All You Need to Know About Diamond Types, Cuts and Quality


The first thing that comes to mind when you consider diamonds is their typical round shape and brilliant appearance. However, diamonds are much more than simply that. To fit your style and taste, diamonds are available in a wide range of different shapes, sizes, and cuts. Every form has unique characteristics.

There are many different sizes, shades, and shapes of diamonds. All diamonds have complex interplays of traits that not only make them one-of-a-kind but also contribute to a diamond’s worth. Therefore, in order to select the greatest diamond, you must be aware of the qualities to seek for. Understanding the 4Cs of diamond quality is a good first step.

Diamonds are after all costly. You want confirmation that the quality you paid for is what you are getting. The expertise and experience required to evaluate a diamond’s quality are held by seasoned jewellers and appraisers. Your diamond can be assessed by jewellers and professional graders using a methodical evaluation system for different traits.

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 The 4Cs are referred to as these. When all of these factors are taken into account, a clear image of the diamond’s quality is created.

The 4Cs of diamond quality are:

  • Carat Weight (size)
  • Clarity
  • Color
  • Cut

The 4Cs are all significant, and each one should be taken into account when determining the diamond’s grade. The formal certification that your diamond possesses is very crucial.

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Diamond Cut

The sparkle, brilliance, brightness, and overall aesthetic appeal of a diamond are all accentuated throughout the cutting process. The cut is a gauge of how well a diamond performs under the light. A diamond is referred to as a rough diamond prior to being cut and polished.

The raw diamond’s skin is opaque and frequently impenetrable. There is very little to no shine in rough diamonds. This is a result of the absence of facets or faces that reflect and bounce light. Diamond brilliance is a result of how light behaves. When light strikes a diamond, it enters the stone, travels through it and reflects off of it before returning to your eye. You can notice a glimmer, which is it.

The amount of light performance attained is directly influenced by the diamond cut. The diamond sparkle is determined by the facets’ angles, positions, sizes, and shapes.

There is also a system for grading diamond cuts:

  • Excellent (EX) 
  • Very Good (VG)
  • Good (G) 
  • Fair (F)
  • Poor (P)

Diamonds with an exceptional cut and a grade of VG or higher will cost more.

Why Shape Is Important?

Although a diamond’s cut is seen to be its most crucial feature, a diamond’s shape can also affect how well it reflects light and reradiated as well as its value. The diamond’s shape, which determines the diamond’s structure and exterior figure, also adds to the diamond jewellery item’s overall appearance and style.

Types of Diamond Shapes

Diamond shapes have changed over time and will certainly continue to do so in response to emerging methods, fashions, and tastes. There is a plethora of different diamond shapes to pick from as well, but the most common ones include—

  • Round Brilliant
  • Princess
  • Cushion
  • Emerald
  • Marquise
  • Pear 
  • Oval 
  • Radiant
  • Asscher
  • Heart
  • Trillion 

When considering cut diamonds, keep in mind that the diamond’s shape may have a significant impact on the design of the ring or other piece of diamond jewellery in which it is set.

It’s All About the Sparkle

There are a number of characteristics that contribute to a diamond’s beauty and brilliance in addition to its form, but a diamond’s cut is one of these characteristics that is thought to be most significant since it affects how much completed diamond sparkles and how much it is worth. After everything has been said and done, the only thing we actually notice when we look at a diamond is how brightly it sparkles.


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