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Are you a multi-service business owner? You may know how difficult it is to manage every business. However, the plus point is that you get to earn a humongous amount of profits. In the blog, we will uncover some of the best services offered on the Gojek Clone app so that you get to decide which on-demand services can you add to your business and make profits. 

Let’s start. 

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Mind-boggling Services of Gojek Clone App

Mentioned here are some of the most amazing services offered on the on-demand app solution. These services are a critical part of the 7-service components of the application. If you don’t know what service components we’re talking about, then here is a list mentioning all of them: 

  • Online video consultation 
  • Service bidding 
  • Online taxi booking service
  • On-demand delivery from stores 
  • On-demand services 
  • Parcel delivery service 
  • Delivery genie and delivery runner 

1. Online food ordering and delivery service 

Under the service, your customers can order food from nearby restaurants. The delivery partners knock at the doors and deliver the food! By simply registering on the app, the customers can search for the dish or restaurant they’re looking for. Moreover, they can customize the food item if they want to on the app. Customers can change the toppings, and sauces, and provide cooking instructions if they have any. 

 The Gojek Clone app allows customers to choose their preferred delivery option. 

  • Doorstep delivery 
  • Contactless doorstep delivery 
  • Takeaway

Depending on their choice, the customer can select the delivery option and proceed to confirm the order by choosing the payment method. 

2. Booking a car washing service 

Your customers can book a car wash service using the Gojek Clone app. They have to go to the car washers service under the “on-demand service” category. Next, they need to select the car type like sedan, SUV, hatchback, etc. A list of local car washers will appear. The customers can pick a suitable car washing expert from the list based on their experience, portfolio, ratings, review, or proximity to the service location. 

After making the necessary selections and adding the location, customers can go ahead, and confirm the booking. When they get the confirmation, customers can track the service provider on the app and keep a note on the estimated time of arrival. 

3. Online taxi booking 

Your customers can also book taxi and moto rides on the Gojek Clone app! Because of the pandemic, people started using private means of transportation to avoid congestion and the spread of coronavirus. Some people began booking a taxi or moto ride instead of traveling in buses, metros, or trains. The Gojek-like app provides the most convenient taxi/moto service booking facilities. 

Apart from convenience, the mobile app also assures the customers that every ride is COVID-safe. During the pandemic, many COVID-19-related features were introduced on the app such as: 

  • Restricted Passengers Limit 
  • Face Mask Verification
  • Safety Checklist 
  • Safety Ratings & Reviews 
  • Ride Cancellation

4. Parcel delivery service 

Your customers can send parcels locally without stepping out of the house. They have to add a  few details about the parcel like size, quantity, weight, etc. Based on these details, the customer can choose the desired cargo vehicle. 

In this service, the pickup location of the parcel has to be one. However, drop-off locations can be multiple. YES! With the Gojek Clone app, you can send parcels to more than one location. The customers can pay for the service online – by credit card or via in-app wallet transfer. 

In Conclusion: 

Do you wish to make millions and billions in profit without investing a huge amount of money? The Gojek Clone app is the best business solution that you can opt for in that case. This app costs only a fraction of the cost of developing the app from scratch. Also, choose the most suitable business model that enables you to make more money. 

Get the app today!


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