Custom Hair extension Boxes are the best Solution To boost Business.


 The personality of a person can be judged by their looks; while looking at someone, the first thing we see is their hair. Nowadays, people are using hair extensions to enhance their looks. This results in increasing its demand which in turn increases the production of custom hair extension boxes. Perhaps, customized boxes for hair extensions are very popular nowadays. 

The hair extensions are very delicate by nature and need to be protected by environmental factors such as dirt, dust, moisture, and insects. Therefore, manufacturer pack in a box that protects them. So the users judge the quality of hair extensions by their packing. Thus, the customer first sees the customized packing before watching the hair extensions. Customized boxes have properties to hold the hanging as well as foldable hair extensions.

Properties That Make Packaging Important

Hair extensions come under makeup, and they should not be completed without a hairstyle that can be done with hair extensions. Therefore packing should be appropriate so that it can be stored easily, and there should be no knot appearing in it. However, if you are dealing with export, then you must have some hang-able custom packing. 

Therefore, foldable extension boxes are very famous nowadays. Foldable custom hair extension boxes also have some more features that attract more and more customers, and this results in an increase In the number of clients and also an increase in money returns.

Sizes of hair extension boxes

There are different sizes available for custom hair extensions according to the demand. This includes tuck-top hair extension boxes, gift boxes with magnetic closure, and pillow bags with handles. Also, these come in thin rectangular rigid type with ribbon closure, pull-out drawer style wholesale hair extension boxes available, and many more. 

All of them are suitable for hanging and foldable hair extensions and custom packaging. These boxes also have separators so that other accessories like hair sprays can be placed with them.

Innovation in hair extension packaging 

Hair extensions custom packing, like the custom lip gloss boxes wholesale, can be innovated by the use of die-cut window panes. These die-cuts enhance the appearance and make the box for custom hair extension packing more attractive. These die-cuts provide you with a showcase for placing the hair extensions without having to unwrap them. 

Therefore this sort of packing also enhances the shelf life of hair extensions and hair sprays. However, these die cuts are not for specific sizes. One can do modification by adding lids, or using flip flop boxes, or sleeve-type custom hair extension boxes. These cuts are available in square, rectangle, and flower shapes, and more than depending on customer choice.

Printing and Packing help in advertisement

These are two basic things that need to be considered while designing the custom boxes because it becomes the identity of a company and it attracts a number of customers, and enhances sales. Quality can be assessed by physical appearance. Labeling is basically the marketing medium. Halcon is the top firm that designs hair extension packaging and hair spray packing.

Material to be used

For best quality printing and packaging, the company needs a material that can be easily molded and folded in all dimensions. Manufacturers prefer to use the cardboard material and kraft to design these boxes. Custom boxes that are made with cardboard and kraft paper provide a lot of benefits to the customer and the wholesaler.

Final Verdict

Custom lip gloss boxes wholesale and custom hair extension boxes are essential to boost the business level as they act as silent marketing source and help you to take your business to the next level.


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