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Best 5 Junk Cleaners For iPhone

Junk cleaners that help improve the performance of iPhones, iPads, and Mac

Best 5 Junk Cleaners for iPhones

Unnecessary files like duplicate images, videos and documents can pile up on your iPhone storage. All of a sudden you notice the overall performance of your device begins to slow down. It starts taking a whole lot of time to execute certain functions.

To help restore your device to normalcy, I will show you on this webpage the best junk cleaner for iPhone. Using any of the apps found in this article, you will be able to delete irrelevant files from your device with just a tap. Thereby improving the speed and overall performance of the smartphone. Continue reading.

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Does iPhone Junk Cleaners Really Work?

Yes, they do. But that depends on the exact app you download. There are several apps out there that promise much but offer very little. If you succeed in laying your hands on one of the junk cleaner apps listed here for iPhones, be rest assured they will do exactly what you need them to do. Which is, to clean junks from your device.

iPhone junk cleaners were specifically designed to scan deep into your phone memory and dig out files that are not serving any purpose to you.

These files may include thumbnails from ads shown to you by an app, videos that have been long deleted from your phone, etc.

The greatest culprits which junk cleaners often detect are duplicate files. A single image, video, music or document being stored on your phone storage in two, three or even more places. Such files contribute no meaningful thing to your phone, take up unnecessary space and slows your device performance down. It is junk files like that, that iPhone cleaner apps target and wipes away.

Are you searching for the top iPhone junk cleaners? Do you want to know the best apps for cleaning junks from your iPhone memory?

Then stay with me as I show you the most recommended iPhone applications for cleaning junk files from the RAM and storage.

Top 5 iPhone Junk Cleaners To Download

Here are the top applications that will help optimize the memory of your device.


If you are in need of an application to keep your phone junk-free, Clean Doctor is the right app for that.

This iOS cleaner will thoroughly scan your photo library and contacts and fish out duplicated files.

Apart from that, the app allows you to see which of the files is consuming a large portion of your storage and trash them with just a single tap.

The app also comes with extra features that enable you to prevent unauthorized access to your photos, videos, and other files.

After using the mobile app to clean up your device, you will notice an improvement in the overall performance.

Download Here


There is a reason Mobile Cleaner is among the top 10 most recommended junk cleaners for iPhone in almost all the articles you will see on the internet. The application does exactly what it says, which is to remove junks from your device.

The application also comes with extra features that show you information about your internet connection and the available memory on your device.

Mobile Cleaner has a beautiful interface and is easy to use compared to other mobile apps that perform the same task. You can also use the app to scan your contacts for duplicates and trash them with ease.

One thing you will find interesting is that with all the features this mobile app offers, it is also updated regularly to deliver excellent performance to iPhone users.

The only challenge with the app is that it would cost you a few bucks to download it.

How much are we talking about? You may be wondering. $9.99. That’s all it costs to get it.

Download Here


Macgo iPhone Cleaner is free to download for all users of the iPhone, iPod, and iPad. Though if you want to upgrade it to the premium version, you can do it right from within the app.

The junk cleaner runs smoothly on both Windows and Mac. You can use it to dig out files that have long overstayed their importance on your device and wipe them out effortlessly.

The application is very reliable when it comes to doing what the developers say it does. So if you are in need of an app you can use to wipe out useless applications, images and videos totally from your device, you have it here now.

Download Here


There are very few iPhone junk cleaners with extra functions as CleanMyPhone. This mobile app also comes with features such as applications manager, cleaner and a privacy manager. These features together help optimize your phone’s memory and boost the speed.

You can use CleanMyPhone to remove applications you no longer need or use from your iPhone. You can also use it to delete your call logs and wipe out thumbnails of images and ads occupying space on your device.

If you need something to take care of the large files eating up your iPhone RAM/ROM, you can count on this mobile app to do that job quite well.

You can have it downloaded on your Mac or Windows computer. It also works effectively on iPads, iPods, and iPhones.

Download Here


PhoneClean 5 is for users of iPhones who are in need of a very reliable junk cleaner. You can use it to optimize the memory of your device within a few seconds.

It comes with special features that enable you to protect your private details. It also comes with an app cleaner that you can use to wipe out apps consuming your RAM. If your device is showing signs of being cluttered, you can use this iPhone junk cleaner to wipe out the culprits without wasting any time.

Download Here

In Summary

Have you been searching for the best junk cleaners for iPhone? In this article, we revealed 5 iPhone junk cleaners that work for iPads and iPods as well. You can download them on your Mac and Windows computers for just a few bucks if you want.

Although, the majority of these apps are free to download and use for iPhone, if you want to upgrade to premium, you may be required to pay a token for that.