Dell Xps 13 Review

Dell Xps 13 Review

The year 2020 has been a real thrasher in the tech world. Not in the tech world, almost everything is spoiled for this pandemic. People are driven to survival mode, and everything from home theory is at its peak. In this chaos, people are still making themselves upgraded to the current tech aspects. That enthusiasm kept the tech giants running in the right direction whatsoever. In this article, we will give a complete guide about Dell Xps 13 Review in 2020.

Dell has been a real deal in the computing world. Groundbreaking techs and components are always the plus point for this company. They have been pushing themselves over and over again. Their top of the line XPS series laptops has been the start of the enormous computing devices’ fleet. To continue this legacy, Dell has introduced the all-new Dell XPS 13 this year. However, the public response is not that great, thanks to the guys who ate the Bat in Wuhan! But jokes apart, people are getting attracted as everything is slowly coming into the former formations. Today, amidst this rebuilding process, I am going to make a full-fledged Dell XPS 13 review. So, do stick with me throughout the whole article. I am going to cover all the aspects that make this computer worth buying.

Dell XPS 13 Review

Dell XPS Series

Dell created the XPS series with a well-defined motive. The motive was to make a powerful laptop that can be equally good in looks and performance. And in this procedure, the product will be the premium one. So, the big question is, who are the proud consumers of this product? The answer is people like you. This laptop is made for fulfilling most of the tasks in regular and business life. So, this covers a wide range of consumer types in the process. But keeping the price tag in mind, this might not suit your pockets in some cases. But I must tell you. This is a pretty damn deal if you can afford the money.

The latest addition in the family, Dell XPS 13, has many new features to offers. So, we will be going through one by one with a similar passion. First of all, we will be looking into the design and the built quality.

Design and Build Quality of the Dell XPS 13 Review

Hands down, Dell XPS 13 is certainly a showstopper. This is by far the sexiest laptop I have ever since. But this is completely my opinion. So, I certainly do not represent a massive voice. But you will have to admit that this is a pretty sexy laptop. (fabulouseyebrowthreading)

First of all, let us come down to the design. The dimensions of the laptop are a typical 12-inch laptop. But the exact length is almost 11.6 inches. The width is almost 7.6 inches. The thickness is the most attractive part of this laptop at first glance. This laptop comes with a thickness of 0.58 inches. It is a shy thicker than my phone!

This is the reason for this laptop being the sleekest and the sexiest laptop by far. On the other hand, this laptop weighs around 2.8 pounds. This is one of the thinnest and lightest laptops in the market so far. This thin and light laptop does come with a great built quality to support its internal organs. Premium laptops like these do come with metal finis. The Microsoft surface series does come with a magnesium finish. But this baby right here comes with an ionized aluminum finish. But boy, oh, boy! This is a beauty! The finish is pretty on the spot, and the looks are killer! The frosty and the glossy look has different approaches altogether. But the main aspects like the linings and the color finishing comes out on top.

Design sections of the Dell Xps 13

In the design sections, little things are done with proper precision. Things like the twin coil hinge allow the user to lift the screen lid with a single finger. But that does not mean that the lid is wobbly. On the contrary, the lid is pretty solid and stiff. On the other hand, the screen is almost bezel-less. This is not common in laptops, but Dell XPS 13 has done the hard work, so it deserves all applauds.

Then, moving on to the display for a better look.

Display of the Dell XPS 13 Review

The screen of the all-new Dell XPS 13 is perhaps the most vibrant and catchy in the business. There are some upgradable options, as well. The base version of this laptop comes with 1920 into 1200 pixels. The specialty of this screen is that it is a full touch screen. This adds up a new feature and accessibility for the user himself. The latest tech in the OLED screen is the Infinity Edge Touch Screen. This display panel is pretty bright and can crank up to 500 nits in full brightness.

The base model comes with the screen mentioned above. The base version is the Core i3 10th generation one. But when you choose the i5 or i7 versions, then it is a different ball game. The resolutions elevated up to 3840 into 2400 pixels. It is one of the most vibrant screens in the market so far. The nit count is superb. If you are a person who is into outdoor inspections and field works, then you will have a good advantage for the brightness.

On the other hand, the touch screen gives you a bit of a hiatus as well. You can also use pens. So, students who are into digital note-taking can easily use this as their prime device.

In short, the screen is fabulous. I love the touch response as well. I have been into digital note-taking in recent times, and the all-new Dell XPS 13 has not failed to satisfy at all!

Now, we will be looking into the performance unit of our Dell XPS 13 Review.

Performance of the Dell XPS 13 Review


The all-new Dell XPS 13 comes with the latest 10th generation Intel Processors. We all know that the 10th Gen. Processors are the best in the business in multitasking, dedication, and speed boosting. Overall, this becomes a huge deal for any consumer.


The base model comes with the Intel Core i3 10th Gen. The processor has been stuffed inside with an awful lot of additional support. They are starting with the next important thing, RAM. This XPS series comes with the latest LPDDR4x RAMs. This is the main reason for the excess boost in the computer. The Bus speed is also phenomenal as well. It is clocked at 3733 MHz. The base model comes with an 8 GB variant. The i5 model also comes with the same RAM onboard. But the i7 version comes with 8 GB and 16 GB in separate models. This is pretty good.

Dell Xps 13 Review: Storage

Now, the main aspects will be the Hard Drive. After the introduction of SSD, the market has been flooded with new products with good quality SSDs. The reason for choosing SSDs over HDDs is because it takes a lot of smaller space. On the contrary, the SSDs are lightning-fast and almost thrashes the HDDs in speed and reaction time.

The M.2 PCIe NVMe SSDs are the Mike Tyson of SSDs. And good news for the consumers, the all-new Dell XPS 13 series comes with these SSDs. The base form comes with a 256 GB SSD. It continues within all the versions. But there is an i7 version where you can have a 512 GB variant as well.

There is a luxury of expanding the storage using additional SSDs. This will easily crank up the volume to the top. But you will have to pay extra dollars for those. This is pretty good for people who misjudge their needs on the first try. So, they can easily add up a new SSD for additional storage.

Dell Xps 13 Review: Keyboard

This is perhaps one of the finest keyboards in a laptop so far. But I do like the Lenovo X series pretty much. But all the new Dell XPS 13 has been living on the line. As you know, I am more into typing. The primary concern for myself is when I am buying a laptop. The laptop should have good performance and even better keyboards. There are common problems in laptops that their keyboards are not meant for heavy timing. Even I agree with that as well. But the main problem is that you cannot carry any additional keyboard in the workplace.

So, the main keyboard should be a good one to go with my profession. The keyboard in my Dell XPS 13 has a backlit lighting technology. You can easily adjust the brightness of the backlights as this has a dedicated adjustment button. On the other hand, this keyboard has hepatic feedback as well.

Overall I liked the keyboard very much. My initial expression was that the keys might be too compacted. But things did come out to be good after a solid time span.

Track Pad

I am not a big fan of the trackpad mouse tech on laptops. But I personally like the trackpads in the Apple MacBook. But this one has succeeded to amuse me in a broader perspective. The touchpad is pretty responsive, and the smart gestures did a pretty good job.

Dell Xps 13 Review: Camera

Usually, Webcams are not that great as they are the most negligible component of a laptop. But in recent years, things have turned around as well for the cameras. As for the pandemic, people are into the ‘work from home’ mode. So, more meetings and more virtual hangouts. This has been the real go-to nowadays.

The Dell XPS 13 series has the smallest ever integrated webcams in the market with only 0.1 inches of diameter. The 720p webcam does a pretty good job on the color detection and other framing aspects. On the other hand, the resolution is pretty handy in Teams or Zoom calls.

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Battery Life of the Dell Xps 13 

The laptop world’s biggest drawback is the battery, as most of the laptops fail to provide sufficient juice for their devices. This is why laptops have no real clean run in the power management division. But the latest transformation has been pretty on point in the latest generation of laptops. Manufacturers are really kicking the ground hard in power management.

Thus, the latest laptops like Microsoft Surface and other laptops like Dell XPS provide enough juice to carry the whole day long. Better power drainage control has done the trick for the companies. The Dell XPS 13 Review was mainly focused on the performance of the laptops. The Dell XPS 13 series comes with a four-cell battery with 52 Units of electricity inside those. It can easily carry the load for 13 hours!

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Ports, Heat, and Others

There are USB type 3 ports, but no conventional USB ports are given. This is a major drawback for the laptop to a certain extent. Because there are still a majority of devices that come with a USB Type 1 male ports, thus, for the XPS series, we will have to use dongles and adapters for them.

The XPS series has a pretty bang on the heat management system. I have been pushing the laptop on a high level, but the heat was pretty normal. So, the boys did a good job. The pricing starts from the 999. (Ambien) 99 US Dollars mark, and it can crank up to 1599.00 US Dollars as well.

Wrapping Things Up!

So, this was the Dell XPS 13 Review. I can really push this laptop for the gold this time. The laptop is not for intense gaming and other applications as it comes with UHD Graphics. But it has served the whole purpose of being a good on the go laptop. So, that was all for today. Good Bye!

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