Do You Know You Can Now Remove Message On The New Facebook Messenger?

    Facebook messenger

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    Just like in Whatsapp Mobile app where you can easily remove message sent to friends or a group either by mistake or you mistype something and wants to correct it. You can easily remove such message for everyone in the conversation. The new Facebook Messenger comes with the same feature that allows you to remove any message for everyone.

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    According to a report from Messenger News, you can remove any message you want by simply tapping on the message and selecting “Remove for everyone” option. An alert will be sent to everyone in the conversation that the message has been removed. Messenger News states that you have up to 10 minutes to remove a message after it has been sent.

    The new feature also allows you to remove message only for yourself by selecting the “Remove for Yourself” option. This option only removes the message for you and not for everyone in the conversation. It means you cannot be able to see the removed message but your friend in the conversation can.


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