6 Ways to Become an Amazing Spider-Man Fan

    Amazing Spider-Man Fan

    They say the world will become a better place if superheroes are around. Though they may be fictional, these people with strange powers have inspired children and young adults alike. The love for superheroes began in World War II, a time when people needed peace the most. More than two decades after the war, Spider-Man appeared. He became one of the few teenage superheroes. Suddenly, Spider-Man became every child’s hero. The demand for the hero rose. From the classic comic books to the best Spiderman games today, there is a platform for every Amazing Spider-Man Fan. 

    What began as comic back issues meant to entertain the masses became popular and a part of the fandom culture. To find out more, read on the six ways to become an amazing Spider-Man fan.

    • Play the games

    Everyone is on their smartphone these days. Whether sending messages or watching videos, they could be done with one handheld device. Not surprisingly, you can play games on it too! Of course, that doesn’t exclude superhero games either.

    Marvel took over the media waves for more than a decade, and they started invading smartphones too. There are tons of Marvel character content online, including Spider-Man games.

    There are Spider-Man games that are inspired by the movies, like fighting villains and saving the city. If you are in it to win, there is also a MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) game wherein you can team up Spider-Man with other Marvel heroes. However, if fighting games are not appealing to you, you can always download the digital trading card game or puzzle games filled with Marvel superheroes. (youmoms.org)

    • Read the comics

    The source material is always a good place to start. Though Spider-Man used to be repeatedly rejected, the web-slinging hero is now one of the most popular superheroes of the Marvel franchise. It is not surprising, though, because he’s a hero teens can relate to.

    The good thing with comic books is that you don’t have to read from the very beginning. You can just pick up whatever issue you see and read it as an independent story. Of course, avid comic book fans will disagree. They will recommend certain artists, story arcs, and an alternate universe that might pique your interest. 

    • Watch the movies

    If reading is not a habit of yours, then you should watch movies instead. A true Spider-Man fan will watch every movie the famed web-slinger is in. It does not matter whether it’s live-action or animated, as long as the hero is there.

    Several Spider-Man films depicted the hero as a teenager going through high school. One common denominator of these Peter Parkers is their sarcastic humor. In recent years, a computer-animated Spider-Man film made waves because it brought every variation of the hero from different multiverses!

    Spider-Man films are also great if you want to bond with kids. His experiences growing up and his funny banters are relatable at best. It does not matter how old you are, as long as you enjoy watching superheroes! 

    • Tune in to the animated shows

    If binge-watching is your thing, then it’s animated shows you should see. Spider-Man has appeared in numerous animated shows. Some were his own, while he’s a side character in others. 

    The most frequently referenced Spider-Man animated series was from 1967, five years after the hero’s comic book debut. Funnily enough, the Spider-Man memes took over social media in the past few years, most coming from the 1967 animated series. 

    The early 1980s and 1990s also had their own Spider-Man animated shows. Though most adaptations believe Spider-Man to be an intelligent kid, a 2017 show made tech and science his character’s focus. Meanwhile, a preschool-friendly show about Marvel superheroes is the latest one that premiered.

    • Attend the conventions- Amazing Spider-Man Fan

    Meeting fellow fans can both be rewarding and toxic. Most Amazing Spider-Man Fan are nice, especially those who will teach you along the way. While some are not, particularly people who consider themselves purists and gatekeepers of the subject. The only way to know is by attending conventions yourself. Going to a fan convention is fun. You meet people with the same interests and bond over the characters you love. 

    Superheroes are popular at conventions. Seeing fellow fans dressed up and asking actors to sign posters are fun to witness. Spider-Man is particularly popular at conventions. You will see toys, comics, and merchandise dedicated to the web-slinging hero.

    Not only that, you will meet fans who love to discuss theories. Some will even compare one Marvel era to another. One thing is for sure: you will enjoy listening to them. You can even share your own! There is no shame in being a new Amazing Spider-Man Fan. What matters is how you will apply your love for the character to yourself.

    • Start a toy collection

    Collecting toys and merchandise is the easiest way to show your love for the superhero. However, it is also the most expensive way. Once you buy one, it’s hard to stop, especially once you see your collection growing. Some collect toys so they can play with them. Meanwhile, others buy toys as an investment. A handful of toy collectors are both. 

    In 2013, a Spider-Man mini-figure was given out to fan convention attendees. It is so rare that it can be sold to more than $5,000! Avid toy collectors will grab the chance to buy this promotional toy once the price drops. There are vintage Spider-Man toys that cost less but are still a bit pricey for newbie collectors.

    You can always go the easy route: buy whatever Spider-Man toy you see on the shelf or online just like Toynk. Buy two so you can play with one while keeping the other one boxed. You don’t have to be a strict collector. What matters is the fun you had playing with it and the happiness you gain from collecting it.


    There is no one way to become a Spider-Man fan. Being a fan is not a badge that everyone can see. It is the love for the show or character you wish to show. Like Peter Parker, you can focus on your studies while pursuing your passion. It is not a choice whether you are more passionate about playing games instead of spending hours on old Spider-Man shows. You are allowed to be a fan and love Spider-Man because he’s cool. If you wish to see the Spider-Man games you missed, head to CellularNews.com to check out more!


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