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Best Free VPN Apps For Android 2019

Best free vpn app for android

As a smartphone or mobile phone user, you must have heard about VPN. VPN is an acronym that
represents Virtual Private Network (VPN). With VPN, anybody can use the internet system anonymously
without revealing his details, data or information. There are certain sites or programs that aren’t available in a particular country; so the people there will
have no access to these sites or programs because it is blocked and restricted by the ISP firewall. For
example, Nigerians and some other African countries residents cannot make use of PayPal e-wallet with
a local IP. This which makes the affected countries look for the best VPN apps for Android to access the PayPal network.

Either you are searching for paid (which in most cases is the best and recommended) or free VPN, we’ve got you covered as we make a list of the best free VPN apps for your Android devices.


Price: $6.67/month

Download ExpressVPN here

Best free and paid vpn android app

The Express VPN app is one of the best VPN on the Google Play Store, with 30 days free trial. It is Lite in size and it helps to hide your online identity from the rest of the world. The features of this application are that it has a support staff which is ready to assist you, it offers a connection to over 90 different IPs. You can set your location to places like Australia, United Kingdom (U.K), United States of America (U.S.A), Canada, etc. ExpressVPN is rocket fast and safe to use.  It hosts an SSL-secured network with 256-bit encryption. With ExpressVPN, you get unlimited bandwidth and speed. Give it a try and experience the best unlimited anonymous surfing.

Turbo VPN (Free)

Download Turbo VPN here

Best free and paid vpn android app
The Turbo VPN is another free VPN app for Android smartphones on Google Play Store you can use to by-pass any website restriction or to mask your data. This application is completely free and it helps to give you quality experience without leaking or revealing your personal identity to the internet.
Its unique features are that it helps to bypass the campus firewall, it encrypts every single data on your
mobile phone and it is very easy to use.

Hola Free VPN Proxy

Download Hola VPN here

Best free vpn app for android

Hola Free VPN Proxy is also a free Android app used by internet users. Its mechanism is different from other VPN apps. Hola Free VPN Proxy helps you to save your data and details by downloading minimum data when using the internet. Some of its key features include: Changing of countries with a click, gaining access to blocked sites and content, free surfing with no limit to bandwidth or data, etc.


Download SuperVPN here

Best free vpn app for android

SuperVPN app is cool and easy to use. With this free VPN app for Android, you can gain secure access to the internet anonymously. Its key features include; Security of user’s data, unlimited bandwidth & speed, encryption of internet traffic and it doesn’t need the users to register or sign up.

OpenVPN Connect

Download OpenVPN Connect Here

Best free vpn app for android

OpenVPN Connect is another free and trusted VPN that offers unlimited free anonymous surfing bandwidth for android users. As the name implies, it is an open source that is very good for security and privacy. It doesn’t require technical expertise to setup. OpenVPN Connect uses PolarSSl for extra security.

ProtonVPN (Free and Paid)

Price: $4.24/month

Download ProtonVPN here

Best free vpn app for android

Another powerful free VPN app for Android users with wonderful features is ProtonVPN. This VPN app offers unlimited use, with services cut across many countries. ProtonVPN offers no-logging policy. The free version is pretty cool and secure for some users. I highly recommend the paid version of ProtonVPN because of its high-security feature, easy to use and fast VPN speed features.

Best Free VPN Apps For Android 2019

For those searching for the best free VPN for Android phones, this is the best guide.

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