Golden State Warriors odds of winning NBA 2022-2023


The winner of the last regular championship of the National Basketball Association – “Golden State Warriors” before the start of the current season again entered the list of the main favorites. Seasonal injuries are no longer a problem for a team that won another NBA championship last season by beating the Boston Celtics in six games. At the moment, after a third of the games played in the new season, the Warriors are the third contender for the championship after the Milwaukee Bucks and Boston Celtics in bookmakers’ quotes.

However, the backlog of Steve Kerr’s team in percentage terms is insignificant.

The bet on the championship “GSV” on mostbetuz-net is very attractive for many fans of basketball and the game in bookmakers. Let’s look at the real chances of last year’s champion to repeat the championship achievement.

Off-season and Golden State roster before the start of the 2022-2023 championship

With four titles since 2015, the Warriors will face even stronger competition in the Western Conference in the 2022-2023 season. However, Golden State has arguably the best point guard in the league, Stephen Curry, who continues to play like he’s 25 and has already had a lot of strong 40-point games this season.

Klay Thompson went through a full training camp to get himself in top shape. Also, don’t forget about Andrew Wiggins, who became an All-Star last season, playing great defense and gradually adding to the attack. The only thing the Warriors are worried about is the depth of their bench after trading Gary Payton II, Otto Porter Jr., Juan Toscano-Anderson and Nemanja Belica. The contributions of Moses Moody, Jordan Poole and Jonathan Cuminga will be key if Golden State wants to repeat last season’s achievement.

The biggest losses of the off-season for the GSV are the loss of Gary Payton II and Otto Porter Jr. More dropped out of the Warriors roster than they planned. Payton and Porter left for big paychecks in Portland and Toronto, respectively, which greatly reduced the depth of the champion roster. Payton became a player the Warriors used extensively on defense. He was not afraid to play with Devin Booker, Luka Doncic and Ja Morant, while doing his job well. Porter became a forward for the Warriors, playing both forward and occasionally in the fifth position. In the 2021/22 season, Porter completed 37% of shots from behind the arc.

State of affairs at the start of the 2022-2023 season

Despite the fact that many analysts and fans before the start of the season believed that Kerr’s team would be the main contender for victory in the Conference, after 25 starting meetings, it became clear that it would be incredibly difficult for Steph Curry and the company to complete this task. The fact is that the Western Conference has become much stronger than last year and it has at least 10 teams that will fight for the Playoff zone.

After 27 games played, Golden State is 8th in the Western Conference and 2 wins behind the Playoff zone. Of course, the “Warriors” can win back such a backlog without any problems. Moreover, Stef and the company are quite capable of taking a place in the TOP-3 of the best teams in the West. Even the most ardent skeptics have no doubts that this team will make it to the Playoffs. However, in the relegation games, GSV will definitely be harder than last season.

Odds for the NBA winner in the 2022-2023 season

At the moment, the main contenders for the title of the best team in the National Basketball Association are the Milwaukee Bucks and the Boston Celtics. Bookmakers estimate the probability of their championship with a coefficient of 6.50. The Warriors are in third place among the contenders. The odds are slightly higher for the victory of Steve Kerr’s team – 8.00. Next up are the Los Angeles Clippers and the Finnix Suns at 8.50.

As you can see, even despite the blurry start of the season, bookmakers continue to believe in Stephen Curry and Golden State, which means that the chances for the Warriors remain really high.


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