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    Do you save your official documents in PDF files? I know the answer for most of you is yes because we all create and save documents in PDF because it’s an easy way to keep your files safe for a longer time. Are you thinking of making changes to your PDF file? It is a fact that when people need to edit PDF files, it becomes hard to edit, convert, change format and compress PDF files. Because it is a time taking and complex process to edit PDF files. 

    Hundreds of editing tools claim to be the best PDF editors but do not provide promising results, so the question is what tool works best to handle all task ? The answer to this question is the iTop PDF editor. 

    What is an iTop PDF editor?

    iTop PDF editor is created by iTop Inc, which is one of the top-class PDF editors with easy interface. It is shareware software that works perfectly on Windows PC. The iTop PDF editor is packed with multiple editing tools. That’s why it is known as an all-in-one PDF editor that helps the users to create a new PDF file, edit an already created file, and it allows the users to compress file sizes. 

    What can an iTop PDF editor do? 

    The iTop PDF editor can do following tasks 

    • Edit files

    You can edit PDF files directly on iTop PDF without converting them. You can edit PDF, text, images, add links, and watermark.

    In Addition, You can automatically fill the forms on it, and it makes quick changes without any issue. 

    • Convert files 

    It allows the users to make MS office documents and images, convert other files to PDF or PDF to office, text, RTF, PDF/A. For this, you don’t need to be online.

    • Compress PDF File size

    If your PDF file’s size is bigger than the suggested size, then you don’t need to worry because the iTop PDF editor tool allows you to compress files quickly. It is a fact that it’s hard to deliver a large PDF file to others online. So This amazing  PDF editing tool helps you to compress the file and reduce its size to make it shareable.                                                               

    • PDF page management 

    You can either extract or insert any message into any PDF file. You can also alter the sequence of pages and create a new page. Additionally, if you want to delete a whole page from a PDF file, you can do this in a few seconds because this PDF editing tool helps you manage the page as you want. 

    Moreover, on iTop PDF, you can combine different PDF pages and files and resave them into new PDF files. 

    • Protect files 

    iTop PDF editor provides security and privacy to your content. It protects the files with encryption and redaction. You can put the password to your files and save your data. 

    • View PDF  pages

    The iTop PDF editor makes it possible to view and read any eBook. You can download any eBook and read it with the iTop PDF editor. Additionally, you can add any note or comment on these eBook or PDF files with the iTop editor. 

    • PDF e signature

    Doing signatures on each and every file is difficult and time-consuming. The iTop PDF edition makes it possible to create and add your own signature on a PDF file in one click.  


    iTop PDF  editor is the best of all other PDF editors for PC because it works smoothly on Windows PC, and users can do any type of PDF file editing. This PDF editor is multi-tasking. You can change file format, size, and layout and do basic editing like removing or adding paragraphs; hyperlinks can add and delete pages from the PDF editor. So if you are looking for all in one PDF editor, download iTop PDF editor. 

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