5 Tricks to Instantly Improve in Rainbow Six Siege

Improve in Rainbow Six

Rainbow Six Siege has been renowned to be a game among two different sections, namely, attackers and defenders. These two sections have always been battling over a single interesting objective. The gameplay possesses five different operators in every team equipped with distinctive gadgets. These very gadgets possess the power to either slow down the effect of the attackers’ assault or even hamper the defenders’ defences.  Though the game is interesting enough, it is still difficult to play. Many players, especially beginners, face issues with the game and seek tips to Improve in Rainbow Six .

This article will explore the 5 Tricks to Instantly Improve in Rainbow Six Siege with the Best Rainbow Six Siege Hacks.  

1. Watch Tutorials Before Getting Started

If you are new to the gameplay of Rainbow Six Siege, the foremost thing to do when starting up the game is to watch all three available tutorial videos. The videos offer detailed information regarding different aspects of the game, including relevant information on how to get 200 Renown. This is the currency used in the game which enables the players to buy resources, and different operators.

It is recommended to jump into ‘Situations,’ a PVE playground teaching players the fundamental basic controls, general gadget utility in the game, and maps. The maps here are the same as those in the multiplayer version, which helps you learn the common tactics. 

Each ‘Situations’ has objectives that award a bonus Renown upon completion. You can always try it again if you don’t get them the first time.

Remember to check for daily and weekly challenges for objectives so that you can earn extra Renown rewards as they are completed. A well-equipped operator could mean the difference between life and death.

2. Get Yourself Warmed Up

Before getting on board with the multiplayer, it is recommended to warm up in Terrorist Hunt, a PVE game mode going up against AI enemies. This is an excellent way to practice headshots on moving and stationary targets. Remember, if you participate in most of these  daily as well as weekly challenges, it will surely help you earn more Renown to use in the game.

3. Don’t Enable Your Friends Get Spawn Peeked

There is nothing worse than you getting killed due to an opponent peeking in your spawn area, and that too at the beginning of the round! However, you can save yourself by making use of a drone placed at some of the renowned spawn peek locations. If you witness a defender near your spawn location, it is always advisable to inform your other teammates that you can counter the defender in the very beginning only. 

4. Always Look Below the Barricades

As per gaming experts, it is always better to look beneath a particular barricade, whenever you plan to break open a door. Normally, you will not find high rank players equipping the breaching charges as it can expose their feet. Also, when you are entering a particular room, perform a quick peek at the usual spots of camping. In fact, it is always better to pre-fire the camping spots to gain an upper hand over the camper during the regular firefights.

5. The Sounds of Siege

In Rainbow Six, Siege sounds work a little differently as compared to other first-person shooters games. Remember, these diverse environmental sounds are essential for surviving in the game.

The players during the game can get to know about how far a player is by their footsteps. Players can determine whether they’re running, or in a crouching position, and

can know what type of flooring they are moving over. It is essential to keep this in mind when you are moving around the said map either as a defender or as an attacker. Players can hear each other since if you can hear them, they too can probably hear you.

Bonus Tricks to Improve at Rainbow Six Siege

6. Sprint to Save a Second

It may happen that you are halfway through reloading your weapon and you come face-to-face with an enemy. Worse, a locked-and-loaded weapon can make the situation bad. However, a solution to this is to cancel a supply in order to save your game life.

However, if you are still in the process of reloading and are required to fire, it is advisable to simply start sprinting to cancel the reload. start sprinting to cancel the reload.


It is crucial in Rainbow Six Siege to make use of your resources well and use your survival skills to the utmost. This would help you to not only win the game but also improve your gaming skills. So, make use of the above-mentioned tips and enjoy the game. Happy gaming!


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