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Best 5 Junk Cleaners for Android

Improve the performance of your Android phones with any of these Junk cleaners

Check out the best 5 Junk cleaners for Android smartphones

Does your android smartphone occasionally hang and drains your battery very fast? Has the overall performance of your device declined due to the RAM and storage memory being constantly filled with Junks?

You definitely need one of the best 5 junk cleaners for android smartphones listed in this article. And in case you own the latest Infinix Hot 8 smartphone, it comes with its dedicated junk cleaner to improve the overall performance. You can check out the steps to get those trash files cleaned up. And incase you are looking for a simple way to flash your smartphone, I found this tips very helpful. Now, back to the topic of the day. These mobile applications are designed to help clear cache and other junk files from the phone’s memory.

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Do junk cleaners for Android really work?

In most cases, yes. They can boost the speed of your device by cleaning irrelevant files that often occupy lots of space on it. For instance image and video thumbnails from ads and files you store on your phone.

The use of android junk cleaner apps has over the years reduced though. This is because most phones that are manufactured these days come with a very large size of RAM/ROM. Apart from that, these latest phones are built in such a way that they are able to handle junk files without the need of using a third party app.

A major challenge with having some of these android junk cleaners on your phone is that they often end up occupying the space themselves. Some can eat up so much space to the point you start questioning their relevance.

Instead of limiting the number of apps that run on the background to free up the phone’s memory, some of these android cleaner applications end up deleting important files from your phone.

However, there are a good number of them that work perfectly fine. These ones can help improve the overall performance of your android smartphone. Especially if you are using any of the older versions of android and/or a low size of RAM.

Are you searching for the best junk cleaner apps for android? Do you need an android junk cleaner that truly works? Check out our list of top 5 applications for cleaning unwanted files below.

Feel free to download any of the apps and use it to boost your phone’s performance. If you have any questions about any of them, do not hesitate to drop that in the comment section below this post. I will respond to it as fast as I can.

5 Best Android Apps For Cleaning Junk Files

Here are the current best applications for clearing junks from your android devices.

Super Cleaner

Super Cleaner for Android smartphones

With over 100 million downloads on Google Play Store, Super Cleaner is one of the most popular and trusted android applications in the world.

The mobile application enables android users to clean up junk files, applications cache and optimize their smartphone’s memory. With just a single tap, you can boost the overall performance of your mobile phone using this app.

Super Cleaner comes with special features such as:

  • Antivirus: To help protect your phone from viruses like Trojans and so on.
  • Game Booster: This gives you better gaming experience by boosting the speed of your device when playing games. It also helps to reduce the number of space games consume on your device.
  • App Lock: This feature enables you to protect user’s personal information from being accessed by any other person apart from you. To use this feature, you will have to activate a password for it first. Every time someone taps on the app you’ve locked with Super Cleaner, they will be required to enter the password. If they don’t get it correctly, the app will not open..
  • CPU Cooler: This reduces the temperature of your smartphone.
  • Battery Saver: Super Cleaner uses this feature to shut down battery consuming apps and extend its life span.
  • Private Browsing: This helps to prevent the data of the websites you visit from being stored on your mobile phone.

These are just a few of the numerous features that are available on the Super Cleaner mobile app for android devices.

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Phone Cleaner

Phone cleaner for Android smartphones

Developed by a super cleaner studio, this mobile application helps in removing junk files from android devices. The application is trusted by over 10 million people that have downloaded it on Google play store.

Just like the first mentioned junk cleaner in this list, this mobile app comes with extra features you would love as an android user.

Some of those exciting features are; 1 Tap Boost, Notification Cleaner, CPU Cooler, Power Clean (Battery Saver), Speed Booster, Junk Clean Master and App Cache Cleaner.

All these features work hand in hand to improve the overall performance of your phone by cleaning useless junk files from it.

The good thing about this mobile app though is that it is 100% free and can be downloaded on your phone from almost all the android mobile app stores out there.

Clean Master

clean-master-for android


With Over 1 billion users worldwide, Clean Master is the most popular and trusted junk cleaner for android devices. The app has a lighter version, Clean Master Lite, which is built for low-end devices.

This mobile application comes with powerful functions that enable you to do the following.

  • Protect your messages, pictures, and videos from intruders.
  • Remove duplicated files and junks from your android smartphone.
  • Boost your phone’s performance by freeing up the memory android apps that operate in the background consume.
  • Scan, remove and prevent all kinds of viruses from getting into your phone.
  • Prolong the usage time of your phone and so on.

Speed Booster

Speed Booster for Android smartphone

Speed booster is an android junk cleaner that truly works. Unlike several others out there, this app is truly free. You don’t have to pay a dime to use it. It also doesn’t contain ads, giving you only what you downloaded it for.

Using the mobile app, you can clean useless cache from apps on your phone and free up space on it. The interface is simple, user-friendly and looks really cool. Though this mobile app is less than 5M. It has the capacity to clean up to 2 GB of junk files from your phone.

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CCleaner – Cache Cleaner, RAM Cleaner & Booster

CcCleaner for Android smartphone

This easy to use android junk cleaner is certainly one of the best in the android world today. The junk cleaner app analyzes your mobile apps to see which one of them consume your data and drains your battery the most.

Using the app, you can be able to clean up large files on your phone storage that are only there to occupy space. Thereby boosting your phone’s performance.

Another interesting feature on the app is the Monitor. It enables you to keep track of your phone RAM and ROM usage. It also watches out for your battery’s level and keeps you informed of the temperature.

In Summary

These mobile applications here are the best junk cleaners for android you can use to wipe away useless cache from your phone memory. Using any of these apps, you can boost your smartphone performance within a very short time. To download any of these apps, just go straight to Google Playstore and search for your preferred choice.

I hope you find this post useful.