Best True Wireless Earbuds

Best True Wireless Earbuds

While wired headphones steadily hold their positions in the market, wireless models are increasingly capturing buyers’ attention. First, Bluetooth devices’ portability and convenience make them attractive to athletes – and anyone tired of dangling cables. Secondly, technology began to allow getting rid of wires without compromising sound and maintaining its quality. Here we will give you a complete guide about the best true wireless earbuds in 2020.

There are more and more models, and the choice is more difficult. Therefore, we have compiled our own rating of noteworthy wireless headphones models, which, according to one parameter or another, we consider the best. More precisely, even two lists – we decided not to combine in-ear and full-size headphones (here is a link to the second part of the selection). Of course, the ratings are subjective, but at least you will learn more about several wireless models. Some devices were not included in the list since the number of nominations was limited. So, 10 best in-ear wireless headphones – let’s go!

Best True Wireless Earbuds 

Xiaomi QCY T1C

Currently, the Xiaomi QCY T1C model is one of the most affordable and good inexpensive plugs on the market. The model of the True Wireless category guarantees complete freedom of movement, attracts with its lightweight and protected case according to the IPX4 standard. Therefore, you can play sports without worrying about sweat getting inside the structure. According to customer comments, this model has a good microphone, which guarantees confident voice transmission. The connection is carried out via Bluetooth 5.0, with stable data transmission up to 10 meters. Charging is enough for 4 hours of operation. The case extends autonomy for another 16 hours.

pros of

  • low cost;
  • protection class IPX4;
  • Bluetooth 5.0 connection.


  • Not the best bass


Speaking of good budget-grade earplugs for sports, it’s hard to ignore the IPX67 MIFO O5 model. At the same time, the classic version of the headset has a dynamic driver. If you want to get the most, we recommend that you pay attention to the improved version with the inscription “Professional” – it has a reinforcing sound driver, which is a rare occurrence for headphones’ budget category. The battery capacity is 60 mAh, which is enough for 7 hours of operation.


  • battery life;
  • stylish design;
  • quality of performance;
  • good sound.


  • slightly overpriced.

Xiaomi Redmi AirDots

In the segment of inexpensive earplugs with good sound, another good model of wireless headphones from Xiaomi – AirDots, looks solid. This TWS-headset differs from the previous model by supporting the new version of the connection (Bluetooth 5.0) and the transformed design. Good depth of sound is conveyed by 7.2-mm speakers paired with a Realtek 8763 audio chip. So, the advantages include a good battery for 4 hours of operation, a DSP class digital noise reduction system, and a high energy efficiency class. Judging by customer reviews, this headset has really high-quality noise cancellation, which improves voice capture to the maximum. This is already a great result for this headset category.


  • noise suppression;
  • good drivers;
  • energy efficiency;
  • Realtek 8763 chip.


  • not found.

Best True Wireless Earbuds: CGPods Lite

The best budget plugs of 2020 are the CGPods Lite model. Not all premium wireless earbuds can match the quality of this inexpensive but high-tech headset. This miniature, lightweight, and very comfortable earbuds have soft surround sound and excellent noise isolation. They sit so firmly but unobtrusively in the ears that it is easy to forget about them. So, they support Bluetooth 5.0, perfectly mate with each other, and work autonomously for 20 hours with a smartphone. The case – the charger deserves special attention: the velvet soft-touch coating and the magnetic cover practically have an anti-stress effect. You don’t want to let go of the case.


  • full protection from water;
  • 20 hours of battery life;
  • original case “anti-stress”;
  • good fixation in the ear;
  • very light and very tiny.


  • no.

PREMIUM Best True Wireless Earbuds

This category contains flagship plugs, the scope of which is limited only by the user’s imagination. This is due to the presence of protection from moisture (in some cases from dust), the comfort of the ear pads, long battery life, and case and the speed and range of signal transmission. It should be added that each of the manufacturers of such a headset in this segment has its own proprietary technologies, so you need to pay attention to comparing the presented gadgets and choosing the optimal solution for your needs.

Best True Wireless Earbuds: Sony WF-1000XM3

The Sony WF-1000XM3 model, with support for the Google Assistant, is added to the rating of wireless earplugs in 2020. The model supports a basic set of frequencies from 20 to 20,000 Hz, has a long operating time and simple speed adjustment due to the Quick Attention mode. The manufacturer has also equipped the headset with Wearing Detection technology: you can pause a song when you remove one of the headphones from your ear. In this case, the second earphone continues to play sound. It’s hard to find fault with the quality of the headphones.


  • Quick Attention mode;
  • ease of management;
  • call Google Assistant;
  • good quality.


  • overpriced.

Huawei Honor FlyPods Lite

Many have chosen the wireless model from Honor – FlyPods Lite in search of good earplugs for sports. So, the comfortable headset has comfortable in-ear ear pads, high-capacity 55 mAh batteries, and IP54 protection. Accordingly, the body of this model is not afraid of dust and moisture. I am glad that there are two high-quality microphones in each of the headphones. Simultaneously, the battery life is enough for 3 hours, but you can increase it using the case included in the kit. The strengths of the model include the noise reduction system. Unlike its predecessor, it works as stably as possible.


  • moisture protection;
  • dust protection;
  • expensive parts;
  • large drivers.


  • noise suppression

Meizu POP 2

In terms of price/quality ratio, the top-end plugs are the Meizu POP 2 model, which differs from its predecessor in the best package and quality of silicone ear pads. Based on the reviews, they do not fall out of the ears, even when playing sports. The novelty is also deprived of the layout on the wire and acquired a Bluetooth 5.0 interface with high-quality data transmission at a distance of up to 10 meters. Also, this gadget has an improved power consumption indicator. In this case, the built-in batteries are enough for 3 hours of operation.


  • battery life;
  • improved interface;
  • build quality.
  • Good equipment.


  • for this price, they are not.

Best True Wireless Earbuds Samsung Galaxy Buds

Among other things, Samsung Galaxy Buds in-ear plugs have excellent synchronization with the South Korean brand’s smartphones. So, if you have a Samsung device, the choice is probably obvious. The battery capacity in each earbud is 58 mAh, which is enough for 6 hours of operation – a significant advantage over many analogs. Also noteworthy are the Ambient Sound feature, thanks to which users can hear ambient sounds, and touch controls. Calling a voice assistant is the icing on the cake. At the same time, the model attracts high-quality construction.


  • battery life;
  • Ambient Sound function;
  • build quality;
  • loyal price.


  • there is a premium version.

Best True Wireless Earbuds Apple AirPods Pro

The best 2020 wireless earbuds are Apple AirPods Pro. There is definitely no better model for sports. The gags from the “apple” are distinguished by the support of two chic microphones, which do not stop working even under serious load. So, the protection class corresponds to IP54. Each has a 55 mAh battery, which is enough for 3 hours of intensive use. So, it makes no sense to talk about other parameters for one simple reason – these are top-end headphones that provide users with almost perfect sound today.


  • gorgeous noise reduction;
  • convenient control;
  • balanced sound;
  • proprietary technologies.


  • not found.

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Elari NanoPods Sport

The model costs half the price of Apple AirPods, but it would cost the same – it would be forgiven. The device not only constitutes a worthy alternative to the Apple headset but, in general, is one of the best “completely” wireless headphones today. The model has an elegant design in black (or white) colors, the body is made of aluminum and plastic, and therefore the headset weighs only 6 grams.

The device is protected from moisture and dust according to the IP67 standard – so feel free to take the gadget to the pool. The hardware buttons on each earcup can control calls and playback. Included with the headphones is a case. It is also a charger, which is enough for several full cycles of the headphones.

Bass sounds accurate, spacious and deep, mid, and high frequencies – “live” and even. We have already written in detail about the Elari NanoPods Sport – they are worth reading about them and admiring the photos.

Beyerdynamic Byron BTA

The model hails not just from Germany, but the eminent manufacturer of High-End audio equipment. Is it any wonder that Beyerdynamic did not go wrong with the sound – and even earned a corresponding nomination in our selection. The model is the oldest device in the Byron line and is perfect in everything as the leader believes.

The headphones are impeccably assembled and thought out in terms of design. The compact bowls with in-channel sound guides are made of aluminum. The rounded ear cushions are firmly held in the ear canals, playing into the hands of soundproofing and precise direction of sound waves. So, A high-quality DSP processor and in-house electrodynamics are responsible for the clean, spacious, and detailed sound. The headphones feel at ease on the entire frequency spectrum: from confident bass to transparent high frequencies.

Byron BTAs maintain a stable connection via Bluetooth 4.2, and they support the aptX audio codec. With autonomous work here, everything is in order – the device works without recharging for up to 9 hours. So, the elastic flat cable boasts increased strength, and the model is controlled using a convenient remote control located on the wire.

Urbanears Stadion

Another sports headphone that we noticed due to the design. Unlike its cousins ​​with a cable dangling around the neck, Urbanears have an elastic spiral-shaped headband that tightly holds the headphones on the head. It looks not only unusual but also comfortable to wear since the model is lightweight and comfortable. The playback control is located directly on the headset body – there are no questions about ergonomics during use.

13.7mm dynamic radiators are responsible for the sound. Of course, the model does not provide High-End sound, but we liked the reproduction quality: a slight lack of bass is compensated by a smooth sound panorama of mid and high frequencies. Headphones deliberately do not despair of powerful sound insulation since, in urban conditions, it can become a problem. So, the model works up to 7 hours without recharging. You can buy headphones for 6 490; There are four colors to choose from: black, blue, pink and white.

Jaybird Freedom

These headphones will undoubtedly conquer more than one woman’s heart – the wing-holders will ensure a confident fit of the ear cushions in the ear canals and are remembered for their sophisticated design. Freedom has become much lighter (only 16 g) and more compact than previous company devices, so now the headphones are comfortable to wear under a helmet or hat.

Additionally, the set includes a portable charger connected to headphones while listening; with him Jaybird will work up to 8 hours. So, dynamic radiators with a diameter of 6 mm and a semi-open acoustic design in a pair give an excellent sound: clean bass and mids, good detailing of the upper range, no sound artifacts. Jaybird is not suitable for listening to classical music, but headphones do an excellent job with modern trends.

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Be that as it may, first of all, you need to proceed with how much you are willing to allocate for a headset. At the same time, if you do not know how to choose wireless earplugs, you should pay attention to the following issues:

Design – modern vacuum headphones can be made without any wires and add-ons (TWS), can be equipped with a special device for attaching to the auricle (you need to guess with the size), can be equipped with a neck mount, and have a wire between the earbuds with a microphone;

Type of emitters – budget models have dynamic drivers that work on the principle of an electric magnet, and more expensive plugs have reinforcing speakers that transmit the amount with higher accuracy; Otherwise, you will have to pay attention to the sensitivity (the higher, the better);

Operating time – given the type of design, it is worth paying attention to the operating time of the built-in batteries and the capacity of the case. Optimally around 20 hours of battery life;

Other parameters – as for the frequency range, impedance, and other characteristics that raise more questions than are useful, it is worth noting the following: each of us’s ears are often able to perceive a smaller range than some skillful manufacturers offer, advertising this feature with all their might.


Thus, it is worth paying most of the attention to the size of the speaker, the quality of the design (preferably with protection from moisture), the type of interface, which determines the range and quality of signal transmission, the quality of noise reduction, and the implementation of proprietary technologies. So, top manufacturers have a lot of interesting “goodies,” and this is a fact. If you have not decided what to buy earplugs, we suggest summarizing our list:

  • Best Budget Plugs – CGPods Lite
  • In terms of price/quality ratio – Meizu POP 2;
  • Best Premium Headset – Apple AirPods Pro

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