Free QR Code Generator

Free QR Code Generator

QR codes were first invented by manufacturing companies for securely and promptly specifying and registering a product. Back then, special devices were used to scan these codes. Now, simple mobile phones can quickly scan QR codes. QR codes are entirely different from Barcodes. So the QR codes use pixels to contain data in two dimensions. So nowadays, people can generate QR codes very quickly using any free QR code generator.

Now, the use of QR codes is many. It is used to redirect customers to:

  • Downloading a file
  • App
  • Web-site
  • Payment options
  • Google map
  • Facebook page or any other social links
  • vCard

In short, you can embed any link into the QR code. Again, you can even use the free QR code generator available to generate QR code for Google Reviews. But, it is not so easy to choose the best out of them.

What does the QR Code implement?

QR codes are safer and well-protected as the most believable method of getting any customers’ data. All of these without needing to come in contact with each other. So it is a contactless solution that works to keep safe transactions. As a result, during this pandemic, the use of QR codes has shot up. In plain words, the QR code stands for ‘Quick Response.’ It can store any links of websites, pages, maps, files, and apps and give explicit texts, mobile numbers, addresses, and emails. Everything you could think of. However, the best thing about it is that Android and iOS devices can quickly scan the QR codes without any external apps. In the iOS 11 update of the iPhone, and with the help of Google lens in Android, the scanning of QR codes has become much more straightforward.

Best Free QR Code Generator

QR codes are just only information carriers. These can be generated online for free. But you have to keep in mind that the free version comes with limits. And, the limit might be different for various free QR code generator. Again, the free version possesses some security threats too. So, before choosing an open plan, you have to consider the dangers. Now, keeping the threats aside, here are some of the free QR code generator:

  1. QR-Code Monkey
  2. Scanova
  3. The-QRcode-generator
  4. Beaconstac’s QR Code Generator
  5. QR Code API
  6. Visualead
  9. QRStuff
  10. QRTiger

These are the top 10 best free QR code generators online. However, these are based on customer reviews, critiques, recommendations, etc. These are described more elaborately below:

QR-Code Monkey

This is a free QR code generator with free lifetime scan plans. This is a tool trusted by millions. It provides high-resolution QR codes, colors, custom designs based on customer recommendations and reviews, and it has been given a rating of 8 out of 10. It presents a visually sound design. Again, it is easy to use, and you can download the code directly from the website. Furthermore, you can arrange the principles you have generated in the past and now, under folders. You can also have paid plans with more unique features. You get your dashboard here. It is the best with logo images on your QR code. You can download the files in PNG, SVG, PDF, EPS formats easily.

Scanova: Free QR Code Generator

Scanova is free to use and power-packed QR code generator. It has some beneficial features that are considered very extraordinary in the market. So it has a very visually fascinating code design that can help get more scans. It shows the location of the scans and gives the design type. Compatible is the word that you will use after utilizing this free QR code generator. It is a very easy to use tool for everyone. The navigation panel has a very compelling design. You can easily download and use the code you generated from your Scanova account. Some of its features:

  • Provides editable dynamic codes
  • Provides high-resolution codes that are downloadable in vector formats
  • You can create the QR code from your mobile phone or any other device and control and foresee all the action using an API


This is very simple to use and gets the job done in a matter of seconds. Again, if you want to customize your designs, this might not be an option. If you are looking for a fast and retro approach, this might be your tool. This provides the necessary black and white codes nothing more. Again, it is not very hard to do. It supports QR code types like SMS, texts, links, call, etc. Now, this is for the people who are in a hurry and want a simple retro design. If you want a more modern looking code, this might not be your preferred option.

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Beaconstac’s QR Code Generator

It is a free tool that allows you to create a custom QR code. This has a lot of illuminating stuff to get initiated. Again, if you are looking for options, not for one-time use only, you might start with the trial version. It is a dynamic QR code generator. You can very quickly change the related content. Again, it aids numerous languages too. It also provides age-gated range, password-protection, and custom domains. So it has integrated Google analytics that helps people with stats. It has a good customer rating of 4.8 out of 5. It has very receptive consumer assistance.

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QR Code API: Free QR Code Generator

The API technology makes the critical stuff easy to use. As a result, this free QR code generator has a straightforward interface. But, it can work as a potent tool. If there is a lot of work you want to generate, it is good to use this QR Code API tool. It can easily create QR codes in bulk. Some of its features include:

  • Create/read/scan codes online
  • Functional in file formats of SVG, EPS, and vector graphics
  • Authorizes customization of logos, color, etc.

But it is to be kept in mind that its usage requires specific knowledge about API. This can easily be found in the tutorials section of the tool. It is actually not that difficult to comprehend.


It is one of the best in the market. It has a lot of fascinating aspects and high-end technology. So it is the most extensively used concerning the other free QR code generator. Some of its features include:

  • Computational math
  • Computer eyesight
  • Creation and publication of page within a minute
  • It can be used from anywhere, and its protection of patents is top-notch.
  • Machine learning
  • Personal dashboard with the stats of the number of scans and manage your codes from there.

It can create more creative, visually appealing, branded codes, which result in more scans. Again, if you want to insert your QR code logo, this is not for you. This free QR code generator doesn’t allow you to insert symbols inside the QR code.

It is a free tool that has all the answers. You can easily navigate through it without any problems. Again, if there is anything that you wish to know, then it has the option that answers it all. It might be the easiest to use. You can use the customization option of it tarry you customize the website. So you can create dynamic QR codes here. It has a dashboard that shows the QR scans and the places from where it has been scanned. Again, you can store the QR codes that you have generated according to folders. Though it has a built-in answering option, you can’t actually go through the customer service quickly. That is a downside. So it is rated at 3.2/5. Free QR Code Generator

It is a minimal free QR code generator that is worth checking out. It is free of cost but has a paid option too. Because it comes with the feature of reading on. Reading on as in the user can save your communication data while providing their vCard information. It allows data such as SMS, URL, vCard, phone number, etc. So it is easily understandable and not a tool that you won’t have any need of. It comes in handy for most.

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It is a free tool. But it has both good and bad aspects of it. You don’t need to sign up to create a QR code. So, by the way, you do need to sign up to customize the QR code. These codes don’t expire but have a scan limit of 50 only. Because it is 100% ad-free. It can create 2D barcodes and QR codes that can very easily be printed on t-shirts. So the principles can be used for commercial objectives without any constraints. It has more than a decade of familiarity. But, it’s navigation panel is not that easy to use.

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QRTiger: Free QR Code Generator

It is the best choice for creating dynamic QR codes. Again, it is easy to use. It gives you the freedom to add logos, and also you can very quickly change the links every time you want. It again provides you with the opportunity to customize the QR chide with various colors. So there are some of its features:

  • No need to signup to use the tool
  • A design can be saved for the future as templates.
  • Track data and make professional dynamic QR codes

So it would help if you always prioritized which generator you want to use based on your requirements. Some things to keep in mind before choosing a free QR code generator:

  • Performance analyzing tool
  • Data tracking tool
  • Customization options
  • Logo insertion options
  • Compatibility with QR code readers

In this age, QR codes have become a significant factor in the field of industry and marketing. Since the iOS update in 2017 and the initiation of Google lens, it is very easily approachable. Again, barcodes have gone old now. The QR codes can store a thousand times more information than a barcode.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can QR codes from a free QR code generator vanish?No, the QR codes from a free QR code generator never expire. Again, they are not only safe, but also they can be changed easily. Similarly, you can furthermore find out the stats about how many people scanned your QR code and which device they used using shone free QR code generator.

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  1. Is using a free QR code generator secure?

Using a free QR code generator might be handy, but it does possess some security risks. It might be open and all, but it is not entirely safe to use. So the problem is that you are relying on a third party to relay your information to the consumers. The pain might be very severe if you want to generate remuneration, engagement using the codes. So things that usually a free QR code generator do:

  • QR code phishing
  • QR code malware
  • Selling your data
  • Some QR codes track you

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  1. Can QR codes trace me?

There is some QR code that can track your location. Again, they can quickly know which type of device you used to scan the QR code. Moreover, the site is also traceable. So the dynamic QR codes are such malicious codes that keep track of all the user’s activities. So they keep track of what time the scan was done, the operating system used, and how many times the scan was done.

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  1. Are there any limits to the number of scans of a QR code?

If you are using a free QR code generator, then there will be a limit. But, for a monthly subscription-based QR code scanner, there won’t be any limit according to your plan. So if your free QR code got 1000 scans in a month and you want more, you might have to obtain a paid plan. Otherwise, your plan might be restrained.


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