iPhone 12 price in Nigeria, full specifications, and features

The future iPhone 12 2020 will be featuring a much smaller design with 5G network, and Quad camera setup

iPhone 12 rumors, Future iPhone 12 2020, specs and price in Nigeria
Image From PhoneArena.com

The news of Apple ‘s future iPhone 12 set to come up in 2020, has kept Twitter, Facebook and other social networks on fire for a few days now. Fan’s reaction to the upcoming smartphone has shown great excitement, expectations and even surprise for some. While some wonder what the full specifications and price in Nigeria will be once the smartphone arrives here, we took extra miles to get all the info for our users. You will find out all the leaked features in this review.

We have information from very reliable sources that the future iPhone 12 will be featuring a much smaller design, something close to that of the iPhone 4.

Adding to that, the device will be following the line of the latest smartphones from Chinese Companies in coming with support for 5G networking. So in connectivity, it will go head to head with android smartphones like Galaxy S10, Vivo X30, etc.

Adding to the design which we will get into details shortly, Is the fact that Apple is said to be seriously planning on adding one more sensor to the camera setup we saw at the rear of the iPhone 11 Pro. Making the smartphone a major upgrade from iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max at the camera department. Of course, that extra camera will put iPhone 12 on par with Vivo S5, Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Pro, and other flagship devices from different companies between now and 2020.

According to an insider, iPhone 12 could be featuring a new motherboard to enable it to cope with the 5G network the phone is said to be coming with. If the motherboard remained the same, the 5G connectivity could make the smartphone very hot. Check out the full rumored specifications below:

iPhone 12 Design And Display

According to a report from highly rated iPhone analyst Ming-Chi Kuo which was published on AppleInsider, iPhone 12 will be featuring a completely new design. Kuo believes that the new device will feature a metal frame, a full screen display and other things to make it look quite cool. Below is how he puts it.

“Metal frame and front and rear 2/2.5D glass are still used, but the metal frame surface will be changed to a similar design to the iPhone 4, replacing the current surface design.”

Backing up this claim is the fact that Apple has done a similar thing with the Macbook and iPad Pro, bringing back design from years back on the devices. Since Apple is known for consistency, it is no doubt that the iPhone 12 design will follow in this manner. As for the display size, expect to see a 5.4 inch and 6.7-inch OLED display.

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The renders coming up from very reliable sources like PhoneArena, also supports this claim. In one of the renders, Phone Arena even went on to predict that the new iPhone will come in Rose Gold and a Midnight colour. Probably a Midnight Blue.

Based on that prediction, below is an image showing what the design of the iPhone 12 will look like.

iPhone 12 rumors, Future iPhone 12 2020, specs and price in Nigeria
Image From PhoneArena.com

iPhone 12 Camera And Battery

In a video that has been trending on Youtube, the Japanese company SONY is known for making quality cameras, teased the social media users with a glimpse of their new camera sensor IMX686. Based on the existing relationship between Apple and SONY, rumor has it that this is the exact camera that will be available on iPhone 12. Though the video did not directly specify the size of this sensor which everybody is looking forward to, rumor has it that it is going to be 64 Megapixel. We have reasons to believe so since IMX686 is supposed to be a major upgrade from the current 48 Megapixel sensor they have available in the market.

The camera is said to be able to capture images in such a way that you won’t have the need for much editing on it due to how clear and pleasant they will look. No matter what the price in Nigeria would be, that rumored camera specs are pretty cool, I must say.

iPhone 12 rumors, Future iPhone 12 2020, specs and price in Nigeria
Image From PhoneArena.com

According to Kuo’s prediction iPhone 12 will be coming with an extra camera added to the existing Triple camera setup. So we are likely to get a Quad Camera setup on this device.

Joining the primary camera in the setup will be time-of-flight sensors which are known to not only improve the quality of photos but also to deliver excellent performance in real applications.

At the battery department, it won’t be a surprise If you search online for the specs and find nothing meaningful. Apple is not known to talk much about their battery sizes. However, going by the iPhone 11 battery sizes revealed by Felipe Esposito, a Brazilian tech journalist on 9 to 5 Mac, showing the progression on iPhone battery sizes, we can be sure there’s no way iPhone 12 will be sporting a battery size less than 4000mAh.

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The 5G network support is another reason iPhone 12 will be featuring a bigger battery. The increase in the battery size also means longer duration, both in talk time and heavy usage.

iPhone 12 Software And Hardware

iPhone 12 rumors, Future iPhone 12 2020, specs and price in Nigeria
Image From PhoneArena.com

Earlier this month, Apple updated its iOS to iOS 13.2.2. The newly updated operating system promises far better performance than the previous version. Is this the OS we will be seeing on iPhone 12? We can’t say for sure for now. But knowing Apple’s history, iPhone 12 may be running on a new operating system entirely. Another thing that can influence this is the 5G networking on the device.

Following Ming-Chi Kuo’s predictions, the smartphone will be featuring a new motherboard to make it easier for the heat the 5G connectivity will generate to dissipate. Reliable sources say this is likely going to be a 5-nanometer processor.

As for the memory capacity, though Apple is not known to publicize this aspect of their devices, the filing made by the company as demanded by the Chinese regulatory agency TENAA and revealed by Felipe Esposito on 9 to 5 Mac, we know for sure that the real RAM size of all iPhone 11 is 4 GB. As opposed to the 6 GB RAM reporters earlier claimed.

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Now based on the fact that the Quad camera setup iPhone 12 will need a bigger RAM to flow with it, our prediction is that iPhone 12 will be coming with a 6 GB RAM. Knowing how Apple is not into big RAM sizes, you may be disappointed if you expect to see something bigger on the smartphone.

iPhone 12 Price In Nigeria

Following Apple’s history, iPhone 12 is likely going to be launched around the second week of September 2019. Based on the specs we have seen so far on the device, iPhone 12 expected price in Nigeria starts from $1399. That is around N505,000 in Nigeria. About $300 higher than the latest iPhone 11 Pro Max which costs $1,099 presently.

If it goes for that price, it would mean the smartphone will beat Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus 5G which goes for $1,299 presently.

Once it is out, you can buy it online on Jumia and also Apple partner stores in Computer Village, Ikeja, Lagos.

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