Exploring the kind of lifestyle athletes lead and its influence

lifestyle athletes lead

Description: We explore the kind of lifestyles athletes lead and how it influences their fans; a focus on Cristiano Ronaldo and tennis star Serena Williams Athletes, from footballers like Cristiano Ronaldo, tennis stars such as Williams’s sisters among other players are accustomed to being in the limelight. Fans are looking upon them, judging every decision they make on the pitch as well as off the court. Turn your computer, phone or even your television set, you will find something about their lifestyles. For some, it is something worth emulating while for others, it’s lifestyles that need to be shunned. Their influence has grown during the internet age more than any other period in history. Social media platforms have allowed them to reach and engage with much larger audiences. With this reach, they are influencing more with their lifestyles. Athletes as social and cultural influencers are providing a voice and also an opportunity to impact specific issues or events. In this article, we look at the kind of lifestyle athletes lead and see how it influences society. We will look at the lifestyle clothing for athletes as well as other social and cultural aspects and lifestyle athletes lead.

Cristiano Ronaldo lifestyle

According to Forbes, Cristiano Ronaldo is by any measure filthy rich; the Manchester United striker makes serious money and is currently the first active athlete to pass the $ 1 billion mark in career earnings. His four-year contract alone is worth close to $ 70 million per year. And this is not the full amount; he also earns from his lifetime contracts with several brands including his CR7 clothing line and other hosts of businesses. His expanded businesses in the hospitality industry which include the Madrid hotel as well as other branches in Lisbon and Mexico add into streams of revenues that the greatest athletes of all-time receive.

Kate Richardson, a sports betting expert at Mightytips notes that the kind of lifestyle that is led by Cristiano Ronaldo is envied by many. The kind of cars he drives, the house he lives in and even the clothes that he wears all point to a filthy rich man. Although she points out that betting may not make one as rich as Ronaldo when done right, it can give a lifestyle that is led by athletes. Kate, who has given winning predictions and bookmakers analysis including the mightytips new bookmakers review adds that betting enthusiasts stand pretty good chances of making a handsome amount when they select the right bookmakers and make the right predictions. For more information about Kate Richardson’s predictions, analysis and reviews check her profile.

Living like a king 

With the kind of money at his disposal, Ronaldo can afford to live like a king. In terms of homes, the Manchester United strike has several mansions and holiday homes. The holiday home in Marbella where his family spent during the COVID 19 lockdown is a few meters from the Mediterranean Sea. It comes with several features that befit his stature including a built-in theater, LED driveways, an infinity pool, spacious garden, vast living, and bedrooms as given by one of the most renowned developers Otergo Group.

His apartment in Trump Tower, New York City just like other homes reflects his bold personality and lifestyle. Forbes reported that the player bought the apartment for $18.5 million seven years ago. Villa Turin in Italy is another jewel in his list of homes. The $47 million villas come with a complete indoor and outdoor pool, an extraordinarily large living area, and full services gym. The breathtaking landscape makes the mansion a perfect place for the player and his family. 

 In terms of his machines, the former Juventus striker cannot keep track of his fleet. In an interview with Jonathan Ross in his self-titled talk show, Ronaldo said he does not know the number of his vehicles. Talk of Bugatti Veyron, a couple of Ferraris, Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4, Mercedes Benz GLE 63, Rolls Royce Phantom among others, the mean machines are the ultimate status symbol for a player who has won Ballon d’Or more times than any other player in the history apart from Lionel Messi. Ronaldo has been described by some quarters as one of the most influential players. Young and old alike envy his lifestyle, pro athletes’ playboy lifestyle that even his playmates and colleagues in the football arena would want to lead.


Serena Williams; balancing tennis career and business ventures

While Cristiano Ronaldo is envied for his mean machines, houses, and the businesses he has established over time, Serena Williams who is equally wealthy surprises many on how she manages to balance her life; juggling a tennis career and numerous business ventures. The 40-year-old tennis player reveals that she is under immense pressure both physically and mentally but she manages through due to the support she gets from her family, friends, and fans.

For her, managing stress is extremely important given that she has been battling migraines since her childhood. She also takes her good night’s sleep seriously as well as relaxing. Serena must get a good eight hours of sleep each day, something she says helps her body recover. Another aspect of her lifestyle that many especially women emulate is her fitness, the athlete says this comes from her training and also special routines in her life. Anybody asking what type of people enjoy a body-soul-mind lifestyle artist’s athletes, Serena Williams fits that description perfectly.

The lifestyle athletes lead have an impact on many, they influence every aspect of our lives including:

  • What we wear, 
  • The types of car we drive, 
  • The food we eat, 
  • And even where we live.

 It is important especially at the age of the internet and social media to avoid pressure and stress that may come with the urge to imitate athletes lifestyles. It can have an impact on our mental health leading to stress or even depression. As bettors, we should not indulge in excessive gambling to match the athlete’s lifestyles, rather we should bet responsibly to avoid the problem that may emanate from irresponsible betting.




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