Best Washing Machine in India Semi Automatic Updated 2021

Best Washing Machine in India

Buying guide for the highest quality washing machine on the market. Divided by type of loading, front or top, the authoritative magazine drew up the ranking (which used practical and laboratory tests to test the appliances in question) and was revisited by the site. For the choice of the technical characteristics of the products, it was used the washing machine catalog of Appstore. So, now we will give you a complete guide about the best washing machine in India.

Best Washing Machine In India Buying Guide

How to choose the best washing machine? First of all, you need to calibrate the choice according to your needs and requirements, carefully analyzing some fundamental characteristics and properties such as dimensions, functions, programs, consumption, and maintenance.

First of all, it is necessary to consider the dimensions of the washing machine and, therefore, its location, which must guarantee comfort and sufficient space to move quickly. When we talk about dimensions, we also refer to the capacity of the basket that must meet the needs of the users. For example, a family of 4-5 people who does one wash a week needs a basket of at least 8 kg, while living alone can settle for a 5 kg basket.

Each washing machine has its function that allows you to customize the wash based on specific needs. Some models are wi-fi and can also be managed remotely, a handy function for those out all day who do not have time to load the washing machine.

As for the functions, the programs that allow you to optimize the wash based on specific garments are beneficial. For example, you can find black and colored garments, programs for jeans, programs for difficult stains, sanitizing programs, etc.

Another aspect of being carefully evaluated is consumption, so it is advisable to choose models of class A +++ or, in any case, not lower than the A range. Furthermore, the evening hours guarantee more significant energy savings, so it is advisable to opt for low noisy models with few vibrations. Finally, it is advisable to choose washing machines that require essential ordinary maintenance that can be carried out efficiently even by those who are not familiar with the trade. 

Samsung WW80K6210RW / ET – The Best washing machine in India for a family of 4

Best Washing Machine in India

The Samsung WW80K6210RW / ET best washing machine in India has a good load capacity and is suitable for families of 3-4 people, guaranteeing washing up to 8 kg. The spin speed reaches up to 1400 rpm and offers high performance even against the most stubborn stains. Moreover, being a class A +++ model, energy consumption and water consumption is deficient.

The washing machine is equipped with an efficient external safety system that blocks any water leakage in the event of leaks. The noise is very low, a feature that allows it to be used even in the evening. The maximum noise level in the washing phase is 49 dB, while in the spin phase, it is 73 dB. The overall dimensions are: 59 x 84 x 69 cm.

An automatic detergent dosing system can be optionally activated to make the garments even more delicate and fragrant. The washing machine effectively eliminates the most stubborn stains thanks also to a good spin that allows you to extract a slightly damp laundry. An optional automatic system is available for the most efficient dosage of the detergent, taken directly from an internal refillable tank.

Like all Samsung washing machines, this model also has a specific Wool program for wool garments that alternates the drum’s soaking phases and delicate movements. In addition, innovative features are also available to manage the appliance directly with the tablet or smartphone.

For people who have a solar thermal system, there is even the possibility of using the double connection to connect the washing machine to hot water and save further.

So, the primary safety measures are available:

  • The leak detection system
  • The ChildLock
  • The Smart Check
  • The anti-flood protection


  • effective washing against stubborn stains
  • water containment in case of leaks
  • reduced power consumption
  • reduced water consumption
  • good spin
  • good rinse
  • Wool program to preserve woolen garments


  • not suitable for huge families
  • rather a high price

Bosch WAN20068EN – Best washing machine in India for more stability and less vibration

With this model, you no longer have to choose between economy and speed, as the VarioPerfect function offers both options. By selecting the SpeedPerfect or EcoPerfect function, you can set the programs to run quickly and efficiently. So, in this way, washing times are reduced by up to 65% and energy consumption by up to 50%. In addition, both functions ensure 100% perfect washing.

The Bosch WAN20068IT washing machine is also appreciated for its beautiful design from an aesthetic point of view. The shape of the washing machine guarantees considerable stability by minimizing noise and vibrations and making washing possible even in the evening. The noise level in the washing phase is 54 dB, while in the spin phase, it is 74 dB. Programming is effortless thanks to a control knob and a clear and visible LED display.

The model is suitable for a family of 3-4 people and can wash up to 7 kg. The centrifuge is not very fast, but it is still effective and does its job more than dignity. The energy class A +++ guarantees intelligent and high savings that give an excellent cut to the final bill. The overall dimensions of the washing machine are 59 x 84 x 60 cm.

Another interesting function is ActiveWater which ensures consistent water savings through the automatic load recognition sensor. The following programs are also available: wool/hand wash, delicate garments and mixed fabrics, an extra rinse option, and variable spin speed. The option of waiting after rinsing is handy, as it leaves the water in the tub after the last rinse. As a protective measure, the child safety system has been set up, which blocks the door or the controls to prevent their children from getting into trouble. 


  • low noise
  • water and energy savings
  • good rinse
  • effective stain removal


  • spinning not very fast

Electrolux EW6F314S – Best washing machine in India for energy saving for large families

Best Washing Machine in India

Among the best washing machine in India presented by Altroconsumo, there is the Electrolux EW6F314S. Suitable for large families and capable of washing up to a maximum load of 10 kg. The model reaches a maximum spin speed of 1400 rpm and can remove even the most difficult stains.

Thanks to the SensiCare System, the Electrolux EW6F314S washing machine adjusts the duration of the program based on the number of clothes to be washed. Thus, optimizing energy and water consumption for a more efficient and economical washing cycle. In addition, the garments are adequately soaked in water, and the softener is distributed evenly. Thus, ensuring clothes that are not very damp and easy to dry.

The model boasts an energy class A +++ and emits a noise equal to 53 dB in the washing phase and 76 dB in the spin phase. So, the dimensions are 59 x 85 x 66 cm, and there are 3 options for use: pre-wash, extra rinse, and StiroFacile. The TouchControl interface with a bidirectional knob makes use more practical and quick, while the large LCD allows you to monitor the washing cycles constantly. Another highlight of this washing machine is the inverter motor which has a 10-year guarantee.

The Steam function combines a high-performance washing program with water vapor, eliminating bacteria and thoroughly sanitizing all garments. The Eco Time Manager function adjusts the wash cycle duration based on the time available, while the Delayed Start function starts the wash at a preset time. Another helpful option is SoftPlus which prepares the garments for washing by soaking them with water and then distributing the softener evenly over the entire load.


  • excellent rinse
  • deep sanitation of the garments
  • intelligent consumption of water and energy
  • good spin
  • effective performance in removing stains
  • possibility to set washing cycles at set times


  • medium-high price
  • inflexible at low temperatures

Samsung WW80J5555MW / ET – Best washing machine in India for design and efficiency in power

The Samsung WW80J5555MW, / ET, the best washing machine in India, is suitable for a family of 3-4 people, guaranteeing a spin up to 1400 rpm for a maximum wash of 8 kg. Water and energy consumption are shallow, giving a nice cut to the final bills. The model boasts an A +++ energy class, rinses fabrics satisfactorily, and offers a very effective spin cycle. The laundry at the end of the program is not very damp. The washing machine dimensions are equal to 60 x 84 x 62 cm, while the noise reaches 62 dB in the washing phase and 79 dB in the spin phase. (

The washing results are perfect at low temperatures thanks to the Ecolavaggio technology that transforms the detergent into bubbles, penetrating deeply into the fabrics to remove the most stubborn dirt. The transparent Crystal Gloss door gives a modern design that matches any home. The transparent resin reflects the light giving life to a beautiful rainbow of colors that radiate the house. The StayClean function emits a powerful jet of water following the one that brings the detergent into the drum, removing all fabric softener or detergent residues from the detergent tray and leaving the drawer sanitized and clean.

The DespeckleTutto Plus function effectively removes all stains, even the most stubborn ones, by immersing in air bubbles. Another innovative function is the Smart Check, a system that automatically monitors and detects problems, offering an immediate solution via the app. This way, you can diagnose and fix the problem yourself without costly service calls. Other main washing options include:

  • Extra rinse.
  • Variable spin speed.
  • Ironing option.
  • Wool/hand wash program.
  • Delicates program.
  • Dark/black garments program.
  • Waiting after the rinse option leaves water in the tub after the last rinse.


  • effective stain removal
  • excellent centrifuge
  • smart functions
  • reduced energy consumption
  • modern design


  • rather long washing cycles

Beko WTX91232WI – Perfect mix of silence and energy saving

Best Washing Machine in India

No more loud noises or screaming bills with the Beko WTX91232WI best washing machine in India. Thanks to the brushless motor, the noise levels are deficient, and the performances ensure considerable energy efficiency. The model boasts an energy class A +++ and its dimensions are: 59 x 84 x 57 cm. The washing noise is 54 dB, while the spinning noise is 75 dB.

The StainExpert program can eliminate as many as 24 different types of stains, including coffee, tomato, chocolate, foundation, etc., without the need to wash the clothes twice. Not all garments need an intense wash, and for this reason, the model is equipped with the Xpress Super Short 14 Min program, which ensures a quick treatment. As its name indicates, the program can wash 2 kg of laundry in just 14 minutes: the equivalent of as many as 20 T-shirts.

For wool garments, on the other hand, there is Woolmark Apparel Care, a specific program that regulates the movements of the drum, preventing shrinkage in the washing machine. Another interesting function is AquaWave, a basket with a floating action that ensures a more delicate treatment on susceptible garments. Finally, the Daily Xpress program allows for a full load wash in 28 minutes, optimizing the time available.

As safety systems are available: the child safety lock to prevent the little ones from making trouble; the anti-overflow system to prevent water leaks; unbalanced load control; automatic water regulation to optimize water consumption; the emergency water drain hose.

The main washing programs include the variable spin speed, the rinse/spin only option, the wool/hand wash program. So, the delicate garments program, the mixed fabrics program, the duvet program, the dark/black programs, and the waiting option after rinsing.


  • silence inverter type motor that optimizes consumption             
  • a specific program for woolen garments
  • good spin
  • ability to remove all types of stains


  • long washing cycles

Whirlpool FSCR12421 – Excellent quality/price ratio

Among the best washing machine in India for quality/price ratio is the Whirlpool FSCR 80217. Capable of washing up to 8 kg at a maximum spin speed of 1200 rpm. Water consumption is limited as well as energy consumption. So, the model has an energy class A +++, ensuring a reduction in energy consumption much higher. Then the average up to 30%. The dimensions are 59 x 84 x 61 cm. While the washing noise is 53 dB and the spinning noise is 75 dB.

The flagship of the Whirlpool FSCR12421 washing machine is the 6th Sense technology. That delicately treats the fabrics and gives shine and hygiene to each garment, setting the energy consumption on the quantity of load through the intelligent sensors in the drum. This technological and innovative function allows you to save and optimize water, energy, and time.

The Sense Inverter motor guaranteed for 10 years is tranquil. Ensuring considerable energy savings and long-lasting performance and giving the possibility to carry out evening washes as well. The only points to highlight are the slightly long washing cycles and the inadequate rinsing.

On the washing machine, there is a practical and convenient display. That allows you to monitor at what stage the wash is. A panel lock and a control lock are available to prevent children from inadvertently opening the washing machine. A unique acoustic signal is emitted at the end of the program.

The main washing options include the extra rinse, the variable spin speed, the rinse/spin only, the items to be ironed, the wool/hand wash program, the delicate garments program, the mixed fabrics program, and the option waiting after rinsing. The spin cycle is particularly effective and returns almost dry cloths at the end of the wash.


  • good spin
  • consumption optimization
  • removal of the stubbornness stains
  • silence


  • long washing cycles
  • poor rinsing

LG F2J5WN3W – A +++ washing machine that washes like your hands

The LG F2J5WN3W washing machine boasts an energy class A +++ which translates into significant energy savings. The model can wash up to 7 kg at a spin speed of 1200 rpm, performance recommended for a family of 3-4 people. The garments are not very damp and well sanitized. The dimensions of the washing machine are 59 x 84 x 51 cm.

So, thanks to 6 Motion Direct Drive, the washing machine drum moves in 6 different directions according to the selected program, perfectly simulating hand washing and guaranteeing perfect results. So, furthermore, this model is particularly suitable for distracted people since the “Pause & Add” function allows you to temporarily stop the washing cycle so that you can insert any garment at a later time: from socks to jackets to the bulkiest items.

Taking advantage of LG’s Inverter Direct Drive Technology, the motor is connected directly to the basket. Thus ensuring very high performance, which is associated with a significant reduction in noise and vibrations. Furthermore, the engine is guaranteed for ten years and has also been tested by the VDE, an independent certification body. By which it is certified for over 5,000 washing cycles.

Many programs are available to customize your washes, such as cotton, extra cotton, synthetics, blends, baby care, sensitive skin, particular sports, delicates, duvets, wool, rapid 30, intensive 60, spin cycle, and dark garments. So, the unique options include the delayed start, prewash, anti-crease, variable temperature, variable spin, child safety, tub cleaning, no spin, intensive, rinse +, and water in tub functions.


  • inverter type motor
  • possibility of blocking the washing cycle to add other items
  • good rinse
  • reduced energy consumption


  • long washing cycles
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