8 Common Phone Repair Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

    phone repair mistakes

    Let’s face it; sometimes we break our phones.

    A slight drop turns into a hairline crack that spreads to a display issue. In some cases, our phone breaks, and we don’t believe that it’s our fault. Either the hardware of software is out of whack, and we need someone to fix it.

    There are many places to repair your phone, and you can even attempt to repair your phone yourself. Whatever way you choose to repair your device, make sure you know these phone repair mistakes to avoid.

    You want peace of mind that your device will be as good as new, so taking the proper precautions to make sure your phone is repaired correctly can save you a lot of time and money.

    Want to learn more? Then keep on reading for the eight common phone repair mistakes and what to do to avoid them.

    1. Not Checking for Software Issues First

    When our phone has an issue, we immediately jump to the conclusion that something isn’t working inside the device. However, our phone software plays just a much a role in working properly as the hardware.

    If your phone needs repair, make sure you have a technician troubleshoot your software first. If you’re having issues related to battery life, your phone seems laggy, or you’re experiencing other problems, sometimes a software update or getting rid of a bad backup can help make your phone run a lot smoother.

    Hardware repairs can get expensive, and if it is a software issue, you spent the money to get a component replaced while the issue persists. This means that you will continuously have the same problem until the software is figured out, and you could have just saved time if the technician checked your software first.

    2. Taking Longer Than Quoted to Repair

    There can be a plethora of reasons why your phone is taking longer than estimated to repair. However, one of the biggest reasons is poor troubleshooting or lack of available parts.

    When technicians look at your device, they usually probe to see what problems are there and then allocate the time and parts needed to fix it if it’s hardware related. In some cases, there may be more issues with the device than originally quoted, or there is an issue with the parts allocated.

    Whatever the case, it is the technician’s responsibility to ensure that your quote is accurate and that they only fix the issue you came in for unless otherwise stated. Of course, unknown issues can arise, but a lot of them can be avoided by proper troubleshooting and clear communication.

    3. Paying Attention to Detail

    Repair technicians work with different phone models, but sometimes they can make mistakes. A lack of attention to detail can cause issues down the line for your phone.

    Attention to detail means that the technician, or yourself, analyzes the device and makes sure there aren’t any other apparent issues that could affect performance down the line. Additionally, attention to detail means the repair itself — putting the proper screws back in place, doing post-repair evaluations, and more to ensure that your phone repair is good for the long run.

    4. Using Bad or Unauthorized Parts

    If your phone needs a screen repair, you may opt to get it fixed at a nearby phone screen repair shop. However, it is imperative to ensure that the place you go offers quality replacement parts and services.

    When a repair shop specializes in fixing broken screens, it means that they know how to calibrate your display as if nothing ever happened. If the repair shop uses bad or unauthorized parts for your display, it can cause the screen to become unresponsive, which leads to further issues on your device.

    Make sure to ask what parts they use and if they offer a warranty on repairs so that you have peace of mind if any issues arise.

    5. The Repair Shop Nickel and Dimes You

    When your phone breaks, you may be worried about the cost of repair. Usually, a repair shop offers fair quotes that consider the labor, parts, and time allocated.

    However, one of the biggest phone repair mistakes is to accept a repair shop nickel and diming you for things you were not aware of. For example, if they find liquid damage in your device, they should contact you first before moving forward with a repair. This way, you won’t be paying for something you did not consent to.

    6. Not Keeping Your Phone in a Safe Area

    When your phone is getting repaired, it must be in a safe place to avoid further damage. For example, if your device is stacked on top of others or is stored in a place with humidity, it can cause further issues down the road.

    The best way to store your device for repair is in a cool, dark, and dry place.

    7. Not Following Safe Repair Guidelines

    The key to a successful repair is to follow the repair guidelines. This means adhering to safety measures to ensure that the technician and your device is safe during the process.

    If technicians do not follow these precautions, it can cause battery leakage, screen cracking, and other issues.

    8. Avoiding Questions or Not Assisting With Your Device Post-Repair

    Technicians can get busy, but they should assist with answering any questions you have about your repair. If your device had to be erased, you might need assistance with setting it back up.

    Good technicians make sure you feel comfortable with their work and offer follow-up assistance if you have further questions.

    Avoid These Phone Repair Mistakes

    Now that you know the biggest phone repair mistakes to avoid, you can have peace of mind when repairing your device or getting it repaired. These tips are easy to avoid and should make you feel confident in making sure your phone is as good as new.

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