Fedora Hats for Men: The Diverse Forms of Fedora Hats You Need to Know Before You Buy the Perfect One 

    Fedora Hats for Men

    Fedora hats are one of the most popular hats available in the market. Unlike some other types of hats that are gender-specific, the fedora hats are popular among both women and men. But they are primarily worn by men who love to showcase their fashion statement in formal outfits. As different types of fedora hats exist in the market, you need to know about them so that you can choose the perfect one. 

    During their first introduction in 1882, the fedora hats were worn only by women. Nowadays, every people, especially men consider purchasing fedora hats to complement their fashion statement. 

    From the first day of introduction to the modern days, the fedora hats are still known as hats that feature an intended crown as well as a soft brim. In this article, we will explore different types of fedora hats, their names, and their functionalities. 

    Different Types of Fedora Hats as Per the Materials 

    You need to consider the materials while choosing the fedora hats as they are one of the most important things that will help you classify them. Here are some different fedora hats based on the materials. 

    Felt Fedora Hats

    The felt fedora hats are one of the best hats for men. The felt fedora hats for men can be classified into wool felt and animal felt. 

    If you purchase the wool felt fedora hats, they are generally less expensive than the animal felt fedora hats. Additionally, the fedora hats that are made of wool have a soft and pleasant feel. They can retain their shape quite easily, which is one of the most eye-catching characteristics of the felt fedora hats. 

    On the other hand, the animal-felt fedora hats come with a more delicate and soft texture and they differ slightly from the wool-felt fedora hats. They are made of rabbit or beaver fur or other types of more expensive furs. If you’re planning to attend a highly formal event, you need to purchase the wool fedora hat men

    Straw Fedora Hats 

    The straw fedora hats are one of the most versatile fedora hats in the market that are great for both formal and informal events. However, the versatility of the straw fedora hats is dependent on the straw that is being used by the manufacturer. For instance, if the manufacturer uses a fine straw that is supple and soft for the fedora hat-making process; the hats will be more relevant in formal events. 

    One of the best things about the straw fedora hats is that they are lightweight. The texture of the straw fedora hats is not only bright but also allows more airflow. However, keep in mind that straw fedora hats can be crushed easily and they won’t retain their original shape. Additionally, you cannot wear them during rainy seasons as they don’t feature waterproof property. 

    Types of Fedora Hats as Per the Brim 

    Fedora hats can also be classified as per the size of the brim. Therefore, you need to know whether the brim is small or wide to choose the perfect fedora hat. Here are the different types of fedoras based on the brim. 

    Wide Brim Fedora Hats 

    If you’re looking for fedora hats that will protect your face, eyes, and neck from the UV rays, you need to choose the wide brim fedora hats. The brim of these hats can be anywhere between 4 inches and 6 inches. The wide brim fedora hats are more common than the short brim fedora hats and they are sometimes called Floppy hats. Most people choose wide brim fedora hats to showcase a more dramatic and eye-catching fashion statement. 

    As mentioned above, the wide brim fedora hats are great for sun protection. This is why you need to wear them during the hot summer months. As per All about Vision, sun can damage your eyes.

    Small Brim Fedora Hats 

    As the name suggests, the type of fedora hat is the exact opposite of the wide brim fedora hats. The short brim fedora hats look almost the same as the wide brim fedora hats, but the brim of these hats is much shorter. As the brim is the first thing people notice about the hats, the short brim fedora hats are often confused with the trilby hats. 

    Different Types of Fedora Hats as Per the Crowns 

    The crown is one of the most identifiable parts of the fedora hat. Therefore, if you look closely while purchasing the fedora hats, you will realize most fedora hats feature different types of crown styles. However, remember that not a single style is better than the others. They all are equivalent and you need to choose something as per your requirement. The crown you choose for the fedora hats needs to be aesthetically pleasing. 

    Tear Drop Crown 

    The teardrop-shaped crown of the fedora hats is also known as the pinched crown. The crown is narrow at the front of the hat and rounded at the back of the hat. Unlike the crown and diamond shape, the teardrop fedora hats come with smoother edges as well as a lower profile. This is why they are more visible and will help you stand apart from the crowd. 

    Additionally, some people choose teardrop-shaped fedora hats as they are more conservative and natural. This is why they are more relevant for formal events. 

    Center Dent Crown 

    This is undoubtedly one of the most classic appearances of the fedora hats you can find in the market. Due to the simple crease that starts at the front and extends to the back, these fedora hats get their name. The crown of these fedora hats is pinched. However, you can find other types of center dent fedora hats with a square or geometrical-shaped crown. Most fedora hats that feature this crown are known as Borsalino fedora hats. 


    These are the different types of fedora hats for men you can purchase. Now that you know various pieces of information regarding different fedora hats, you can easily purchase the perfect one. Make sure you contact us and we will provide you with the best fedora hats for men. 


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