Best Budget Wireless Earbuds

    best budget wireless earbuds

    In the modern world, high-tech products take up more and more space. With its help, it is possible to save a significant amount of time and make a person’s life more comfortable and convenient in all respects. This also applies to mobile headphones. For the first time, these products appeared on the Russian market back in the 90s of the last century – they immediately became very popular among young people. Today their prevalence has become even greater. A lot of people cannot imagine life without using headphones. Here we will give a complete guide about the best budget wireless earbuds in 2020.

    Wireless in-ear headphones are very popular among music lovers. Largely due to their compactness, they are easy to take with you even on a long journey. They do not have a bulky headboard and any wires, making it very convenient to use this device. Unfortunately, not every user is aware of how to correctly choose such products. For them, we decided to compile a rating of the best wireless headphones of the year. In the article, we will tell you in detail about the useful characteristics of each model and provide several tips for choosing a product.

    How to choose the best budget wireless earbuds?

    Conclusion: there is a very wide selection of these products on the market today, which differ significantly from each other, both in sound characteristics and battery capacity. They practically do not differ from full-size models; however, it should be remembered that these devices will cost much more than wired headphones.

    Despite the external similarity, the models are very different in terms of design features. In particular, there are dynamic and reinforcing fittings. The first type supports a wide sound range, allowing the reproduction of low bass and very high frequencies. They are the most popular among music lovers.

    In-ear headphones are also divided into two types according to the degree of sound insulation – conventional and in-ear. The first ones have small overall dimensions and poor protection from external noise, but they are very convenient. In-ear canals have an elongated inner part compared to the previous type. However, such a design solution provides reliable protection against sounds coming from outside.

    In most models, the sound is quite powerful because the sound waves go directly to the ear canal. However, some devices have poor sound insulation, making them difficult to use in noisy rooms or on public transport. Such a headset has standard dimensions, so it is not suitable for every person due to the auricles’ physiological characteristics.

    We tried to include the most popular models that fully comply with the characteristics discussed above in our rating. We tried to compile a list of not too expensive devices to be within the means of most of our readers.

    Best budget wireless earbuds 2020

    Elari NanoPods Sport

    Visually, this product practically does not differ from the previous generation model. They do not protrude or hang out they’re the ears; they look very stylish and versatile. The set comes with a charging portable case that reliably protects the device from various physical influences. The body is oval, slightly rounded towards the end panel. The landing is average in depth.

    The products are available in black or white. You can even safely swim in the pool with these headphones. The case is compact; you can easily put it in your pocket, backpack, and so on. The lid of the case snaps tightly; the headphones lie there in curly recesses with built-in magnets. The best budget wireless earbuds for calls can work for about 4 hours from one battery charge. The battery capacity of each of them is 50 mAh, the charging station is 250 mAh. Together with the case, the product weighs only 37.5 grams.


    • Acceptable cost;
    • Insignificant weight;
    • Decent sound quality;
    • Compact case;
    • Attractive appearance;
    • The ability to work on a single charge for about 4 hours.


    • Touch keys are not provided.

    Samsung Galaxy Buds

    Samsung Galaxy Buds: Best budget wireless earbuds
    Samsung Galaxy Buds: Best budget wireless earbuds

    The headphones set are standard – the headphones themselves, a charging case, replaceable ear pads, and a USB Type-C charging cable, and it is quite long. So, the products are located quite comfortably, practically does not protrude beyond the shell, which favorably distinguishes them from similar products. Each earphone’s weight is about 5 grams – one of the lightest models in the modern Russian market. So, there is support for touch control, a lot of various and useful functions are provided – a voice assistant, rewinding tracks, switching between them, receiving an incoming call.

    The connection takes place within a couple of seconds; the connection is very stable and reliable. To take full advantage of the functionality of the product, you will have to download a special application with which you can fine-tune the equalizer and so on. The product is equipped with two microphones – one facing outward and the other toward the user.


    • They work on one battery charge for a long time;
    • Provides wireless battery charging function;
    • Fits perfectly in the ear;
    • Decent sound quality;
    • The presence of two microphones at once.


    • Quite a high cost;
    • The microphones are rather weak.

    HUAWEI FreeBuds Lite Headphones

    Huawei FreeBuds Lite TWS headset review : Best budget wireless earbuds
    Huawei FreeBuds Lite TWS headset review : Best budget wireless earbuds

    The products are characterized by improved sound quality, the device is housed in a case that is resistant to moisture and dust, and they also have a portable case with wireless charging function. Even though these headphones have been on the domestic market for over a year and a half, they are still widely popular with people. The design is minimalistic since the developers focused on the ergonomics of the model. We think HUAWEI FreeBuds Lite is one of the Best budget wireless earbuds reviews in 2020.

    There is an active noise cancellation function; there is a high-quality microphone that provides high-quality speech transmission. The highs and lows are carefully crafted so that the owner can enjoy the powerful sound with good clarity and decent volume.


    • Stylish products with excellently thought-out ergonomics;
    • Conveys voice well;
    • Provides perfectly clear sound;
    • The case is reliably protected from moisture and dust penetration;
    • Compact and lightweight case with wireless charging function.


    • High price;
    • Not every user fully likes vacuum headphones.

    Xiaomi Mi True Wireless Earbuds

    Compact and rather lightweight headphones that are securely attached to the ears do not hinder movement at all, they do not fall out even during active movements, such as when playing sports. The battery capacity is enough for three hours of fully autonomous work, regardless of whether a person is talking on the phone or just listening to music. The speakers are 7 mm in diameter and 16 ohms impedance, capable of supporting a very wide frequency range from 20 Hz to 20 kHz, which is the same as the human ear’s hearing range. With such headphones’ help, you can listen to the music of absolutely any genre – from classical works to hard rock.

    The set includes a branded case that serves as a charging station. It has built-in magnets and a battery. The battery capacity of the case is enough to provide autonomous use of the device for ten hours. However, synchronization must be done one at a time – first, one earphone is paired, and then the second.


    • Acceptable cost of the device;
    • High-quality workmanship and assembly;
    • The extended functional side of the device;
    • The attractive appearance of the device.


    • Synchronizing with a smartphone takes a relatively long time.

    Creative Outlier Air Sports

    Creative Outlier Air review: A phenomenal true wireless pick

    Ideal for sports fans and businessmen. The kit contains everything you need for the comfortable use of the product. So, it can easily withstand even significant physical exertion. After that, the set comes with a special armband, which will be really indispensable for active training. The process of setting up and connecting the device to a smartphone is very simple. In other words, each of the headphones has one single key with wide functionality: double-click switches the track, allows you to answer a phone call, single-click starts playing a melody, pauses it. So, headphones work on the basis of a wireless Bluetooth 5.0 module. Pairing takes a few seconds; the connection is quite stable,

    The total battery life is 30 hours, and one battery charge in the headphones will last for about 10 hours – this is one of the highest rates on the market today. So, frequency response and power are impressive, thanks in large part to the presence of a graphene diaphragm. The sound is clear and deep, including in the high frequencies.


    • They sit comfortably in the auricles;
    • Reliable protection against splash water and dust;
    • The original shape of the case;
    • The wide functionality of the device;
    • Excellent sound;
    • Long battery life.


    • The buttons on the headphones must be pressed with considerable force;
    • You cannot turn off the LED indication.

    Nokia True Wireless


    Simple and easy to use, they have long battery life. They have a corresponding logo and a microphone hole. Everything you need for comfortable use is included in the kit – these are the headphones themselves, a USB Type-C charging cable, the cylindrical case is a docking station. At the bottom of the case, you can find LED indicators that indicate the amount of remaining charge. The headphone trays are tight, so you need to carefully place them there so that the jacks match exactly with the connectors.

    Only the right earphone can be used as a completely autonomous device since the left one is synchronized with it, and not with a smartphone. So, it cannot work separately. The device works with almost all existing codecs.


    • Excellent sound quality;
    • The charge lasts for a long time;
    • Convenient and comfortable to use case;
    • The ergonomic shape holds the product tightly in the ears.


    • The earbuds are linked together, so using the left one without the right one won’t work.


    Opening the top four in our review of the best wireless in-ear headphones is a fairly stylish and durable model. So, which protects the product well from fingerprints and dust accumulation. Each has its own built-in battery. The device has a small foot, due to which you can immerse the earphone to the selected channel depth, without the slightest discomfort.

    You can listen to the music of various genres – this does not affect the sound quality at all. There is an active noise cancellation system; ergonomics are also at a high level, so you can listen to music at maximum volume without causing discomfort to others.


    • Compact dimensions;
    • Acceptable cost;
    • Insignificant weight;
    • Sitting tightly in the ears;
    • Connect to external devices automatically;
    • Attractive design;
    • Available in several colors.


    • There is no voice assistant;
    • Some codecs are not supported.

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    JBL TUNE 120 TWS

    JBL Tune 120TWS
    JBL Tune 120TWS: Best budget wireless earbuds


    Developed by a world-renowned company that has long been engaged in the manufacture and sale of acoustic equipment. The owners of such headphones note their rather large dimensions – these are one of the largest devices in our entire review. At first glance, it may seem that they simply will not fit into the auricles, but this impression is erroneous. Each earphone fits neatly into the curves of the auricle but does not cling to them.  We thought & recommend, JBL TUNE 120 is the best budget wireless earbuds.

    The right earpiece has a built-in microphone, but it is located at the top of the model, so to talk on the phone, you have to remove it from your ear and bring it to your mouth. Each device has an LED indication of the battery status as well as control buttons. They are rubber and have a very short stroke. It interfaces with any smartphones almost instantly via Bluetooth 5.0.


    • Bright and very beautiful appearance;
    • Despite its large size, it is very comfortable to wear;
    • Well thought out system of sound insulation and noise reduction;
    • Can be used as a headset;
    • There is a voice assistant;
    • Excellent workmanship.


    • Decent value;
    • The headphone housing still protrudes slightly beyond the ears.

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    Best budget wireless earbuds reviews

    AC Robin Echo

    AC Robin Echo

    Finally, we were able to get to the leader of our ranking of the best wireless in-ear headphones. So, these products work on the basis of a reinforcing radiator, thanks to which it was possible to achieve the clearest and most balanced sound in the widest frequency range. The connection with an external device is provided by the Bluetooth 5.0 module, which provides a stable connection with a smartphone and very fast data transfer. The housing is very comfortable; the earbuds can be worn with ease for a long time.

    Firstly, the Echo earbuds’ metal carrying case is equipped with a capacious rechargeable battery for long battery life – up to 100 hours of listening time or 15 full charge cycles. The earbuds themselves will last up to 7 hours on a single charge. So, the earphones meet the IP67 standard, which provides excellent protection against sand, water, and dust. This allows you to use the AC Robin Echo in any weather, including heavy rain and severe frosts.


    • Hold tightly in the auricles;
    • Very stylish and modern appearance;
    • Well thought out active noise cancellation system;
    • High-quality workmanship;
    • Fast data transfer;
    • Acceptable cost of the device.


    • The plastic is a little easily soiled.

    In conclusion

    Our roundup of the best wireless in-ear headphones has come to an end. We hope that the information we have collected will be enough for you to find the most suitable model for you. If you still have any questions, or you want to share with other readers and us your experience of using this product, then you are at your complete disposal to comment on this article.

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