3 activities to do in Las Vegas

    do in Las Vegas

    Although many people see Las Vegas as just a location to play lucky casino games, it’s far more than that. Of course, Las Vegas is home to a lot of great casinos, but casinos are really not the only way of entertainment in this city. In this blog we’ll list three non-casino related activities to do in your Las Vegas visit. 

    • Visit Fremont Street at night

    Las Vegas isn’t only known for the gambling, but also for the beautiful lights. This title can be truly claimed because of Fermont Street. At day this is already a beautiful sight, but visiting Fremont Street will be truly unforgettable. Every night, there’s a light show taking place organised by Viva Vision. These shows are completely free, but are great none the less. The Viva Vision screen is the worlds biggest video screen, which at itself is already a cool sight. But, by seeing this screen come to life, you’ll be amused for the entire night, as you can just sit with friends under the screen, enjoying some snacks you brought yourself. 

    • The Neon Boneyard

    The closest you’ll get to your casino experience without actually having to gamble, is the Neon Boneyard in Las Vegas. This museum is home to tons of old casinos and other business, that aren’t exactly what they used to be anymore. This is why this museum is referred to as a boneyard: these old casinos haven’t been used in ages and have been become due. The Neon Boneyard is a very cool experience at day, but just like anything else in Las Vegas, truly comes to life at night, as the old neon lights still function well. Seeing a place that looks truly due come to life like this is a beautiful sight that you will not quickly forget about. 

    • Hoover Dam

    The Hoover Dam isn’t located in Las Vegas, but it’s close to it. There are a lot of tours that go to Hoover Dam from Las Vegas, which is why we have to include it in this list. The Hoover Dam is one of the biggest dams in the world, as this dam is 221.3 meters tall. This creates a sight you will probably never see again, as its truly special to see how much water is stopped by the dam. Which makes this experience even more surreal, is the fact that you’re able to enter the Hoover Dam if you want to. There are daily tours called the Powerplant Tour, that give information about the history of the dam and more detailed information such as the way the dam is built. The Hoover Dam is a great escape of Las Vegas, because it shows something that’s based around nature instead of the neon lights of the city. 

    What are your plans?

    Are you planning on visiting Las Vegas? We hope these three things will make your list of activities you will do once you’re there! Or are there still activities we missed out on? 


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