Best Cheap Wireless Earbuds

    Best Cheap Wireless Earbuds

    Headphones can be good and bad, expensive, and cheap, but sooner or later, they all remind of the existence of wire at the most inopportune moment. Therefore, someone had to make them work without wires. However, the rejection of wires also required a more complex design. There are more reasons for a frankly indistinct sound (interference, weakness of the signal amplification and processing path itself), limited battery life, and a limited reception radius. So it will never be superfluous to sort out “on the shelves,” which of the wireless headphones presented at the beginning of 2020 on the shelves are worth buying, which is better to bypass right away. We’ve compared popular models and selected the Best Cheap Wireless Earbuds of 2020 for sound quality and usability.

    Rating of the Best Cheap Wireless Earbuds of 2020

    JBL T110BT

    For the category of the rating “The best inexpensive wireless headphones,” we set a conditional line, and JBL managed to pass under it practically with his stomach tucked in. However, for this money, we really get “plugs” suitable for frequent use, which provide decent autonomy and, at the same time, sound quite good. Of course, not bad for this format: nevertheless, at high volume, the emitters here are already clearly overloaded.

    But all the advantages of “plugs” are also in place: a sufficient degree of sound insulation, minimal dimensions, and weight. The remote control and battery hang low enough not to strain your ears with your weight. “Apple” devices can show the battery charge when connected. Actually, the rejection of the traditional “jack” on the iPhone made wireless headphones and headsets significantly more popular.

    This “baby” weighs 16 grams and a microphone, and quite good – the T110BT can be easily used with a phone as a headset, conversations have little effect on the battery charge, and speech intelligibility is more than sufficient.

    The main advantages:

    • Decent autonomy with low weight
    • A2DP support for music mode
    • Decent reception radius


    • Excessively bright control LED.
    • Overloading the headphones at high volumes.

    HARPER HB-201

    Wireless headphones for that kind of money, and even full-size ones? Yes, Harper is really one of the cheapest “ears” in its class, but at the same time, they have a “right to life.” In the end, to connect to a smartphone without AptX support. The built-in Bluetooth adapter of a laptop of the “ancient” version, or to the built-in sound card via wires, this option is quite enough: better headphones may not only not improve the sound, but, on the contrary, can foreground all the interference and sound flaws.

    Inside the cups with a rather comfortable note, ear pads, electronics are hidden without any bells and whistles. It’s not worth talking about support for modern methods of wireless sound transmission of high quality. The battery is not large in capacity. Nevertheless, the speakers themselves are not bad: it is easy to understand by connecting the headphones with “jacks” using the supplied cable. And the cable will definitely not be superfluous due to the charging connector’s inconvenient location: only Mr.

    Nevertheless, they are quite good for cheap wireless headphones. The manufacturer saved primarily not on the speakers’ quality but on the finish, which is already expected for the budget segment.

    The main advantages:

    • Wired connectivity
    • Decent speakers with a sensitivity of 114 dB


    • Cheap plastic headband
    • No folding option
    • Bluetooth 3.0

    Best wireless earbuds for sports

    RHA TrueConnect

    This time, it was not whiskey or bagpipes brought to us from Scotland, but a top-end model of sports wireless headphones. This even surpassed the company’s marketers’ expectations and sold out so quickly that it even became scarce for a while. Despite the discreet appearance, these headphones are exciting, and from the very moment of unboxing.

    They are delivered in a proprietary “box” made of metal with a soft-touch coating, which also serves as a charging box. The fact is that the headphones are as wireless as possible. Therefore they are also charged without connecting a cable. Before that, this was only offered by Apple with its AirPods, but those completely devoid of moisture protection cannot be called a real sports model. To turn on the headphones, it is enough to remove them from charging, and the power-on mode depends on whether both are removed (then the stereo headset mode is activated) or only one (then the mono mode is turned on). The control buttons are spaced across both earbuds, and due to their compactness, their operation is rather confusing – you should still read the instructions.

    The main advantages:

    • Convenience
    • Sound quality


    • Not very convenient control

    Best Cheap Wireless Earbuds: Denon AH-C160W

    Among the best wireless sports headphones in 2020 is the Denon AH-C160W. Often, when creating sports headphones, manufacturers sacrifice sound quality for the sake of the specifics of this class: for example, high-quality water protection is not the best “friend” with sound, and good sound insulation is sometimes downright dangerous if you run down the street. Therefore, the company’s sports model of wireless headphones with a recognized reputation among audiophiles is undoubtedly interesting.

    The first thing that catches your eye is the elastic Earhook, which looks massive, but in practice, it is really comfortable and adapts well to the ears’ individual characteristics. It remains only to choose the most suitable earpads from the set.

    Reinforced “bottom” while running is also not a whim – if you have already got up on the treadmill with vacuum headphones in your ears, then you know how your own stomp sounds in your ears.

    The main advantages:

    • Comfortable with a secure fit on the ears
    • High-quality dust and moisture protection
    • Support A2DP, AVRCP, HSP, HFP / AAC, SBC


    • Quite specific frequency response, tuned purely for sports use.

    Koss BT190i

    The design of these headphones was clearly developed by a person who dreamed of creating computer games. For some reason, when you look at them, you expect to hear a voice: “I am Captain Shepard, and these are my favorite headphones.” However, they can not be denied functionality: a reliable fit in the ears, ease of control by touch, effective moisture protection – this is what we need from good sports headphones.

    The payment for the compactness and lightweight of sports headphones usually becomes a short battery life, and here Koss rather strikes a balance: from 3 to 3.5 hours, these headphones “stretch.” That is, there is approximately a margin for one workout. But, unlike more “long-lived” models, they do not interfere with the bumpy battery while running.

    The main advantages:

    • Reliable fastening
    • Moisture protection
    • Sound quality


    • Design for an amateur
    • Limited autonomy

    Best Cheap Wireless Earbuds with a good microphone

    Sennheiser HD 4.50 BTNC

    The best wireless earbuds with the mic in 2020 in terms of value for money, we consider Sennheiser HD 4.50 BTNC. As befits headphones of a well-known and prestigious brand, there are enough “goodies” here. Low-impedance speakers have good sensitivity (113 dB) with harmonic distortion no more than 0.5%. An active noise cancellation system is built-in, based on two spaced microphones. Of course, these are not top-end noise cancellers of the Bose Quiet Comfort level … but, you must admit, the price is much lower!

    Sennheiser’s sound is quite consistent with what you expect from this brand. The bass does not shake the skull’s contents, but it is energetic and legible, does not crush the rest of the scene. There is almost no difference in sound when switching from Bluetooth to cable, another argument in favor of the HD 4.50 BTNC. Naturally, if the phone supports AptX, you should still prefer the cable without it.

    The main advantages:

    • Convenience
    • Sound quality
    • Long work on one charge


    • Medium squelch quality

    Best Cheap Wireless Earbuds for music lovers

    Bose QuietComfort 35 II

    Noise cancellation has become the undisputed strong point of these wireless headphones: the first version was recognized as one of the best in terms of the quality of sound suppression “outside,” while the second model, released in the fall of 2017, only got better. Out of habit, you can even experience some discomfort from falling into the “acoustic vacuum.” But we don’t buy headphones to listen to silence, do we?

    The sound from Bose matches the headphones’ price, although it also makes the desire to find fault stronger. Moreover, it does not deteriorate even at the maximum level of noise reduction. However, the disabled “noise reduction” has its own bonus in the form of a twofold increase in battery life: from 20 to 40 hours of continuous operation. Therefore, headphones do not annoy with excessive weight or pressure on the auricles.

    This is not yet so relevant (especially considering how Apple slows down with this). Therefore, for a home receiver, perhaps another model is more suitable for you. Bose will best show itself on the street. When listening to music and communicating with Google Assistant, a separate button has appeared here.

    The main advantages:

    • Excellent squelch performance
    • Decent autonomy with low weight


    • No aptX support

    Focal Listen Wireless

    Refreshes the top of the best wireless music headphones 2020 Focal Listen Wireless. The high sensitivity of 122 dB allows these headphones to open up even at low volume: you can appreciate both a wide range and excellent linearity. The main thing is to find a good sound source: thanks to aptX support, these headphones can be paired with the most advanced receivers and will not shame themselves. Despite the tangible massiveness, they sit on the ears comfortably: the ear pads “crumple” over the years, reducing the pressure on them to a minimum. Taking into account the fact that battery life here reaches 20 hours. You will not want to take off these headphones for a long time.

    The main advantages:

    • AptX support
    • Overall sound quality
    • Good battery life


    • Some touch-up high

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    Best Cheap Wireless Earbuds:  Noise Canceling Headphones

    Bowers & Wilkins px5

    The British company managed to win good fame – the acoustics of its production not only pleases audiophiles in specialized stores but is also installed by factories on premium cars.

    Due to the “fleshy” ear cushions, these wireless headphones fit well to the ears, in many ways helping the “noise reduction.” In winter, the ears are warm, in the summer after a couple of hours. It can already get hot. And the “noise reduction” itself is rather sparing here – it does not give the effect of complete sound insulation. After all, where does the owner of these headphones actually end up in a boisterous environment? On the street, that’s right where it is not safe to create a “sound vacuum.” At home, all unnecessary PX5 will be cut qualitatively thanks to four dedicated microphones (two more are responsible for speech transmission), without interfering with enjoying your favorite music and without spoiling it with overly active ANC. By the way, the “noise control” itself is customizable – both through the application and a physical button.

    The main advantages:

    • Support for aptX Adaptive (and this is at the beginning of 2020 – the “purest” way of wireless transmission of high-quality sound. Which is just beginning to spread)
    • Good battery life
    • Pleasant sound with characteristic “British” notes


    • Not very comfortable with large head and ears (common on-ear problem)

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    Best Cheap Wireless Earbuds: JBL Live 650BTNC

    JBL Live 650BTNC is one of the best wireless noise-canceling headphones in 2020 in terms of price/performance ratio. Noise cancellation here, of course, is not of the same level of efficiency as in the top models of headphones with ANC, but the difference in prices speaks for itself. Moreover, it is precise with the suppression of background noise that the system copes well – well, and if a team of builders is already working under your windows. Then you should already think about construction headphones.

    The sound is good “over the wire” and “over the air,” although it loses in detail (the lack of support for modern, high-quality codecs affects). It does not cause disgust. Quite energetic “lows” are combined with pleasantly detailed “highs” against their background. The “middle” may seem muffled or sluggish – but this is compared with models of a higher class and for their almost 7 thousand JBLs sound with decent taste.

    The main advantages:

    • Decent noise reduction for headphones at this price point
    • Nice sound, especially “over the wire.”


    • Lack of aptX support
    • Medium quality (expectedly more complaints about problems than higher-end headphones)

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