5 Common Mistakes Spanish Speakers Make When Learning English


It is quite difficult for Spanish people to start learning English and become a native. The most complicated part is the pronunciation, so when you are going to learn English, just focus on the use of letters, words and pronunciation.  

In order to learn English quickly and effectively, you will first need to have a good command of the language. This can be done by practicing the language through listening and speaking.

They may not know how to pronounce English words properly. However, learning English pronunciation is a good thing. If you want to communicate with others, it is very important that you be able to correctly pronounce words.

You need to learn the correct rules. This will help you to write correctly and understand what you are writing. But if you only learn pronunciation, you will not be able to speak properly. 

You can start learning from an online tutor, that is a great process. You can simply find online English Tutors on AmazingTalker. You can also find online Spanish Tutors there, too to make your learning enjoyable.

Some Mistakes we do to learn English

We will now discuss some mistakes that will give us easy access to learn english easily and perform better avoiding them. 

Pronouncing the V and B Differently

In English the Pronunciation of the V and B is different, we have to keep focus on the movement of our tongue here. It is a bit tricky, just give your best efforts. 

Many people get confused about pronunciation. For example, they might pronounce the letter “v” as “b.” Some people pronounce the letter “v” as “w.”  If you are not following them, you might be making bad decisions.

If you are able to follow this rule, you will not make any mistakes while speaking English. Another rule is called “word formation.”

The “h” Sound are Often Mispronounced

We make a lot of mistakes pronouncing H, properly and in most of the cases it sounds like O. So, look at the word then you can do better with the right pronunciation. 

The correct pronunciation of H is a long A sound followed by another A sound. To pronounce the letter H correctly you can say AH or ah in a very short amount of time.

It is okay if you make mistakes. It is better to say what you mean than to say something that doesn’t make sense. Also, it is good to pronounce words correctly. The pronunciation of a word should match its meaning.

If you would like to be a great speaker, you should know what you want to say. Before you begin to speak, you should ask yourself what you want to say and whether you have all the information.

Dropping Consonant Sounds at the End of Words

In English we have to drop the sound of the consonant that is at the end of the words. It is a common practice that sounds more native. Try to follow this rule. 

However, American people have started saying “thee”, “you’re”, and “thine”. This is how a speaker sounds when he is using the rules of the English language. (Modafinil)

The American accent is more complicated to understand and follow for non-native speakers. That’s why people in America tend to use the accent in order to make themselves sound more native.

Most English speakers don’t drop the consonants at the end of words. A natural sounding speech has fewer errors and makes your voice sound smoother and more expressive. 

Short and Long Vowels Sound the Same

Pronouncing the short and long vowels are mostly not the same, here you can follow the rules to speak in the proper way. When you want to talk like a native, you should have a better idea about vowels.

The short and long vowel sounds are not the same, but they can be pronounced the same. For example, the words “can’t” and “could” are the same word in some dialects. In some other dialects, “cannot” is pronounced the same as “can’t”. “Dangerous” and “dangerous” are also pronounced the same. But we would never say “dangerous” instead of “dangerous”. 

Vowels can change the pronunciation of your word. Each time you pronounce a word, you will have a different sound. In the English language, you can make these sounds with your tongue, throat, teeth, and lips. This means that your mouth will move several different ways to make one single sound.

Vowels After Words That Starts With “s” and a Consonant

Another major issue is, Vowels After Words That Start With “s” and a Consonant, here we have to keep an eye on the vowels and make your sentence straight. 

It would help you to get good grades on your exams. This will enable you to avoid making the same mistake again. 

Final Words

There are more kinds of mistakes we make, but getting guidance from a native tutor is incomparable. Here you can try an English Tutor on AmazingTalker and avoid your mistakes easily. We hope you have a great journey while learning english. 


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