Activate Windows using KMSAuto



    Activate Windows is free and I’ll tell you how to do it.

    Users with legal Windows 7 or 8 can upgrade to a more recent operating system (OS) for free. In this case, you will not need to reactivate the “ten”.

    All other options imply the purchase of a license. Otherwise, after some time, the system will persistently offer to go to the “Activation Center” or remove Windows from the computer. But what happens if you continue to use an inactive copy?

    Firstly, a message with a reminder of the need to activate the system will constantly hang on the display; secondly, personalization settings will be unavailable for the user: changing the theme, wallpaper, colors, etc.

    All this is not so terrible, but by installing Windows, you agree to the terms of use of the operating system, which indicates the illegality of using this product without activating it.

    To activate Windows 10, just use KMSAuto. It is easy and simple to do this, and the most important thing is that it is absolutely free, the interface of the tool is intuitive. More information on how to activate and download KMSAuto for Windows activation can be found on our website:

    How activate Windows?

    1. Download KMSAuto from our official website. And run the installer.

    kmsauto activator

    2. Select the “Activate Windows” button. KMSAuto is a universal solution for activating Microsoft products, so you can also activate any version of Office.

    3. Done!


    Also do not forget that on our website, useful software for Microsoft products.
    Including KMSpico, Microsoft Toolkit, KMSAuto and others.

    Note: Often antivirus software considers KMSAuto a malicious application. It blocks its operation and the normal operation of the activator becomes difficult. To activate Windows successfully, you need to add the utility to the list of exceptions or disable Windows Defender.


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