Best Power Bank Brand

Best power bank brand

Surely everyone has come across a situation when the phone or smartphone is completely discharged. You need to make a critical call or wait for a message. If there is an outlet nearby, then it’s okay. If there is no access to electricity, then the situation becomes genuinely critical. However, there is a way out of it – to use an external battery. Here we will give a complete idea about the best power bank brand in 2020.

By and large, this is about the same lithium-ion battery as in a tablet or smartphone. Only it has a higher capacity. A significant selection of such products has appeared in digital stores in the past few years. Devices differ significantly from each other in terms of various characteristics, costs, and so on. We decided to help you to the best of our ability to solve this issue and make a rating of the best external batteries. In it, we will consider in detail the useful qualities of the models most popular among users and provide some valuable tips for choosing these products.

 How should I choose the best power bank brand?

The main parameter of this device is energy intensity. With this quality, everything is straightforward: the larger the capacity, the more energy the device can store. On sale, you can find portable chargers, the power of which ranges from several hundred to several tens of thousands of milliampere-hours. Often, portable batteries are equipped with lithium-polymer rather than lithium-ion batteries. The latter is considered to be of better quality, have a long service life, and can charge the connected device much faster.

Also, the current strength also affects the charge rate. The higher the amperage of the gadget, the sooner the battery of the smartphone or tablet will charge. It is better to choose products with a current strength of at least 1 A, but the optimal option is 3-5 A. So, it is necessary to take into account such a feature of the device as its self-discharge. (Xanax)

The device should have several connectors at once – this will allow you to connect several devices simultaneously. This option will be handy, for example, during hiking trips since it will enable you to use the tool even where there is no electricity at all.

When we chose the devices to be included in our ranking of the best external batteries in 2020, we tried to have not the most expensive tools in the review so that each of our readers could choose the most optimal products for themselves.

Top 10 best external batteries

Cactus CS-PBHTBP-20800

CACTUS-TRADE – Best power bank brand

A very original device, as it is equipped with a standard electrical outlet, which is extremely rare today. The fact is that the capacity of this device is quite enough to charge even laptop batteries, and today not every model has the ability to work through the Type-C connector. Moreover, chargers of less powerful devices such as smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, and so on can be plugged into this outlet. However, it should be borne in mind that the efficiency of the inverter circuit for this model is very far from ideal. Therefore it is advisable to use this battery to charge a laptop only in force majeure circumstances.

There are a sufficient number of connectors for working with external devices. There is also an automatic start function.


  • Quite substantial internal battery capacity;
  • There is a familiar outlet;
  • High-quality manufacturing and assembly.


  • The device itself does not know how to charge quickly;
  • Decent weight and dimensions;
  • Expensive;
  • No Power Delivery support.


Best power bank brand

Products of this brand are deservedly popular with many owners of mobile gadgets. Compared to models from other manufacturers, this device is characterized by an increased level of strength and versatility. There is a significant number of various connectors that allow you to connect several mobile gadgets at once. The body is made of thick-walled aluminum sheet, thanks to which this device is able to withstand significant physical exertion, including strong shocks, falls from great heights, and so on.

The dimensions are not too large, so this battery can still be carried in your pocket. The battery capacity is quite decent, so it will be enough to recharge various devices repeatedly. On the body, you can find a slot for microSD memory cards, which allows you to use the battery as a card reader. There is also a built-in flashlight.


  • The very durable body;
  • Large battery capacity;
  • Many different conductors;
  • LED indication of the remaining charge;
  • Memory card slot;
  • Powerful flashlight.


  • Multiple protruding flashlight button.

Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 3 Pro 20000

Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 3 Pro 20000 mAh 45W
Best power bank brand

Despite the fact that the electronic component of this device does not allow fast charging of several devices at the same time, we have a very high-quality and durable product, which, moreover, has relatively compact overall dimensions. However, it should be borne in mind that literally, when the second load is connected, absolutely on all output connectors of this battery. The voltage will decrease to the quite usual 5 V. Against this background. This model looks quite universal.

The device contains a pair of lithium-polymer batteries, each with a capacity of 10,000 mAh. They are integrated into a standard system using a unique microchip that provides integration and voltage equalization.


  • The maximum output power of the device is 45 W;
  • Ideal for charging low-current devices;
  • The battery itself charges very quickly.


  • The fast charging function does not work if two or more devices are connected to the battery;
  • At the time of the start of sales, the hardware filling was somewhat damp.

Sitek Sun-Battery SC-09

SITITEK Sun-Battery SC-09
Best power bank brand

It is not for nothing that the manufacturer calls this device an autonomous power supply system in an advertising brochure. A little slower, the device will charge through the USB port when connected to a personal computer or laptop. There are also high-efficiency solar panels.

An essential distinctive quality of this device is that it is capable of delivering the maximum output current. Then such a battery can also charge consumers who need more energy.


  • The maximum value of the output current is 2 A;
  • The solar panel is manufactured on the basis of monocrystalline modules.


  • The body is made of flimsy plastic.

Robiton Power Bank LP-24-Solar

Robiton Power Bank LP-24-Solar
Robiton Power Bank LP-24-Solar

This is another model that is equipped with a solar cell system, but they are significantly weaker than the previous battery. Nevertheless, even these 300 mAh, which the solar panel is capable of maximizing, can turn into a vital resource in conditions where there is no access to electricity at all, for example, on a long hiking trip. Moreover, it will hardly be possible to charge it even via the network quickly.

There is a function of fast charging of gadgets Quick Charge. The developer designed initially this model with a view to long-term use in the wild, so he reliably protected the internal filling from dust and moisture getting inside according to the IP67 standard.


  • Quite a large capacity of the built-in battery;
  • Supports fast charging function;
  • It is reliably protected from dust and moisture penetration.


  • It cannot charge itself quickly;
  • The significant weight of the apparatus.

Battery Canyon CNE-CPB130


A sufficiently capacious best power bank brand, which is perfect for such equipment as smartphones, mp3 players, tablets, smart bracelets, and so on. It has a very original design. It has a beautiful, but not too conspicuous LED indication, there are several USB connectors supporting fast charging.

In general, the manufacturer initially focused on the fact that the battery could charge compelling smartphones and tablets. The model turned out to be quite simple but very effective.


  • Quite an original appearance of the device;
  • The battery capacity is enough to charge compelling gadgets.


  • The battery charge indicator is difficult to see in the sun.


ZMI QB810 – Best power bank brand

This device will not only save you from the need to search for an outlet if you need to charge the gadget quickly but will also make the process much easier if the smartphone supports the Quick Charge function, which turns it into a very comfortable and ergonomic smartphone stand.

It turns out that in the normal state, end-to-end mode with the connection of several users is not provided. There is not much input power here – only 18W, so it is best to charge only one device from this battery. It includes support for all available fast-charging technologies, including work with a weak current.


  • Can be used for wireless charging, its power is 10 and 7.5 W;
  • Works with all kinds of fast charging;
  • The set includes a functional and convenient docking station.


  • High price;
  • Cheap bundle – no power adapter and connectors.

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Xiaomi ZMI QB810 Power Bank 10000mAh Type-C online - Best power bank brand
ZMI QB810 – Best power bank brand

The third place was taken by the products of the company. Which closely cooperates with such a world-famous enterprise as Xiaomi. This battery comes in a casing made of heavy-duty matte plastic. It has a special coating, thanks to which fingerprints and other dirt will not remain on it. It is capable of working only on the input. There is a two-way Quick Charge indication.

It is worth noting that the latter, if necessary, can be turned off if there is a need to charge any moody device. There is support for charging low-current gadgets.


  • Multiple input connectors of various types;
  • The function of two-way fast charging is provided;
  • The device is capable of charging low-current devices.


  • When operating in end-to-end mode, noticeable voltage drops are observed;
  • The battery itself charges very slowly.

Best power bank brand in 2020: HIPER MPX20000

HIPER Power Bank MPX20000 Silver HIPER Power Bank
Best power bank brand

It’s no secret that many people today carry with them not one, but several phones at once. It is for such cases that this best power bank brand is provided. Supports all the latest technologies – Quick Charge, Power Delivery, MacBook Charging. There is the possibility of pass-through charging.

In general, users claim that this model is universal in terms of supporting various variations of fast charging technology since it takes into account all the features of different manufacturers. The connectors here are also very different – it’s very convenient.


  • Supports all kinds of fast charging;
  • The significant capacity of the battery itself.


  • Very expensive.

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Best power bank brand: Deppa NRG Station 20100

Deppa NRG Station 20100 mAh is suitable for Acer switch alpha 12
Deppa NRG Station 20100 mAh- Best power bank brand

The leader in the review of the best external batteries was the model that uses the Power Delivery protocol, which makes this device ideal for charging laptops and other power-hungry devices. So, it should be noted that the device is capable of working even with Apple products. The maximum device is capable of delivering up to 45 watts of energy. In other words, the list of notebooks compatible with the battery turns out to be very wide.

It is quite natural that it can work with low-current devices, tablets, smartphones, ordinary phones, and so on. However, the developers did not provide for the Quick Charge fast charging technology.


  • A considerable number of charging profiles, including a whole set of non-standard ones;


  • There is no fast charging.

In conclusion

The review is now nearing completion. We have tried to collect a specific amount of information on each of the models so that users can decide which products will be optimal for them. Hope so, you get a complete idea about the best power bank brand. If some questions still remain unresolved, then you can always ask us in the comments to this article. We will try to answer them as soon as possible.

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