Best Coffee Shop Franchise Business And Their Cost

best coffee shop franchise business

If you are thinking of starting your own coffee franchises business, that could be a good choice. Although, starting your own coffee shop business is not far behind. We give you the keys and advantages of the best coffee shop franchise business on the market.

Suppose you are already decided that acquiring a cafeteria franchise is the best option for you. Then check out this list of 12 companies that offer the Cafeteria Franchise business model so that you can start your business as soon as possible. So, let’s know more about the best coffee shop franchise business.

Best coffee shop franchise business


Starbucks, an American company with more than forty years of experience in the sector. Started as a small coffee shop in Seattle, becoming one of the most famous coffee shops in the world. Also, the Starbucks franchise stands out for offering a wide variety of top-quality coffees and taking maximum care of all the product details in its production process.


Starbucks offers the franchisee a renowned brand, known worldwide, great advertising and marketing strategies. Also, constant brand support, among many other advantages.

Rock ‘n’ joe

The Rock ‘n’ Joe Franchise is a franchise that achieved success in the United States. Thanks to the fact that they used other types of products to make their beverages. Along with this, they also added a good menu of food and snacks to accompany the drinks.

Rock 'n' joe

The company has achieved good results. Since each year, the company’s annual profits have risen by 20% and keep 8% of the 18 billion dollars that it moves in this market.

The initial investment required by Rock ‘n’ Joe is $ 250,000, with a balance of $ 100,000 available for different expenses.

Martinez coffee

This coffee franchise from Argentina has achieved very good results in Latin America and reached some European countries. However, it offers good quality coffee, along with a selection of healthy and delicious meals and lunches.

Martinez coffee

The franchise is recognizable by the M in a green circle. The franchise offers various franchise models to suit investors’ options. For less than $ 100,000, you can start working with it and expect the investment to pay off in 1 to 2 years.

Coffee & Tea

With over twenty-five years of experience in the coffee shop sector, Coffee & tea is a national franchise specializing in coffee and tea, evolving and expanding its offer, introducing juices, paninis, toasts, smoothies, pancakes, etc. However, Caffe & Tea stands out in the market for being a brand that controls the entire production process of its products. Also, controlling the qualities of the coffee, selecting the crops, and supervising the grinding and roasting process.

Coffee & Tea

The franchise headquarters offer their franchisees turnkey delivery of the business. Also, large-scale purchase of all products, the strategic location of the premises, and constant innovation, among other advantages.


Duffin’s is a franchise born in Ronda, Malaga, as a cafeteria specialized in elaborating a great variety of donuts. And that has been introducing other products such as crepes, waffles, smoothies, juices, etc.


This franchise stands out for using natural ingredients in the manufacturing process of its products that allow them to achieve a personalized flavor and difference in the market. However, Duffin offers its franchisees a consolidated image and business management model, continuous advice, constantly renewed products and offer. Also, personalized marketing strategy, among other advantages.

Ratio Coffee

One of the leading coffee shop franchises, developed with one of the most professional and consolidated baristas, Coffee Shops Barista. Besides, RATIO Caffe has four years of experience and stands out for transforming its business concept from a signature coffee to one of the establishments. However, it is with the best natural fruit smoothies, pastries, and cocktails.

Ratio Coffee

This brand offers its franchisees a comprehensive business management program, support from the Coffee Shops Barista group, and assistance. Also, ongoing training to start business management, etc.

Tim Hortons

Tim Hortons is one of the largest restaurant groups in North America and currently operates in the USA, with an increasing presence. This franchise chain has a wide variety of consumers worldwide and stands out for having a wide range of products within its menus, such as coffees, tea, smoothies, pastries, sandwiches, etc. Tim Hortons offers his franchisees a unique location for their business, staff training, store design, ongoing support, etc.

Newyorkers Cafe

After over six years of experience in the sector, the NEW YORKERS CAFE franchise consolidated a differential business model, a cafeteria franchise with food service. However, it has simplified the procedures for producing the products, removing the smoke outlet and the need for a cook from the premises, which gives NEW YORKERS CAFE the possibility of reducing investment by its franchisees. Its establishments have two gastronomic offers, “American Bakery.” And “Gourmet Fast Food,” among which products such as American breakfasts and snacks, hamburgers, hot dogs, etc., stand out. To its franchisees, in addition to a tight investment. It also offers support in the opening of the premises, constant innovation. Or short-term investment recovery, among many other advantages.

Dunkin’ Coffee

This brand has more than seventy years of experience, being the seventh-largest restoration company globally. Dunkin’ coffee is globally known by Dunkin’ Brands and bases its success on the wide variety of donuts and coffees it offers in each of its establishments. Besides, it stands out for the quality and originality of its products, from its donuts to its 100% Arabica coffee.

Dunkin' Coffee

However, this franchise offers its franchisees a business with a consolidated brand in the market. That with large marketing and advertising campaigns, constant brand support, etc.


VIPs have more than fifty years of experience in the market. It revolutionized the coffee shop sector in Spain with the concept of shop and cafeteria in the same space. Currently, it operates only as a cafeteria and has a wide variety of iconic dishes of international cuisine such as pancakes, smoothies, or hamburgers, among others.


It is one of the most famous franchise chains in the country and currently belongs to the Alsea group. The Vips franchise center offers the franchisee help searching for the premises. Also, it is the design of the business plan, decoration of the premises, staff training, support throughout the franchise project, etc.


This franchise chain is an innovative business concept that combines the latest gastronomic trends with technology. Also, reinventing the sector with products initially known as salty and made with chocolate as the main ingredient.


Alcioccolato, with two years of experience in the market, stands out in the sector for its originality, quality, and exclusivity of its products, such as choco-burger, choco-kebab, ice n roll, etc. This brand offers its franchisees an easy-to-manage business model, differential corporate strategy, advice. And support in the search for premises, financing agreements, among many other advantages.

Santagloria Coffee & Bakery

The Santagloria Coffee & Bakery franchise benchmark is within the cafeteria and bakery sector. It combines production and elaboration processes innovation with the brand’s tradition, maintaining its essence and craftsmanship. It has more than fifty years of experience in the sector, and as a franchise chain, it has managed to be one of the leading brands in coffee shops inside and outside of Spain.

best coffee shop franchise business

Santagloria belongs to Food box, a multi-brand restaurant group that integrates other brands like Pizza. However, any franchisee who wants to open a Santagloria franchise has a great management team. There is continuous training in each process. Also, a versatile and original business model, among many other advantages.

Cafe Colibri

The Cafe Colibri franchise comes from Mexico. Also, for several years it has become one of the most popular in the country and the surroundings. And in other nearby countries in the area, always making it very clear the country of origin of their products.

best coffee shop franchise business

Juan Valdez Cafe

Colombia is the main producer of coffee beans. There had to be some franchise. That is the Juan Valdez Café Franchise, which, although it has little more than 10 years of experience, has achieved sustained success thanks to the quality of its service and the taste of its drinks.

best coffee shop franchise business

The most interesting thing is that it offers three ways to invest in your franchise, based on its size. So, with a minimum of approximately $ 100,000, we can bring the best Colombian coffee to our country.

Cafe Plaza

For those who want to enter the coffee shop franchise and do not have a large amount of money to invest, Café Plaza may be the solution they are looking for. However, with only $ 50,000, they can already start working with this brand, which assures us that in 12 months, we will be receiving the money invested here.

best coffee shop franchise business

However, it offers a good experience in the cafeteria drinks and complements a good selection of desserts to accompany them and breakfasts and lunches. Without a doubt, a great low-cost option.

FAQ on best coffee shop franchise business

What is it that gives you a cafeteria?

Here is a list of equipment for the cafeteria:

  • Cafeteria (or coffee shop).
  • Coffee grinder.
  • Industrial blender.
  • Pastry showcase.
  • Refrigerator.
  • Point of sale (or register).
  • Audio system for the commodity of your clients.
  • Phone (even you can come with your cellular provisionally).

What is the best way to make a small cafeteria?

  • Define the model of the cafeteria.
  • Use your investment well.
  • Learn to be your friend.
  • Create a concept for your cafeteria.
  • Invest in your subscription and your new clients.
  • Entrance for capacitors to your barristers.
  • Buy your coffee shop and equipment.
  • Design your menu

How about being served in a cafeteria?

6 ideas to attract clients to a cafeteria

  • Offer quality products
  • Be careful with the prices
  • Get to the digital transformation
  • The ambiance of your cafeteria
  • Use publicity and promotions at the point of sale
  • Attract clients with a loyalty program
  • But there is an active presumption in social media.

Conclusion on best coffee shop franchise business

The cafeteria sector stands out within the world of catering for having a group of well-positioned brands in the market, some with a long history in the sector and others of recent creation. Still, all have their space and their audience. Cafeteria franchises are a business model that is always in great demand. Today this type of cafeteria offers, in the same establishment, a great variety of products, in addition to coffee, in any time slot and of good quality, characteristics that make them competent in the market.

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