As a basketball coach myself

As a basketball coach myself,
As a basketball coach myself,

As a basketball coach myself, when it comes to working on practice or game plans, designing drills, scouting, studying film, and so on, I can’t think of any tool being more effective than XnO stamps. If you’re one of those coaches who constantly draws plays and drills, these basketball stamps can definitely make you enjoy your career more—at the very least, they make your life easier. 

They come in three different sizes: two different full court and one half-court basketball layout. Whether you want to draw a full court offensive/defensive transition drill or a half court offensive set, you can order them easily and start working on your x’s and o’s. 

It all started when I was at a coaching clinic and was upset with my notes and how un-organized they were. After coming up with the idea of this stamp and making one for myself first, I always looked forward to attending clinics and taking notes with my new gadget.

Now, I have them with me all the time. I use them while I’m waiting for my coffee at a coffee shop and print them on a napkin, or when I’m at my desk, or even when I’m scouting live games in the gym or at home.

Working on basketball court diagrams is something every coach needs to get into at some point, and for those who have difficulty drawing court layouts, these stamps help them become fully ready for practices and games. 

I have always found the use of printable half-court basketball diagrams a little uncomfortable, since there’s never enough space on paper to put notes and explanations next to the diagrams. Using XnO stamps effectively solves this problem. Having ready-made printable half-court basketball diagrams in the form of a stamp, whenever you want, saves you plenty of time, too. Instead of wasting time on drawings, now it’s time to focus on improving your knowledge of the game and sharing it with others.  

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