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    Cycle Brands In India

    The cycle is a widespread and essential vehicle in India. Especially those families who can’t afford a car to go out anywhere. If you are thinking of buying a quality cycle, you must know the leading cycle brands in India. You can choose one that adapts to the shape of your body, as well as your budget. Also, the cycle has features that meet your needs. However, you should always choose a cycle that allows you to get the kind of ride you want.

    Cycle Brands In India

    In this article, we gather the best cycle brands 2021 in india, which have great popularity in cycling. Likewise, these are characterized by high demand due to the excellent quality offered to professional and amateur cyclists.

    List of cycle brands in India that are sold the most

    Cataloging the best brand can be tricky, as you will need to do a lot of research if you want to find the right bicycle for you. You can choose the cycle that most attracts your attention and analyze the pros and cons of each of your options. In any case, we leave you as brush strokes the most recognizable brands and where you can start looking at your new cycle.


    Hero is the most famous cycle brand in India. If you are looking for the top branded cycle, then Hero is one of them. One of the most extensive cycle brand manufacturers is from Ludhiana, Panjab. Hero exports their cycle to over 70 countries.


    If you are looking for some racing bicycles, Atlas is the best option to choose. Also, Atlas is the second large manufacturer company in India.


    Firefox is a high-end manufacturer company located in India. It is one of the best cycle brands for kids, ladies, cities, and mountains. Over the years, Firefox has carried out different remodels on its models, changing the design and shape. However, it still retains its main lines and continues to produce bikes characterized by being durable and off-road.


    Hercules cycles are known to be built with great precision and without faulty elements. Due to its excellent feature, it is a trendy brand in the Indian market. The main disadvantage of this brand of bicycles is its price, but although everyone thinks that they are expensive, you will always get in extreme quality from what you pay for them.


    Avon is another largest manufacturer company in India. The headquarter of this brand is in Ludhiana. Also, it is one of the best-known models, which is part of the main range of the brand.


    In India, many cyclists choose giant bicycles due to their extraordinary style and features. So, it is common to observe thousands of people mounted on one of the models mentioned above. In addition, Huge cycles are very lightweight, so that you can usually park them anywhere you go.


    This cycle brand is specially designed for ladies. It also launched different models on the market, such as the BSA Ladybird bicycle. This cycle brand will always have innovative designs, combinations, and colors, plus you can get a guarantee for always with them.


    Merida spends all its time creating good bikes to rank among the best on the market and become the preferred choice for mountain biking fans. However, the majority of Merida cycles are created in Taiwan. It is also preferable for city roads.


    The Montra line of road bikes is the most recognized in India. Their mountain bike models are not far behind, as they are classified among the best and most complete on the market.

    For example, among its most popular mountain bike models, the Montra stands out. A proposal that caused a lot of furies and was classified as a machine in power.


    Scott is a reliable and quality bicycle in the Indian market specially designed for men, women, and kids. It is essential to highlight that Scott has managed to position itself in the first place without neglecting the essence of its brand. It allows a balance in their presentations and has led to good lines and incredible models of bicycles.

    Mach City

    Mach City is well known for its lightweight and low maintenance cycle in India. With a medium budget, you can buy a great cycle from this brand with all the premium features you are looking for.


    Bianchi Bicycles became quite famous after it launched bicycle models that featured an innovative triple triangle shape. This feature is allowed for greater strength and stability at the rear. Making it possible to execute faster riding movements as it is an Italian brand that TI cycles bring in India.


    The creator of this fabulous mountain bike brand is Gary Turner. It is known in the cycling world for making the GT frame. Also, it has the reputation of being the strongest compared to others. Due to the great prestige of Turner, GT bikes have a good reputation and are ranked among the best on this list. Therefore, it is common to talk about GT bicycles and associate them with speed because this is their main characteristic.

    La Sovereign

    If you want to know the best designs for these bikes and want to buy a high-end one, the La Sovereign is an incredible option and has features that make it ideal for anyone. It has a wide range of MTB, BMX, and Mountain Bikes.


    In India, Mongoose is mainly famous for MTB and BMX. All the collections of this brand characterize by including different types of bicycles to adapt to the needs and prices of each person. The widest includes mountain bikes, road bikes, enduro, and electric bikes, allowing a wide range of options for sale. However, this company can sell thousands of top-quality MTB bikes at a lower price than other brands.


    Ridley is also a high-demand brand in Indian Market. This brand especially designed in Belgium. However, many aspects motivate cyclists to buy Ridley bicycles. For example, this brand provides a lifetime warranty on its frames.


    Among the most famous bicycle brands is Trek, known for creating top-notch professional cycling teams and having different prices that adapt to each person’s budget. Its headquarters are in Wisconsin, United States.

    In addition, while Trek not known for creating modern and innovative designs, this brand holds a significant position in the cycling industry. However,it continually receives multiple positive reviews for its products.


    This brand enjoys incredible reviews about the quality and variety of styles in India. Also, its reasonable prices adapt to the needs of every pocket. Cosmic Cycle band sells products aimed at men and women, such as bicycle designs and cycling suits. In the same way, this sub-brand meets the level of quality that Cosmic use to offer.

    However, although the brand not recognized as Trek, Cosmic has an essential position in the cycling world.


    Schwinn is an American brand, although it currently has offices in Washington. This cycle brand reached a midpoint over the years. On the one hand, it recognized worldwide for manufacturing high-end bicycles. And on the other, it has remained a welcoming company that meets the needs of cycling groups in a personalized way.


    Specialized was born in 1974 and is based in the United States. But Now it is famous in India. This brand was promoting mountain biking in the country and causing more people to buy this type of bicycle.

    It adds to the production line in 1981 as the first mountain bike to manufacture in quantities. Today, the company provides different versions of this model, always with the same name but adding a more aggressive design aimed at cycling.


    Next on the list is the Cannondale brand, which presents modern and innovative bicycle models. Because innovation is its main motto, Cannondale use to providing its customers with innovative designs. For example, this company creates a bicycle trailer, which was the first to introduce cycling, causing a significant impact and an increase in its sales.


    The beginnings of this brand date back to the Taiwanese company Giant Manufacturing. Which founded in 1972, characterized by creating bicycle frames for different brands of MTB bicycles.

    Giant Manufacturing is one of the few companies that work to manufacture bicycles for other recognized brands. The own brand of this company known as Giant and began in the world of cycling in 1981.


    Another Cycle brand in India is based in Pune. Schnell cycle brand, designed primarily for fun rather than for competition. But now it has taken its place in the list of everyone’s choice in the Indian market.


    FAQ on Cycle Brands in India

    1. How many cycle brands in India?

    There are more than 60 cycle brands in India. According to the brand, the price of a bicycle here ranges from Rs 3000 to Rs 300000. You can get any cycle brand in the market, or you can buy online.

    1. What is the best brand of road bikes?


    As it has already happened to us in ranking the best bicycle brands and in the ranking of the best mountain bike brands, the North American company Specialized is at the top of the podium as the best brand of road bikes today.

    1. What is the best brand of giant bikes?

    The best bicycle does not have to be costly needs to suit your needs. Made in From, some brands achieve the perfect balance between internationally recognized quality, price, and technology. Giant is the best job of all.


    There is an enormous variety of cycle brands in India. People have different aspects that play an essential role when it comes to choosing a cycling brand. For example, among the most relevant characteristics are quality, price, and innovation. However, you can choose from our list as per your requirements

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