Those feelings about your experience at work are vulnerable to your personal attitude and to the environment you have. But with much stress after that hard federal government hiring process after the interview and hyper-competitiveness of the first days, your attitude might not turn to the positive side. 


    How to stay more motivated and happier at your job after your manager screams or throws a mug? Here are some tips on how you can feel relaxed and go on working without feeling stressed to get a better atmosphere in your workplace. 

    <H2>#1. Remain Concentrated</H2> 

    Though you told your recruiter that you’re good at multitasking, jumping from one task or a project to another is often exhausting. And after you realise that you haven’t finished any of the pile of tasks though you’ve done a lot you feel disappointed. The best piece of advice here is to focus on a single activity and remain focused on the predefined objectives. 

    <H2>#2. Set Priorities</H2>

    Don’t check or respond to the urgent email letter if you don’t finish what your brain keeps busy with. Make a list and follow its points staying focused on each. This is the right way to complete several activities per day. Though a lot of extraordinary situations can occur, knowing which of them is within your control makes you calm and helps to find resolutions.

    <H2>#3. Confidence Matters</H2>

    A lack of confidence may cause stress wrecking your peace of mind. Look for opportunities to get confidence in your accomplishments, abilities, and decisions, as well as your colleagues. It will be helpful for complex tasks or project navigation and team building. 

    <H2>#4. Be Positive Wherever You Can</H2>

    To make your brain function at its best you’ll need positive thinking to stimulate it without an attack of panic. With the stress reduced, you’ll become more alert and better equipped to perform your duties. 


    With a positive kind of thinking you will be more invested in your job and be able to find a way out of difficult stressful situations faster. With a positive attitude, it is easy to surround yourself with the same thoughts and get better results at work.

    <H2>#5. Trust in Your Team</H2>

    Rely on your team, delegating some of your tasks to them. When you are tired, don’t miss a chance to ask your colleagues to find the right solution in brainstorming solutions or to take on some tasks. Never refuse to offer assistance in return.

    <H2>#6. Make Pauses to Take a Breath</H2>

    You definitely have your own receipt to prevent unease and to get calm down. But breaks are the best solution, whether it is counting to 10 or having small talk with a teammate, or grabbing a coffee. You can always pull yourself out of the situation you anticipate to get relaxed and start to think clearly. 

    <H2>#7. Reframe Negative Experiences</H2>

    When you feel angry at your colleague’s incompetence or overwhelmed with too much work you may often think of reasons why this happens to you. To survive less stress, you can always retranslate your negative experiences into growth ones. Instead of, “Why is this happening to me” it’s better to think “Why is this happening for me?” 

    <H2>#8. Get Grounded in Gratitude</H2>

    To turn from a stressed exhausted worker into a highly successful one think about an attitude of gratitude. Any negative emotion such as anger or disappointment can get cleared away by sweet feelings of gratitude. Just be grateful for this experience because it will make you better prepared for the next challenge. Pick as much as possible from your experience you can be grateful these circumstances for.

    <H2>#9. Train Your Mind</H2>

    If you are emotionally grounded, your mind can get strengthened by meditation. Those who are unfamiliar with it should understand that it is not only about just sitting quietly but it trains your brain in the same way as lifting weights grows the muscles. It’s a pleasant and easy process and unlike workouts at the gym, this mental workout takes a few minutes. Another good news is that it can be done at any place and requires no cloth change.

    <H2>#10. Maintain Work-Life Balance</H2>

    To handle stress and stay quiet you should achieve a perfect work-life balance. Don’t let your work take precedence over everything else in your life in order not to become prone to more stress and to low down the risk of burnout together with a poorer sense of well-being. 


    A strict schedule is not the right tactic. Dividing 16 hours evenly between work and personal life won’t help to get things done in every field. You should think about how to get the flexibility to have time and energy to enjoy your personal life the same as the working day. Calculate the days you work longer hours and free out this time later to enjoy other activities.


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    Daniella Henderson

    Daniella possesses a comprehensive understanding of the federal hiring process, from the initial stages of crafting a federal resume to the ultimate phase of conducting interviews. She demonstrates expertise in job hunting strategies.



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