Apps like Google Phone to Use on Smartphone to Make Calls in 2022

    apps like google phone

    Wondering what Google Phone alternatives and similar apps are? There are many great alternatives to Google Phone, and they work as a virtual phone system. The three apps that serve as Google Phone alternatives and similar apps have their benefits.

    Google Voice has been around for years and is a great alternative to traditional landline phones. The service is free, simple to use, and can use on most smartphones via the Google Voice app. As a result, many people are switching from traditional landlines to Google Voice.

    The first thing to understand about Google Voice is that it’s not a phone number. It’s an account that can forward calls from other numbers to your main number. You can also send text messages from your computer, which is handy if you want to send texts from work without having your boss see them or if you don’t have a cell phone.

    Apps like Google Phone

    Google Voice is a pretty great service. It’s free; you can use it to make calls, send text messages and even send emails straight from your phone.

    But there are some things you can’t do with Google Voice that may have you wondering if there’s anything better.

    Here are four alternatives to Google Voice that could help you get more out of your phone calls and texts:


    This popular video chat service has been around since 2003 and has become a household name in the world of VOIP services. Skype is free to use on computers but costs $5 per month for unlimited calling and texting on mobile devices. There’s also a pay-as-you-go option ($0.02 per minute) to call landlines or mobile phones. The main drawback here is that Skype doesn’t offer a true voice mail system — instead, it will transcribe voicemails into text messages that arrive in your inbox with an audio file attachment so you can listen later.

    Simple Dialer

    Simple Dialer is a simple and easy-to-use dialer app for Android. It has a simple interface, with big buttons and a simple layout. You can also choose between light and dark themes. The app also has additional features like call recording, blacklisting unwanted numbers, auto-answer calls, custom ringtones, a build-in recorder, etc.

    Emerald Dialer

    Emerald Dialer is a feature-rich replacement for your stock phone app. It offers many useful features such as caller ID, call recording, blacklisting unwanted numbers, auto-answer calls, set custom ringtones, and more. The app also supports themes so that you can customize its appearance as per your liking.


    Freshcaller is a free app that lets you create unlimited call logs. You can save your incoming and outgoing calls in the app and easily export them to your computer or smartphone. The app will also let you use your mobile number as a new caller ID for any phone number in the world. You can create unlimited free numbers for each of your contacts.


    Freshcaller also comes with a handy dialer that allows you to make calls directly from the app, so you don’t have to go through other apps or websites. The Dialer also shows your recent calls, so you don’t have to look up information manually again and again if you’ve had multiple recent conversations with someone.


    Koler is a free app that helps you manage your phone’s battery. You can see how much power you have left, how used, and what apps are eating up the most juice. If your battery is low, Koler will also alert you when you’re about to run out of juice so that you can plug in and charge.

    It helps you block unwanted callers and spammers by using your phone contacts. All you need to do is forward calls from unknown numbers and spammers directly to Koler. The app will automatically detect them as spam and block them without any further action from your side.


    Drupe is a contact management app that makes finding people and businesses around you easy. With Drupe’s location services, you can see all of your contacts nearby on a map or filter by type (i.e., business) so that only relevant people show up in the results. The app also lets you search for contacts by name or email address directly from within the app — no need to switch over to Gmail or another service to look up someone’s number.


    True Caller is one of the best phone dialers with caller ID, caller ID, and spam blocker. It provides you with a searchable address book and call recorder. You can also block unwanted calls and texts using the TrueCaller app.


    Truecaller is a good option if you are looking for an app that can help you make cheap international calls. The rates are really low compared to other services. It supports calling features like call recording, conference calling, call forwarding, etc. The app also has a built-in spam blocker that will help you block unwanted calls and messages from specific numbers or area codes.


    Eyecon is a great app for taking selfies, especially if you want to capture a picture with your friends or family. The app allows you to choose from various filters and effects. And add text and stickers to your photos. You can also use the built-in timer or use your phone’s front-facing camera instead of the rear one.


    This app is a great tool if you have lots of contacts stored on your phone. It allows you to view all your contacts in one place, making it incredibly easy to find someone when they call or text. You can also add new contacts, search for people by name or number and sync your address book with Google accounts. So you always have access to the latest information about people who matter most to you.

    Unlimited Call Log

    If you are looking for an app that offers unlimited call logs without any cost, then Unlimited Call Log is a great choice for you as it allows users to make unlimited calls from anywhere in the world at no cost whatsoever. The app also includes call recording, call blocking, and more which makes it even better than other similar apps on our list.


    Signal is an encrypted messenger platform designed by Open Whisper Systems that allows users to send end-to-end encrypted text messages, images, and videos on Android or iPhone devices. The app also allows users to make voice calls over Wi-Fi or data connection using their phone number as an identifier rather than a username or email address.

    Here’s what’s wrong with Google Voice

    It doesn’t work well on tablets or smartphones with low-end hardware. When I first started using Google Voice, I used it on my HTC G1 (known to most people as the first Android phone). It was fantastic. But it can be frustratingly slow or just plain unusable when you try to use it on something like an iPhone 3GS or a low-end Android phone (like my Nexus One).

    It has too many features for the average user. Even though Google Voice has been around for years, it still hasn’t reached mainstream popularity among smartphone users — probably because of its complicated interface and overly complex feature set. Most people want a simple way to manage their text messages and voicemail without dealing with complicated menus or settings menus that are hard to read on small screens.

    FAQs on Apps like Google Phone

    Is there an alternative to Google for Android phones?

    There are many alternatives to Google on Android. You can use these alternatives to eliminate Google’s heavy tracking and data collection.

    The main reason people want to use an alternative is that it doesn’t compromise their device’s privacy or personal information. People want to replace Google on their Android phones because they don’t like the company’s privacy practices.

    Is there a Google Phone app?

    The Google Phone app lets you make calls for free over Wi-Fi and mobile data. You can make calls to any number in the US and Canada — including mobiles and landlines — without using your mobile carrier minutes.

    The Google Phone app gives you a phone number that you can use to receive calls while you’re on Wi-Fi or using data. It also lets you use text messaging and voicemail, just like a regular phone number.

    Can you use the Google Phone app?

    The Google Phone app lets you make calls and send texts over Wi-Fi without using your cellular network. The app automatically switches between cellular and Wi-Fi networks depending on what’s available.

    Conclusion on Apps like Google Phone

    Google Phone is a brilliant app for people who like to talk on the phone. It offers many features that make it easy to communicate with friends and family, including text messaging and video calls.

    There are two main ways to use Google Phone: through the app or your mobile browser. When you first log in, you’ll see a list of your contacts and their statuses. You can tap on any contact’s name to see their profile picture and latest status update.

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