice things like mathematics, or even start learning a new language. 

Do Some Planning
Your smartphone is a great planning tool, and you can use this time to update things like your to-do list for work, personal life, and specific events for the future, such as a vacation, wedding, or birthday party. We can often put off planning for things if we have a hectic life and lack time to sit down and focus an hour or so preparing for something, so turn this time into a positive and use it productively instead of getting frustrated by the delay.

Tidy Up Your Emails
Another thing that many of us put off is going through our thousands of emails. Of course, if you’ve left your inbox to get jam-packed with emails over the years, you’re going to have to write off most of them. It would take far too long to go through thousands of emails, and most of those are going to be unimportant spam. Consider checking through the emails from the previous week at most and then mark your inbox as read. Try to be more organized from here on out by making use of folders and automatic sorting functions in your email app.

Play Some Games
We completely understand if you’re really determined to simply let time pass as quickly as possible. Sometimes a delay like this, especially if it impacts time-sensitive plans, can be incredibly annoying, so attempting to take on a productive task just isn’t going to go well. Instead, consider playing some game on your phone. You could download some from your phone’s app store or even look at playing some online, too. You could even look into playing at some online casinos, many of which will come with welcome bonuses for new players. You can find out more about these sorts of bonuses at www.onlinecasinos.co.uk.

Update Your Social Media
Your social media channels can be a very useful platform for you to share events and experiences in your life with friends and family. Updating your social media, especially if you have a number of different platforms that you use, can be time-consuming, however. Sorting through photos, for example, will likely take up a lot of time. Consider creating some new albums for big events in your life and sort through your photos, uploading any relevant shots to each album.

Listen To Music
A common choice for people looking to pass the time is to simply listen to some music. Music can help you achieve an almost meditative state, and before you know it, you’ll have listened to an entire album and let an hour or more go by. You could also spend this time creating your own playlist on a music streaming app, which will be perfect for the rest of your journey.

Find A New Podcast
As well as listening to music, many people choose to listen to podcasts, too. There are countless podcasts out there covering almost any topic you can imagine. There’s a chance you already have a few favourite podcasts, so consider looking for a new one to sink your teeth into. Perhaps it’s a fandom podcast for one of your favourite TV shows or movies, or perhaps you can find a podcast about a subject that intrigues you, and you want to learn more about, such as history or science. 

Practice Relaxation
Sitting in one place is not always ideal for many people. Knowing that you’ve got to wait for a few hours can instantly make some of us very restless. However, you should try to accept that you’ll be waiting and there’s very little you can do about it. Once you’ve come to terms with this, you could also try to remain calm with the help of relaxation methods, too. Meditation, for example, doesn’t need to be obvious. Nobody will know you’re meditating, as there’s no reason to sit on the floor cross-legged. You can simply control your breathing with the help of the many mindfulness apps you can find via app stores. This will allow time to pass you by after clearing your mind and staying calm. 

Get Up To Date On The News
While it can be depressing, especially today, this could be the best time to browse your favorite news sites and get up to date on local and world events. If you’re traveling somewhere new, especially abroad, this could also be a good time to look at the news in that area. This will help prepare you for any potential disruptions caused by traffic and give you some talking points with anyone you’re planning to meet at your destination, such as friends and family.


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