4 digital marketing trends in 2021

    4 digital marketing trends

    Technologies in the modern world are developing rapidly, the speed of information dissemination is increasing, new products appear on the markets every day, and tools for influencing consumers are losing their relevance. Companies, in a situation of intensely growing competition, constantly require new ways to influence customers and contribute to the growth of sales. Nowadays, no company launches a product without a thoughtful marketing strategy, expanding the list of possible ways to attract consumers through advertising in various sources. Internet marketing is gaining more and more popularity as a huge platform for the implementation of the most non-standard and unique ideas, which, moreover, has no restrictions. Therefore, the topic of marketing on the Internet is quite relevant, Here are digital marketing tools.

    This cannot be said about Google, it still adheres to the position not to highlight its services, nevertheless, the number of responses to queries in Google is growing thanks to the development of its own information search mechanics.

    Streaming space

    It’s getting more popular in 2021. Streaming would be perfect for everyone. Do you want to stream a game or be dominative in any specific niche? Twitch is an answer. Getting quality streaming sessions is the real answer to how to get Twitch followers in 2021. 

    Voice search

    The popularity of voice search is growing steadily. This way of working with search engines is easier, more convenient and faster. If on the keyboard a person can type on average about 40 words in one minute, then pronounce – about 90-150 words.

    Turbo pages. For Alice and SIRI, Google Assistant, it is worth embedding answers to very long questions on the sites, for example, “SIRI, how to choose a flex bracelet and beautiful gold earrings for a corporate party.” To do this, you need to saturate the sites with similar text materials, blogs, news, and do reviews on your own trading floors using phrases from frequently asked long questions on the site’s topic.

    Automatic strategies

    Personalization and maximum customer focus in advertising do not standstill. Neural networks try to “slip” the most suitable answer to a search query or show a product with the aim of its further sale. In this regard, the possibilities of working with user audiences, look-alikes, pursuing advertising, and retargeting are rapidly developing. 

    Digitalization of promotions and sales

    Shopping is going online more and more, promotions, which until recently were characteristic of individual trading floors, are now rapidly acquiring global proportions. “11.11” is not only a day of sales on Aliexpress, but a full-fledged global “World Shopping Day”. Black Friday turns into black weeks and can last all November. The January Cyber ​​Monday comes up several times a year in the form of Cyber ​​Weeks.

    The list of similar actions-innovations that come from offline to online can be continued, and the trends in this regard are two-sided. Offline stores are taking over promotions from the Internet. All this is done by marketers in order to increase sales in the months of sales recession and during the “low season”, including on the Internet, and they take as a basis offline promotions that have proven themselves from a positive point of view.


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