Benefits of using LMS as a tool for self-reflection

    using LMS

    It can often be noted that those who are successful in their line of work are the same people who are aware of their positioning in the world and how they can improve upon it. While for many this is an inbuilt habit it can also be learned by those who practice introspection or self-reflection. Self-reflection has shown amazing results for those in a corporate setup giving people the tools to make a noticeable change in their lives with nothing but the power they already possess. Even for those who are in school, college, or any other vocational institution, introspection and self-reflection can also be important tools. This is because trying to convert academic knowledge into practical skills is one that requires awareness not only about your surroundings but also about your own abilities, offering an opportunity to expand in the latter so as to claim the best opportunities possible. – using LMS

    With its wide range of uses, it would seem that self-reflection is in practice by a huge rate of people all around the globe. However, getting started and learning correct self-reflection techniques is not as easy as it seems. Fortunately, there is no shame in using external tools to get the ball rolling. In particular organization tools such as a school learning management system can prove to be quite successful in installing introspection as a regular part of life especially if done at an early age. Read on below to understand how the regular school LMS can bring about a range of benefits similar to those that come from self-reflection:

    Helps prioritize- 

    One of the major benefits of using introspection is that it allows a better review into understanding what is most important to yourself in any given circumstance. Especially for those who are balancing a strenuous work life along with a vigorous social schedule, it can be quite easy to lose track of things and make mistakes in prioritization and time management that could have otherwise been avoided. The school LMS can help in at least one part of this dual perspective by bringing clarity on deadlines and other time schedules for a student’s academic pursuits. With the extra help of using a regularly updating system to keep track of how much you have learned and what else you need to catch up on it becomes easier to prioritize in the real world.

    Helps connect- 

    Introspection or self-reflection is nothing more than connecting with yourself and finding coherence in your inner mental voice. However, that process starts with learning how to connect in general and building social skills along the way. For a student, especially one in their younger years using the school LMS platform is a great alternative to building friendships and meaningful connections, especially in the age of online learning. While this not only helps lessen the stress of school what with having someone to share the burden with, communicating brings an understanding of different world views and how perspectives change with personal experience. With this added information it is easier to self-reflect and find meaning in the life around us with a greater understanding of how our experiences have shaped the present and how they will affect the future.

    Builds the habit of feedback- 

    In its essential form introspection is nothing other than providing feedback to yourself. However, feedback comes in several forms, and often there can be too critical an approach that can hamper any positive effects of self-reflection. Using a school learning management system makes it easier to indulge in the habit of providing feedback and provides ample opportunity to improve your ability to self-reflect by promoting better habits of providing constructive criticism. This is because we are often much more aware of how we frame and convey our opinions to others while letting loose of these inhibitions and using oftentimes much harsher language with ourselves. By keeping track of the type of feedback provided to others including classmates and teachers using the feedback forum of an LMS, one can not only cultivate self-reflection as a part of regular life but also build better tactics around it.


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