ABX unveils new technology at Crypto 306 exhibit


The crypto sphere is consistently evolving thanks to the continuous introduction of different innovative technology. With this, more potential investors became more interested in investing in the market to see how far this technology can go and benefit them. When diving into the technology involving crypto, this typically means the ways to store it and distribute information on networks.

During the United Arab Emirates (UAE) Crypto 306 exhibition in Dubai, many of the leading companies in the market shared new technology with the crypto community. Among the hundreds of attending companies was Allocated Bullion Exchange (ABX). During their time at the event, the hybrid crypto exchange shared their new tech.

Eric Brown, the CEO and co-founder of the exchange started by highlighting the commitment their company has to continuously evolving the crypto sphere. This means securing users with the most optimal trading experience. ABX has given a taste of this technology to their users through their hybrid setup.

It is also where the users are given the option to choose between a centralised or decentralised trading approach. This has given investors who enjoy the online crypto casino experience more freedom and flexibility which has brought various benefits. Besides this, Brown’s presentation further emphasises the other goals of the company. 

This includes their dedication to creating a learning environment for users entering new territory such as the Web3 space. Their goal here as an exchange is to ensure that the assets remain liquid and secure. 

What ABX has to offer and future plans

In their ultimate objective of making their crypto exchange a one-stop shop for users, there were more features that were highlighted. Different points were also made during this part of the exhibition. Here is a quick rundown of each:

  • ABX offers their users futures trading. Those who trade with ABX can speculate on the prices of the crypto listed on their exchange without having to invest in them.
  • The exchange also offers its users staking pools. This allows them to earn rewards just by holding crypto and contributing to network security.
  • The exhibition also highlights the launch of their own NFT marketplace. This will create an ecosystem for users that wish to trade NFT.

ABX wishes to further improve upon current features and services. They wish to do this by learning through user feedback and looking into market trends. They also highlighted the improved security and compliance by collaborating with regulators and investing in security measures. 

Also, a licence to conduct business in 25 to 28 European nations has just been granted to ABX Exchange following the completion of its company registration in Estonia. This will help to expand their worldwide reach beyond the Middle East and North Africa regions, where it has a solid footing, thanks to this important milestone and explore new markets.

If you are an online crypto casino player, look out for what ABX has planned in the future. This is because much of what they have to offer benefits their users which in the long term will benefit them. 


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