A few reasons to buy Garmin smartwatch


A lot of people might say that you don’t need anything for running, except your legs and a pair of shoes. They can be right, and I support this point, but not completely. I surely can run or do any other training without special clothes, supplements, or even my favorite shoes. But I will never be trained without my Garmin.

With the Garmin smartwatch pieces of training becoming a lot different. It has a ridiculous number of features, and you can use it with a Garmin smartphone link. You would feel a huge difference in training with or without this. It allows for becoming better with more clarity. You can take notes of your sports results, which may become a good spot to start improving your running performance. You can surely run faster and further than yesterday and even share it with your friends who can appreciate this.

Garmin smartphone app

This smartwatch has an awesome smartphone app. Honestly, it would be a little difficult to use your Garmin without it. It includes a big number of different pieces of training that you can use. You can also create your own, and download it to your smartwatch. It may include intervals, warming up, and cooldowns. With Garmin, you can write down your progress, and look if you become faster, or run further. For the big city residents it might be helpful to know live traffic. It also can show a forecast not to get caught in the rain.

Using Garmin During the day

Garmin smartwatches may be useful even if you’re not training. It surely can be used as a pedometer and daily reminder, if you’ve been sedentary for too long. You can set goals for walking a certain distance per day, which can be useful if you forgot about it because of your daily routine. Some people may consider it unimportant, or generally annoying. But it has a huge positive impact on health and can be useful.

Most Garmin smartwatches can receive calls and text messages from your smartphone. It also can be useful while running. You can read a message or look who was calling and continue your training.

Some models have NFC, so you can make payments with your smartwatch. It is a lot more comfortable. You can leave your credit card or smartphone at home, and buy all the necessary products with your smartwatch. 

For people with a sleep issue, there is a feature that might be helpful. If you sleep with your smartwatch, it can track your sleep cycles, and show them on your smartphone. Based on the data received, the application advises on how much sleep you need and how you can improve your sleep.

Training with Garmin

The obvious reason to wear Garmin while training is the possibility to receive all useful information immediately. You can correct your pace, destination, and a lot more without using your smartphone, which can be a little uncomfortable while running. Now you don’t need to stop training, take your phone from your pockets, look at the necessary information, and put this away. You can look at a huge number of running metrics on your wrist while you are running. Among all available metrics, there are:

  • Running time;
  • Heart Rate, you can also receive a warning if your heart rate is doing not match with pre-set;
  • Lap distance;
  • Lap pace;
  • Cadence;
  • You can pair your smartwatch with Bluetooth headphones and listen to music directly from your Spotify account.

Garmin smartwatch also can be used not while running. It is available while doing a huge number of sports. You can receive useful information while doing rowing, cycling, swimming, and much more. You can use it while you are playing golf, football, or basketball, a lot of sports metrics would be useful to become better than your previous results.



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