7 of the Best Types of Replica Cars You Can Find Right Now


    Having a rare supercar model is definitely an item on the bucket list of every automotive enthusiast alive. However, the prices of the original versions of these cars would deter many from even thinking of buying one. But why do you have to splurge all that cash on an original version when you can get a replica with crazy specs? If you’re down for the thrill of building your own supercar from scratch, these seven replica cars are a must-see. 

    1. Parallel Designs Torrero

    This car was made after a Lamborghini car named after the devil, the Lamborghini Diablo. If you take out that little eerie detail, you get an awesome Italian beast. In fact, this car was so well-made that Lamborghini themselves gave it the thumbs-up.

    However, despite having the same design as the Diablo, it uses a different engine (uses the BMW V12 as opposed to the Diablo’s Lamborghini V12). You can get all the components for this car from Parallel Designs; however, you’ll need to source your gearbox from alternative sources. For all the parts needed, you’ll need to cough up at least €29,000. That definitely is a small price to pay compared to the mammoth price an actual Diablo goes for.

    2. Caterham – Supe 7 R400

    This is one of the most popular Lotus 7 replicas and one of the most popular cars out from the cables of Caterham. In fact, it is hard to call this car a replica. It seems more like a continuous upgrade of the Lotus 7. If you’re a fan of building your supercar, this car might be your heaven-made choice.

    The car comes with a 2l Ford Duratec engine which provides about 200 horsepower. You could pimp the vehicle to have better specs, but if you decide to go with the original kit, you’ll be paying around €36,000.

    3. Factory Five MK4 Roadster

    There are replicas, and there’s the MK4 Roadster. Factory Five claims this AC Cobra replica is the “world’s best-selling replica.” Well, it is hard to disagree with the company. This is an absolute beauty!

    If you’ll like to build one of these for yourself, you’ll need the €20,000 Factory Five base kit, transmission, wheels, tyres, and some paint. If you want to get yourself a completed version, you might have to cough up over €25,000.

    4. Tornado Sports Cars Ford GT40

    As you can guess from the name, this car is a replica of the GT40. The original GT40 had only 100 cars produced, and the surviving editions sell for seven figures. However, Tornado Sports came to the rescue of race car enthusiasts who can’t afford to dole out such money. This company has been making replicas of the GT40 for over two decades, so you can trust their cars. To build the car yourself, you can get their basic kit for around €11,000. 

    5. Racing Car Replicas (RCR) 917

    If you’ve ever wanted a Porsche racing car, this car is an excellent replica choice to go for. Produced by a renowned manufacturer of race car replicas, you’re in for a great treat with this one. If you want the basic kit for this, you’ll need to get the engine, paint, and transmission, and you’re good to go. 

    However, if you want the complete kit with an engine, you’d have to pay about €42,000. To complete the who;e car, your bill will come to about $55,000. For that price, you’ll expect to get a car that delivers on all fronts, and RCR ensures just that.

    6. Ultima RS

    Ultima brought themselves to the limelight with the Ultima GTR, a car with insane speed. Well, they outdid themselves again with the Ultima RS. this car gives you the raw feel of being on the track with its acceleration, lightweight properties, and good horsepower. With the maxed-out version of the car going 0 – 60mph in 2.3 seconds and a top speed of 250 mph, this is a true race car replica.

    However, with its insane specs come a huge price tag. If you want the base level of this car, you’ll be paying around €48,000, while the maxed-out kit goes for around €115,000.

    7. Backdraft RT4

    Just like the MK4 Roadster, this is another AC Cobra replica. This car is a perfect choice if you want an upgraded replica of the famous Cobra racing car. Combining a modern suspension with a turnkey rolling chassis, you’re in for a blissful driving experience with this replica. The choice of the manufacturers to upgrade this car made it slightly longer and wider than the original version. However, this only means car enthusiasts can further pimp the ride to their choice. 


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