Bonuses for Loyal, VIP Sports Bettors

VIP Sports Bettors

Attracting players to play in an online sportsbook is easy. A bettor can easily be enticed to register and play through the site’s various promotions. However, the hard part begins: how to keep customers from spending.

Bookmakers like OKBET have found ways to retain clients, exceptionally high rollers. High rollers are big casino spenders, and bookies aim to please these VIPs no matter what.

Hence, loyalty rewards and VIP bonuses come into play. Sort of what businesses do to give customers something in return.

This reward system targets players who are dedicated to the sportsbook. Here are some of the most common bonuses for patrons.

VIP Reload Bonuses

Like regular players, Highrollers expect to receive some form of reward. Bookmakers award loyal VIPs with reload bonuses, the most common casino offer. 

However, as a VIP, this kind of promotion has its own perk. Whenever a VIP player deposits, they will receive an extra amount. The bonus depends on how much they topped up, but it is higher than a regular bettor.

Oftentimes, the reload bonus is paired with a free bet package for high rollers. A free bet is a free wager which cannot be withdrawn.

VIP Cashbacks

All casino members receive some form of cashback. However, if you are a VIP, expect your rebate to be much better than the typical player’s.

A cashback means that a percentage of the amount lost will be returned to the bettor. Usually, high rollers receive a reimbursement percentage of 10% to 20%. (buy provigil south africa)

VIP players must comply with the platform’s mechanics to trigger the cashback offer. Sometimes, they are required to wager a certain amount or bet on a specific sport.

High rollers can also receive an additional free bet whenever they get cashback. It depends, however, on the bookmaker. With this in mind, it is better to look for bookies that generally care for their VIPs.

Better Odds Bonus

Loyal customers, particularly the high rollers, expect that supporting the sportsbook will give them an edge over other players. Sports bettors always look at the best odds because it makes the difference in payouts. A regular gambler would not accept even odds, but for the high rollers, it is enough for them.

So to make the VIPs happy, bookies meet them halfway: giving them a sports betting reward with better odds. 

Called “reduced juice promotions,” the bonus features slightly good odds of in-demand sports like NFL, MLB, NBA, NCAA, and other American sports. There are also times when boxing and MMA matches are included in this offer.

This bonus can also be used simultaneously with offers like free bets or live betting bonuses. By combining other offers, VIPs will enjoy not only one offer but two.

Loyalty Points

Bookmakers also offer VIPs to collect comp points. These points can be exchanged for something else, like real money, a staycation at a hotel, and more.

The rewards depend on the operator. Sometimes the points can redeem gadgets, jewelry, and even cars.

Unlike the previous offers, loyalty points are acquired by spending money on all the services offered by the sports betting site.

Bigger stakes mean bigger distribution of points. When collecting points, VIPs also have the advantage over average players because their rate of point accumulation is higher.


Bonuses and promotions play a big part in bookmakers retaining customers, not only the high rollers. It is vital in the gambling business, especially with how competitive the market is.

Additionally, the best loyalty programs and bonuses can attract a regular player to join the VIP club.

Just make sure to check if the site is legal and licensed by the government!


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