Best Data Recovery Software That Helps Recover Deleted Files


    Have you lost your computer data? If yes, I can feel your pain because it’s the worst feeling when you mistakenly lose all your device’s important data. Every computer user experiences this worst situation at least once in life because it’s a common problem and can happen to anyone. Sometimes people hack others’ computers and delete all the data just to disturb them or take revenge or something. This is one of the cybercrimes, and in the last few years many computer users lost their data because of it. 

    Sometimes PC windows automatically crash and the system asks to install a new window on your PC, but in this case, the user loses data completely.

    Additionally, due to different errors or malware attacks, the PC system needs to update, and during the update, there is a chance that important data can be deleted. 

    Additionally, in a few cases, people lose Data due to software or hardware failure. Or a few people who are not aware of the PC system must delete all the PC data mistakenly by clicking different keys like shift+Delet etc.

    If you are one of those who lost complete data of your PC, don’t stress, we have got good news for you. Use data recovery software to bring back all the data easily. 

    This article aims to guide you on what Data Recovery software a PC user should use in 2022.

    Why do people want to recover deleted data from the computer? 

    When people lose computer data, they lose all documents, presentations, assignments, videos, audio, music etc. everyone has their own reason for recovering computer-deleted data. For example, people who work in an office always want to recover deleted official documents immediately because they have to submit documents in the office. 

    College students also want to recover their deleted project assignments and presentation slides before presentation day. Moreover, photogenic people love to recover all deleted personal photos and videos, but how can people recover PC deleted data? An answer is data recovery software. You can install any good data recovery software from the internet on your PC. 

    Here we enlisted the top 4 data recovery software that can help get your PC data back easily. 

    • iTop Data Recovery Software 

     iTop Data Recovery  is a solid data recovery software that is commonly used to get all your data back in one click only. This is the best data recovery software and brings back all your lost files, videos, and audio in no time. 

    With the iTop Data Recovery software, it is quite easy to recover data if it is accidentally deleted. You can also retrieve the lost files if you are unable to find them due to hardware or software errors. 

    The best thing about this ultra-fast iTop data recovery software is that it works on Windows, Linux, macOS, and Android. It is quite easy as you don’t need to understand the technical problems of your data storage devices in order to recover them. After recovering the data, you can also export it in different formats, drives, and folders. 


    • It Works without account creation or registration
    • Fastly recover all data in one click 
    • Email data recovery option is available 
    • Recover 1000-plus format files, videos, photos, and audio
    • Recover data from external disks, SD cards, SSD cards, HDD etc.
    • A visual preview of deleted items is available before saving them on the device
    • Stellar Data Recovery

    One of the best software to recover lost files is “Stellar Data Recovery. We all know we get panicky if we lose our important personal or business files.

    Thus, Stellar Data Recovery was created for personal as well as enterprise needs. Moreover, it works for Mac and windows.


    • It can recover your files in different ways.
    • The free trial version can recover up to 1GB of lost or deleted data.
    • You can retrieve all the lost or deleted email data files, videos, photos etc.
    • You can recover data from hard drives, laptops, Pc and USB stick
    • You can recover which were lost due to drive formatting or corruption

    EaseUS Data Recovery

    EaseUS Data Recovery is a fast data recovery solution that enables users to recover lost and deleted files. You can recover up to 2GB of data with its free trial version.

    It has a streamlined user interface which enables you to recover files just with a few taps. You can preview items before recovering them, so make sure that the right files are being recovered. You can monitor the scanning process so that you can easily search for the file you want to recover

    If your data is lost accidentally, then there is no need to worry because EaseUS Data Recovery software brings ease to you. You can recover many different types of files. All of its features are unique and easily accessible. To use this software, you don’t need high computer skills


    • It works on Windows and macOS.
    • It contains an extensive site knowledge base that helps users retrieve data.
    • It has good recovery results.
    • It can recover MS SQL databases and exchange mailboxes.

    Disk Drill Data Recovery

    Disk Drill Data Recovery software can recover your lost data just in a few minutes. Its free trial version lets users preview and recovers up to 500MB of data.

    This software has unique features. For example, it has scanning algorithms and enables users to scan different types. It enables you to find the deleted files and recovers them in their original format. However, sometimes, the file recovered from the deep scan must be renamed.

    It also allows you to designate folders and files for security and protection.


    • It is a user-friendly software
    • It offers streamlined file recovery
    • supports virtually all disk-based storage devices.
    • It offers free data protection. 
    • You can recover 500 MB of files with the free trial version.


    As you know, there are bundles of data recovery software, but if your main focus is fast data recovery software, download iTop Data Recovery software on your PC.


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