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    Benjamin Moore Edgecomb Gray

    Benjamin Moore Edgecomb Gray is a neutral color that transmits a lot of calm and for which you can find endless ideas to decorate. So, keep reading and take note of the ideas and tips that you like the most. This color is an ideal shade to integrate into interior decoration, especially in smaller spaces. Yes, like white, gray is capable of capturing light to expand rooms visually. We give you a series of Tips to use gray in interior decoration.

    Benjamin Moore Edgecomb Gray color review

    Edgecomb Gray is a natural color capable of transmitting serenity, calm and calm. It is a color that invites conversation. In addition, there are certain aspects of gray that are associated with luxury, cost and even ostentation.

    Suppose we talk about the psychology of color applied to the decoration. It can be an excellent color to de-dramatize the monotony of white. A color that adds shine and a little life to white environments. In addition, it will also provide warmth in this type of interior, thus giving the feeling of a more welcoming environment.

    How to decorate the interior of a house with Benjamin Moore Edgecomb Gray?

    If you think of including gray in your home, we give you some tips that can be very helpful in this process.

    One of the greatest advantages of gray in decoration is that, like white, it can combine with a large number of colors. But just as we show you how to decorate your house with white, you can also decorate with beige as the protagonist. You can create different atmospheres by using it with other neutral tones or stronger colors, such as blue or green. However, the most used color with gray is usually brown. It is its opposite in terms of brightness. Thus, an interior with gray and a chocolate color on one wall, for example, will create a soft and very serene atmosphere.

    It is not the only color that can awaken the full potential of beige. Shades like red or orange, for example, or perhaps light blue, to achieve greater dynamism.

    What decorative styles go best with Benjamin Moore Edgecomb gray?

    As for decorative styles, if you are looking for advice to decorate with cream, consider that gray is a neutral and timeless color. We can understand that there are no limits. However, if there are some trends and styles in which there is a lot best.

    Yes, Edgecomb gray can be perfectly included in an environment with Mediterranean decoration. A gray and a blue will always be welcome in our living room.

    In Nordic decoration, gray often replaces white. Perhaps you can even add a touch to white spaces with certain gray pieces, such as chairs or occasional furniture. Textiles and fabrics with lighter or darker gray hues can also be used to cover chair and other furniture. In addition, it can be very warm in textiles, as in blankets or sheets for the bedroom.

    In industrial decoration, where the materials are a bit rougher, and the colors are darker. It can be a perfect counterpoint. It thus counteracts the strength of metal or dark brown with a gray tone on the walls.

    If you like contemporary decorative style, don’t worry. Edgecomb Gray is perfect as a backdrop. Pair it with whatever bright color you prefer, be it turquoise, plum, red, orange, or green.

    Decorate with wicker screens

    One of the tips for using gray in interior decoration is that if you are looking for a sophisticated space. Do not forget that this tone is very appropriate and that it will fit perfectly with materials based on gold and silver.

    Add color through furniture.

    An excellent option to use Benjamin Moore’s Edgecomb gray in decoration is to paint the walls and let the furniture set the color note. Now, try to create a balance so that you don’t see a lot of colorful furniture. For example, mix wood with a more vibrant hue, such as yellow or red, in certain pieces.

    Securing the light

    The light conditions of your home are essential so that the color of the walls is the perfect one. It is a shade that, without light, can appear gloomy, especially if there are many shadows or window tint that is too dark. Therefore, it is better to use it in the brightest spaces. Because, in addition, it will enhance that light by letting it spread throughout the room without a problem.

    The brightness of the sun and natural lighting, in general, make the color even warmer. Try to use it in living rooms with large windows or in brighter kitchens.

    Do you know any more tips to use Edgecomb gray in interior decoration?

    As every year, Benjamin Moore unveils the new color trends for the year 2021. Their team of color specialists puts forward these color trends of the year by Benjamin Moore. This annual unveiling is an excellent opportunity to find out where the day’s tastes in decoration and paint colors are heading for the year 2021. The color of the year embodies Benjamin Moore’s design vision and gives an overview of trends across the paint and decor market.

    Color of the year: Antique Green

    The choice of THE color can make all the difference in your decoration, and therefore in your daily life. That’s why in 2021, color specialists Benjamin Moore are choosing a comforting and balanced color that naturally creates a sense of harmony: Antique Green.

    This color approaches aquamarine hues and falls within the range of cold colors. However, the richness of its mid-tone between blue-green and gray makes it a vivid color combined in harmony. That is why we find this cool color range coordinated with several warm colors in the Trends 2021 selection.

    Cashmere Gray

    Cashmere Gray is the only gray pulling towards the cool color range of the 2021 trends. It is a mid-tone between green-gray and blue. In a way, Gray Cashmere generates a mint effect which also reacts very well with warm lights. 2138-60 sums up and adapts coastal colors to the interior of your home.

    You can also choose cashmere Gray from Benjamin Moore’s inspirational collection. A collection of daring and saturated colors, which are used to generate striking combinations.

    Atrium White

    It is the white of this year’s selection. It is a clear white with undertones of gray and a very light touch of pinkish beige. White Atrium is also part of the Benjamin Moore collection of whites, which matches both peaceful decors and can be used to highlight color tones to create dynamism.


    For the year 2021, the color Mousseline asserts itself again. Indeed, ten years ago, OC-12 was already enjoying great popularity. However, in the following years, the trend was more towards neutral colors tending to gray. Trendy aside, Mousseline works wonderfully paired with all colors that tend to warm. Good thing, in 2021, the hot currents are back in force!

    Chiffon OC-12 is part of the Benjamin Moore White Collection. A collection of colors that matches both serene spaces and dynamic ones.

    Misty Morning

    Matin Brumeux is an off-white color that combines gray with a touch of dew. We can see an obvious wink with Blanc Atrium. Misty Morning from Benjamin Moore’s 2021 selection is undoubtedly reminiscent of the color of the year 2020 (First Glow 21o2-70). However, 2106-70 is more controlled, pulling more towards the creamy gray while masking the rosy character. Matin Brumeux pairs beautifully with colors with a tinge of purple for a sophisticated-looking color scheme.

    Amazon Land

    It is the second darkest color of this year’s Benjamin Moore trends. However, the two colors are very different. Sure enough, Amazon Land pulls more of a dark, earthy mauve while AF-655 goes more slate. A stream of red deep in color gives it a shade reminiscent of suede and inspires serenity. To play with the depth of colors is an excellent choice.


    The silhouette is the darkest accent color in the 2021 selection. It is a potent charcoal gray but with a touch of deep reddish warmth. This warm but subtle side makes it an ideal color for sumptuous and lush decor. Silhouette is part of Benjamin Moore’s recent Affinity color line.


    That is one of the only raw colors in the 2021 Benjamin Moore trends. Chanterelle might look like a taupe color with a muted tint of green. It is caused by the dominance of gray over other warm tones and browns present in HC-86.

    Chanterelle is from Benjamin Moore’s Historic Color Collection, which brings together popular colors throughout North American history.


    With the color HC-2, Caramel is one of the two colors chosen in 2021, which features a predominance of golden shades. It is a half-tone color that will reflect the light a lot and provide a diffused touch that matches the contemporary and traditional decor. Its tone that uses a strong yellow and a little pink allows the Caramel Scottish color to retain a vibrant and elegant effect.

    FAQ on Edgecomb Gray Benjamin Moore

    What color goes well with Edgecomb Gray?

    • Nickel.
    • White Dove.
    • Ashley Gray.
    • Chelsea Gray.
    • Hale Navy.
    • Simply White.
    • Revere Pewter.
    • White Chocolate.

    Is Edgecomb gray warm or cool?

    Edgecomb Gray is a neutral color that transmits a lot of calm and warmth, for which you can find endless ideas to decorate. This color is an ideal shade to integrate into interior decoration, especially in smaller spaces.

    Which shade is lighter than Edgecomb Gray?

    The shade name is Pale Oak. This shade is lighter than Edgecomb Gray. But slight lighter, not more than that.

    Which is better agreeable gray or Cashmere Gray?

    Cashmere Gray is the only gray pulling towards the cool color range of the 2021 trends. It is a mid-tone between green-gray and blue.  You can also choose cashmere Gray over agreeable gray from Benjamin Moore’s inspirational collection.

    Conclusion on Edgecomb Gray Benjamin Moore

    This year, therefore, regains domination of warm tones in the depth of colors. However, the color of the year Antique Green belongs more to the cool color spectrum, remaining in the vibrant colors.

    We can see there a motivation of Benjamin Moore to bet on a creative arrangement of warm cold tones to create dynamic contrasts.

    In a few words: the 2021 color trend is dynamism oriented towards the arrangement of complementary colors to create natural and comforting decors.

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