Awesome Note-Taking Apps for College Students


    College can be a stressful time. New beginnings, new friends, and new places can be overwhelming. New college students often feel overwhelmed by all the expectations, despite or perhaps because of excessive warnings from parents and educators about how different college will be. You will need apps to keep your life organized if you don’t want stress to set in. It’s a lot to remember: “take my Spanish lab homework answers”, “buy a gift for Joe”, and “pay rent”. It’s an overwhelming amount of information, and even more – you need to learn a lot from college.

     Effectively taking notes is key to college success. Depending on the teaching style of your professors, you might need to quickly take notes from lectures. You have two options: you can learn shorthand, or you can keep digital notes if you need to keep up. You can keep up with the pace by learning shorthand or keeping digital notes. After you have decided to take notes digitally, the next step is finding the right app. ( These are the top note-taking apps that college students can use on their Macs.


    While there are many note-taking apps available for college students, Evernote is the best. It’s no surprise it’s on this list. It is flexible, accessible and versatile with strong organizational options and third-party support. It provides the best sync, PDF annotation, as well as support for many document types. Although text styling is not as expressive as it should be, the purpose of this application is to collect and organize content from many different sources. The Web Clipper extension allows you to grab content from JSTOR and Google Scholar, then annotate your clips using Evernote. This is an invaluable feature for anyone who does a lot of digital research. It far exceeds the utility of Pocket and other read-it-later services. For a small fee, you can sync up to two devices (Mac and iPhone) or to sync to many devices at once. It’s worth it if you have a few more dollars.


    OneNote, if Evernote is not your favorite program, is a great alternative. OneNote comes with Office for Mac if you already have it. Although it has many of the same formatting options as Evernote, its design is slightly different. It is optimized for typing notes and not collecting information from many sources. Although you can still include graphs, images, and PDFs into your notebooks, this function isn’t as seamless as Evernote. OneNote, which is a different interface for Word, allows you to see more organizational features. If you like Word, you’ll love OneNote. The expanding formatting options will appeal to users who want to replicate the flexibility of a spiral notebook, but we have never found Word typing to be as enjoyable. You’ll likely find something you love about your Office subscription if you already have one.


    Bear was created to make note-taking easy. Bear uses plain text MarkDown formatting. It offers roughly the same formatting options as Evernote. The hashtags used to organize notes are called collections. There are no notebooks that can be created or organized. It’s more like a flexible tagging structure. It’s designed for note-taking and does not have the same organizational features as OneNote or Evernote. It might not be as appealing or a turnoff depending on your opinion about these apps. Bear doesn’t support adding files or pictures to your notes, and you won’t be able to use Evernote’s annotation tools, you can read more info on it.


    Simplenote is a cross-platform note-taking app for plain text notes that is loved by minimalists. Simplenote is the perfect app for you if you prefer to keep your note-taking simple. Simplenote’s clean, simple layout makes it easy to use and is free from distracting formatting features. It does not have many of the powerful secondary features that Evernote and OneNote offer. If you are dedicated, you can create text-only formatting to organize all your notes. Multi-platform sync works well for people who have many devices. The mobile app is great for quick notes and inspiration. Evernote is a better choice if you want to collect input from many sources.


    nvALT was designed for Notational Velocity. This note-taking platform is optimized for keyboard-only, lightning-fast operation. The best use for it is in a phone conversation. Tap the key command to quickly write down something. You can then start typing and your note will be saved instantly. It doesn’t require you to name, tag or do anything else. It’s great for this purpose, but it doesn’t offer the same broad usage as other apps. This makes it a bit limited for college students who need to take notes.


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