Antivirus: Why Choose Avast for Business

    Avast for Business

    If you are running a business, no matter how big or small, it is important that you keep your business safe from scrupulous people. While there are things you cannot control, such as burglary or employee theft, you do have control in protecting your files, trademarks, financial statements, and other business-related products, services, and operations with a solid antivirus program. Avast for Business-

    If you’re reading this now, you’re probably eyeing Avast for your business and wondering if it’s a good option. 

    In July 2016, Avast was able to acquire its former antivirus rival AVG for $1.3 billion and has doubled the technologies used in detecting viruses, malware, and other threats.

    While Avast does customize plans based on a company’s needs, there are three readily-available plans: Avast Business Antivirus,  Avast Business Antivirus Plus and  Avast Business Antivirus Pro Plus. 

    All 3 plans include security features such as:

    • Antivirus: Avast’s antivirus tools are advanced and work beyond the typical scans. 
    • Behavior analysis: Avast’s Behavior Shield is available even in free versions, but it is super useful at this time when all companies track your every move online. With this feature, the program works when it “sees” or “feels” something not normal has entered the system before it could even wreak havoc.  
    • Real-time scanning of email, downloads, and files. Avast has a spam filter and Sandbox that protects your PC from both hidden and obvious threats from your email, websites, and more. 
    • Real-time blocking of dangerous URLs.Time is gold, so anytime you face URLs that are unsecured, hacked, or are spying on you, Avast blocks it for you so you could just move on. 
    • Intelligent firewall and Wi-Fi security. Network vulnerabilities aren’t prioritized, but they should be. After all, your connection could also be targeted. With Avast for Business, you don’t need to worry about non-employees stealing bandwidth, or worse connecting to your company’s system to access files. 

    Avast Business Antivirus Pro 

    Aside from the security features of the basic Avast Business, the Pro plan also includes a tool specifically designed for data destruction (permanently delete files without compromising your privacy). 

    The Avast Business Antivirus Pro also has server protection that is focused on: 

    • Exchange and SharePoint servers. The Exchange server function is designed to protect your Exchange Server without interfering with its normal function. You can choose to leave it working in the background, do proactive scanning, or do other customizations. Meanwhile, Sharepoint Server Protection is designed to protect your SharePoint server from threats. It works in the background as well but doesn’t offer any configurable options. 
    • Software Security. This feature automatically keeps your programs and applications up to date and less likely to be susceptible to threats. 

    Avast Business Antivirus Pro Plus

    This plan combines the basic antivirus solutions and server protection above, then adds comprehensive privacy & identity protection, such as:

    • AntiTrack – This tool can block any kind of tracking when you use web browsers like Opera, Chrome, Firefox, IE, and Edge. This lets you search the web anonymously and keep your activities confidential. 
    • Passwords Premium – Save your information, addresses, credit card details, and passwords from dozens of websites safely with this tool. You’ll just need to remember the master password and you can enjoy fully encrypted information 24/7.
    • Secureline VPN subscription – This allows you to connect to the internet using a private virtual network and keep your information and connection private at all times. For businesses subscribed to this plan, the company usually has the VPN automatically enabled when employees start their computers. 
    • Browser cleanup – Scans and cleans your browser extensions, add-ons and other browser-related tools for potential threats. 

    This enterprise-grade plan can easily support 100 devices at a time. Some of the services included in the Pro Plus plan might have annual fees on top of the subscription plan. 

    All Avast Business plans can be installed as a regular antivirus program or run remotely via a cloud console assigned to your company. 

    Other Solutions offered by Avast for Business 

    You can also customize your needs depending on the number of devices that need protection. For example, a small office with just 1 to 10 devices, a small business with 11 to 100 devices that need protection plus cloud backup, patch management and Next-gen antivirus. 

    Avast also caters to mid-sized and large businesses with 101 to 1000 devices that require advanced protection, backup, recovery, optimization, cloud security and other custom business-oriented security measures. 

    For resellers, distributors and MSPs of Avast, a special kind of plan is offered as well. 

    Regardless of plan and type of business, Avast Business Antivirus is compatible with Mac OS, Windows, and Windows servers.

    For top-notch security, don’t skimp and stick with the free version of Avast antivirus. Instead, invest in premium versions that are designed specifically for small businesses or bigger-sized businesses.


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