Best Bluetooth Soundcore headphones on Christmas sale


The best budget-friendly Bluetooth with active noise-cancellation ability!

Everyone wants Christmas gifts!

The tech companies are so active in providing you with the best Christmas gift in the form of Christmas sales; on this Christmas, soundscore is all set to provide you with the best budget-friendly sale on its latest products.

The life Q35 is a headphone being provided on the Christmas sale. No noise distraction with the best quality and premium layout. Active noise cancellation is the goal of every music lover. If you are finding bt headphones on sale, soundcore is the best site.

Today we are discussing the products of soundcore, especially the bt headphones — Life Q35 bt headphones. It has very compelling features and is available on sale at a discounted reasonable price. The decent look with 40 hours of playtime and active noise cancellation is catching the attention of soundcore lovers.

The Life Q35 promises to provide the best bt headphones experience. The premium quality built up is so captivating. As well as the sound quality and the high smooth bass are also very appealing. These qualities of these headphones compel you to buy this on the spot. The article is enriched with the merits and qualities of the Q35. Let’s discuss the qualities of the life Q35 bt headphones.

The features of Life Q35:

Budget-friendly price of Life Q35: 

These headphones are available at just $60, which is a very reasonable price.

Appealing premium quality Buildup:

As discussed earlier, the life Q35 has a build-up that makes the heads turn, catching the attention of soundcore lovers. The handsome black color with plastic material is a handsome look that also shines like metal. The weight of bt headphones is comfortable because of their lightweight. The on/off buttons are smooth, so they are, in turn, easy to handle. Ear cups of these headphones are also rotatable and made of smooth and soft foam. These are also flexible, so you can put them in your travel bag because travel and music are contemporary. The buttons on the left are multi-functional and also work to set the bass.

Fast charging:

The 3.5mm analog jack with USB-C charging port provides fast charging.


The weight always matters a lot. If the headphone star is heavy, they make the music experience dumb. So Life Q35 decided to make the set build-up so light and comfortable. You can wear them around your neck. It won’t irritate you because the ear cups are smooth and Leatherette. You can wear headphones around your neck because they are lightweight and are so comfortable. Glasses can also be worn with them.

Long battery life:

The 30 hours of straight playtime with a single charge is so perfect.

High-strength Bluetooth:

These bt headphones promise 5.0 Bluetooth strength. The signal dropout does not happen with these headphones. 

Sound quality:

The sound quality is also satisfying. And has smooth bass. 


These bt headphones are available at a reasonable price on this Christmas sale by soundcore. Go and grab yours. It has already caught the attention of hundreds of buyers.


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