7 Inverter Maintenance Tips You Need to Know During Winters

Inverter Maintenance

Inverters are becoming more and more important in domestic households as well as office workspaces as essential activities may be interrupted due to power cuts. For an inverter to perform effectively and efficiently for a long time, it is vital to keep it functional. The better you maintain your inverter and battery, the longer it will last and provide service to you with Inverter Maintenance.

What Is an Inverter?

An inverter is a device that converts direct current power stored in the inverter batteries to alternating current power, which essentially powers your appliances at home or office. With the right inverter at your house, you can keep doing your vital activities without any interruptions during power outages.

7 Inverter Maintenance Tips for Winters

Maintenance of inverter is essential for its long life and consistent power backup supply. With time the performance and efficiency of an inverter may deteriorate if no efforts are made to maintain it. During winters, the chemical reaction inside the inverter batteries slows down due to the freezing temperatures, consequently reducing their performance.

If you see reduced output from your inverter, here are X inverter maintenance tips you can use during winters: –

  • Proper Inverter Installation

One of the most crucial parts of maintaining your inverter is installing it in a proper place. It should be a place that is well ventilated, cool, and has enough free space around it. The heat emitted by the inverter should be able to disperse away without affecting the things that are nearby. An inverter should not be installed in damp or packed places, near fire sources, or direct sunlight.

  • Regularly Top-Up the Water

Regularly topping up with water can keep the inverter battery healthy. This little maintenance periodically can maintain the acid regulation inside the batteries. This top should be done with distilled water only. There are water level indicators on the inverter, and it is a good habit to check it every 45 days. Replenishing the water level regularly keeps the battery from drying out and provides better performance for a longer time.

  • Discharge The Battery Periodically

If you are not facing frequent power cuts, make sure to discharge the inverter battery. An inverter battery functions better if discharged at least once every month. Usually, frequent power cuts drain the inverters completely, but if power cuts are rare in your area, discharging the battery in a while is good for the inverter.

  • Cleaning The Battery Terminals

Keeping the inverters clean is essential as dust and other particles may accumulate in the inverter and battery terminals. You can clean the inverter surface with a dry cloth to keep it dust-free.  But as for battery terminals, they should be cleaned with a solution of hot water and baking soda with a toothbrush. Proper and regular cleaning of the battery terminal will keep the inverter free from rust and corrosion.

  • Use Energy-Saving Gadgets

In order to increase the life of the inverter, using power-saving appliances and gadgets during power cuts can be a good idea. These power-saving devices can be CFL, LED lights, etc. It can mitigate a significant percentage of power consumption.

  • Damaged Wires Affect Performance

You should periodically check the battery wires for crimp, break, or insulation melt. Damaged wires can degrade the output of the inverter battery and increase the risk of short-circuits or other dangers in the house.

  • Replace The Battery If Required

The performance and efficiency of inverter batteries may reduce with time. As a result, their capacity may degrade. Sealed batteries are a great option as they do not leak. Also, lithium-ion batteries can be a great choice because of their low operational costs.

With these maintenance tricks, you can extend the lifespan of your inverter. Every inverter needs some maintenance to keep it up and running. To keep these maintenance efforts at a minimum, buying the inverter from a trusted brand is essential. Luminous is a leading brand in manufacturing energy storage products and offers inverters that are affordable and durable, so you have to put in minimal maintenance efforts.



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