Do I need to Jailbreak Firestick to Install Kodi?


Firestick devices are one of the most used streaming devices in the market. They provide so many features, apps, unverified and verified add-ons, and whatnot to their users.

In this blog, I’ll tell you abut some of the most used apps of Firestick, mainly the Kodi app, and how to install it on the Firestick device. I’ll also tell you about the precautions you want to take before using this app.

What Is Kodi, and How to Install It on Firestick?

Kodi is a multipurpose media player you can use to stream movies, shows, local files, etc. You can use it as a media player, internet browser, hub of OTT apps, unverified apps, and add-ons. These unverified add-ons and apps allow you to watch nearly anything for free. You will be amazed to see the free links and videos these services provide.

You can easily install it on your PC and Android phones or tabs, but installing it on Firestick is a difficult task. Follow these steps to install Kodi on your Firestick device easily.

Before installing Kodi, you need to jailbreak your Firestick device, so you can install third-party apps like Kodi on your device. Here is how to do it.

1) Get the Downloader app

You can also install an alternative app if you want to, but this one is the best, in my opinion. You need to install these types of apps to sideload third-party apps on your Firestick device. Third-party apps are not available on the Amazon store, so you have to sideload them to install them on your Firestick. Here is how to do that.

  1. Go to the search option on the home screen of your Firestick device and search the Downloader app,
  2. Click on the Downloader app icon to download and install it on your system,
  3. As previously mentioned, you can also install an alternate app(s) to sideload Kodi or other apps.

2) Prepare Your Device by Modifying Settings

Go to the home screen of your Firestick device and open settings. Now, you have to modify two settings in these options. The first is related to the installation of third-party apps, and the second is associated with the app usage data.

Follow these steps to enable both of these settings. 

  1. The first step is to go to the Settings of Firestick and open My Fire TV,
  2. Now, you will find the Developer Options in this setting you need to click on,
  3. In case you can not find the Developer Options, go to Settings, click on My Fire TV, and About after that. Click on the Fire TV Stick seven times to enable developer options,
  4. Now, after enabling developer options, click on the Developer options settings and turn on the ADG debugging option.
  5. In this window, you will see the install unknown apps and apps from unknown sources option. Turn these options for the Downloader app,
  6. After that, you need to modify settings related to the Device Usage data and Collect App Usage Data. Turning these settings off prohibit Amazon from logging or tracking your online activities,
  7. That was it for setting up your device. Now, you only have to sideload Kodi to your system.

3) Install Kodi on FireStick

You can install any version of Kodi of your choice. To install it, copy its URL and open the Downloader app on your Firestick device. After that, 

  1. Paste this URL into the text box of the Downloader app,
  2. After clicking the Go option, the downloading process will start,
  3. Wait for downloading process to be complete and click on the install button after its completion,
  4. There will be two options, done and open. Click on the open button to use the Kodi or click on the Done option if you want to open and use it later,
  5. That was it. You successfully installed Kodi on your device.

You can now install verified or unverified add-ons to get streaming or downloading links of movies, shows, and live TV. Similarly, you can also install apps to stream your favorite content. 

4) Precautions before using Kodi

Before streaming using the Kodi app, you might want to know these points.

  1. Kodi is an unverified app that allows unverified add-ons too,
  2. These unverified add-ons sometimes give links that might contain copyrighted or pirated content. Streaming or downloading this content might give you a lot of legal trouble,
  3. Your government, ISP, original content owners, or anyone can take legal action against you for using that content.

So, what should you do? Using a decent VPN before using Kodi or these unverified apps and add-ons will be the perfect option. Here are some of the primary reasons you should use a VPN.

1) Access to Geo-Restricted Content From Anywhere

Having all OTT apps and subscriptions, like Disney, Prime Video, Youtube, Netflix, etc., does not assure that you can access all the content you like. Geo-restrictions do not allow you to stream all content anywhere. For that, you need to use a VPN that can bypass these geo-restrictions.

2) VPNs Give You a Much Higher Level of Privacy

Using the internet at your home by your ISP is a different thing while using public Wi-fi is different. Public Wi-fi is not safe and reliable, which makes it easier for hackers, malware, and viruses to reach your device. You need to protect your identity if you want to be more secure while using public Internet services.

3) VPNs Are Not Much Expensive

Mostly, only paid VPNs are trustworthy and give you all the benefits like unlocking geo-restricted content, safer surfing and downloading, etc. Paid VPNs allow you unlimited or 3-4 simultaneous connections, which makes them cheaper than other services.

Wrapping Up

So, use a decent VPN before using unverified services to avoid legal actions against you. Also, jailbreaking Firestick is not a difficult or illegal process if you follow a decent and dedicated guide. I told you about the jailbreaking process, installation of Kodi, and precautions you might want to take before using the Kodi app.


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