3 Reasons to Use Virtual Phone Numbers for SMS Verification

    Virtual Phone Numbers

    Due to the increasing number of restrictions virtual phone numbers are becoming more and more popular service among internet users from all over the world. The main reason is that it is a perfect tool to bypass the registration process on any app while located in any country including those ones that are banned on some websites. But there are also some other advantages that make people want to use VoIP cell phones. We will explain all of them.

    Cheap and affordable price

    Some people prefer to buy another SIM card when it is required to create a second account on any online application. But if they knew about the existence of virtual phone numbers then they would not do this for sure. 

    Unlike buying a SIM card this option cost only a few cents which is cheap and affordable not only in comparison but also overall. And it doesn’t differ much from country to country meaning there is a possibility to buy, for example, a phone number from Austria which is one of the most expensive countries in Europe without paying much money.

    Also, a virtual phone number for SMS verification is a much more convenient option than buying and using a new SIM card. You don’t even have to go anywhere for this. Such a service is available for purchase online from any location in the world. To concretize, it is possible to be located, for example, in the US, and buy an Austrian phone number or phone number from any other foreign country. So it is a great tool during many travel restrictions.

    Wide range of application possibilities

    Overall virtual phone numbers are not different from real ones. So it is possible to use them for solving all the possible tasks on the internet. For example, there is no issue at all with setting it up to send and receive text messages and even phone calls without having a SIM card. Though, more often it is being used for receiving one-time passwords from different online applications since it allows creating an account on different apps for really cheap.

    On the whole, it is possible to use a virtual phone number on any website that requires its users to complete the phone verification process by receiving a text message on their mobile phones. There are no exceptions. You can activate or verify a virtual cell phone number on all the popular social network platforms, online stores, and instant messengers such as WhatsApp, Telegram, and WeChat. So, to summarize the above, such a feature is presented by a wide range of application possibilities which in theory has no limits.

    High security level

    One of the best things about virtual phone numbers is that there is no way to track them. They don’t have public owners and history data on the internet since all of them are fresh and new. Also most often there is no need to disclose any personal information to purchase a virtual number, especially when it comes to using it for bypassing SMS verification. Usually, it is enough to provide an email address that can be a burner for creating an account on a specialized platform. After that, options for both buying and using virtual phone numbers will become available.

    In the case of disposable virtual phone numbers, there is even more security. Not saying it is the most effective tool for those who want to protect their privacy while surfing on the internet. The reason is such a phone number ceases to exist after the successful receiving of a text message. No one can use it again for the same app and takeover an already created account that stays with its creator forever or until it is banned or deleted. So it is not only cheap but also a very secure feature.


    A virtual phone number is a great choice for creating safe and private accounts on online apps. It is also cheap when using SMS activation platform SMS-Man. This website has been providing such a service for a long time and at this moment has all the necessary tools for those who are seeking virtual cell phones with dialing codes from different countries and for any app.

    You just have to create and verify an account on this platform to start using it. After that proceed to the main page and find the list with all countries and projects that are available for completing phone number verification through receiving SMS. The choice is really huge and contains offers for any type of need. You can also visit a rent tab to purchase a virtual phone number for a certain period of time up to a few months. This option allows receiving an unlimited amount of SMS during all rental time from even not listed apps. So using it will be a great decision in many cases.


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