7 TikTok Statistics That Brands Need To Know

    7 TikTok Statistics

    Nowadays, TikTok is gaining immense popularity due to its authenticity. Though the platform came up as an entertaining platform, later, it developed into a marketing tool for many brands and businesses. The TikTok platform helps brands and companies to showcase their creative side. As a brand, you can leverage the TikTok channel to grow its visibility and exposure. Many well-known brands are using the TikTok platform to improve their brand awareness and increase their reputation across the globe. Many brands are using premium quality TikTok services at TweetPhoto to increase their engagement rate and succeed globally. Let’s see about the 7 TikTok statistics that brands need to know.

    Businesses can use the TikTok platform to boost their engagement rate and connect with their younger generation audience. Many companies use TikTok to promote their products and services creatively. If you aren’t leveraging TikTok until now, you miss out on a fantastic opportunity to boost their brand awareness and visibility.

    In this article, we have highlighted some of the statistics that show why brands and businesses need to consider improving their brand awareness and visibility.

    1. 689 Million Active Users

    Based on a study, the TikTok platform has over 689 million active users. This statistic shows that the channel is top-rated across the globe. As a brand, you can use the TikTok platform to reach a vast audience worldwide. If you aren’t using TikTok in your marketing strategy, you miss out on an extraordinary opportunity to get in front of the massive target market.

    1. Nearly 62 Million Installs

    There is no denial that TikTok is gaining immense popularity across the globe. Due to its massive fame, the TikTok app has over nearly 62 million installs. By another study, the TikTok platform is the second most downloaded app. These stats show that the TikTok app is constantly obtaining massive engagement around the world. So, as a brand, you can leverage the TikTok app to build your reputation and recognition worldwide. 

    1. Over 150 Countries

    The video-sharing platform is available across 150 countries. This stat shows how the TikTok platform is massively popular across the globe. Hence, you can use the TikTok channel to improve your recognition and credibility worldwide if you are a global brand. Some businesses may buy TikTok likes to increase their reputation globally.

    1. 58.8% Users Are Female

    According to a study, there are over 58.8% are female. If your brand’s target market is primarily female, you can use the TikTok platform to attract the audience. Many brands and businesses are using the channel creatively to attract their target audience.

    1. 68% Of Users Watch Other Videos

    Based on a study, 68% of users watch other people’s videos. This stat shows that the TikTok platform is gaining immense engagement. So, brands and businesses can use the TikTok platform to grow their engagement. Many companies are using high-quality services at Bribble to increase their visibility and fame worldwide.

    1. Users Spend 46 minutes/day

    According to a study, TikTok users spend over 46 minutes daily on the platform. By another study, the users spend over 858 minutes a month. On the TikTok platform, there are over one-minute videos. This stat shows that the brands can use the TikTok platform to improve their engagement rate with the target audience. You can buy TikTok story views to build your visibility and reach globally.

    1. 90% of Users Use TikTok Daily

    Based on a survey, 90% of users use the TikTok platform daily. They leverage the platform multiple times. This stat depicts how the TikTok channel is gaining immense engagement. Therefore, brands and businesses are using this platform numerous times due to its tremendous engagement. As a business, if you aren’t using this platform, you are ignoring a chance to grow your connection with a younger generation audience.

    Final Thoughts

    TikTok is gaining massive fame across the globe. The brands and businesses are using the TikTok platform to showcase their creative side to the audience. The platform is an entertaining platform as well as an effective marketing tool for many brands. Hence, brands can use the TikTok channel to boost their visibility and exposure globally.

    We have highlighted a few stats that depicts why the TikTok platform is beneficial for brands and businesses. So, leverage the platform to grow your business’s visibility and enhance your reach globally.

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