Have an effective online English speaking course for students: tips to follow

speaking course for students

Today for effective education, cracking the job and professional growth respectively, English speaking skills are the need of the hour. English is a widely spoken language all across the world. In the present competitive world, having effective English speaking skills plays the utmost important role. With the flexibility, convenience, and comfort offered, many students go for online English-speaking courses to brush their communication skills. Let us discuss effective tips that teachers who sell courses online can follow to enhance the English speaking skills of the students. – speaking course for students

Benefits of online English speaking course 

  • Convenient 

Going to coaching centers is not convenient for many students. The traffic issues, traveling problems, coaching at far places, and time constraints are some of the problems because of which students don’t prefer conventional English speaking courses. However, the facility of having online English-speaking courses has been very convenient for learners. From anywhere and at a suitable time they can learn and practice. 

  • Helps students to manage work and life 

Many students in higher learning classes start working too. Students do part-time jobs, full-time work, family businesses, and more. Because of this, they don’t get time to go to educational institutes and learn. (Alprazolam) However, the synchronous and asynchronous online courses have been quite beneficial in this regard. Students can learn at their preferred time, and have a self-paced learning experience. This ensures their professional and academic growth both. 

  • Cost-effective – speaking course for students

Reaching coaching centers, buying guides, and off-campus expenditures become too much for many students. However, online courses are cost-effective. Everyone nowadays has network devices to take online classes from anywhere without traveling. This way transportation costs are saved. Also, learning online is a time-saving process. 

Tips for teachers to conduct effective online English speaking courses 

  1. Teach grammar topics in detail- speaking course for students

For effective English speaking, having the correct knowledge of sentence formation and grammar patterns is very important. When students don’t have a good command of grammar skills, they convey messages in English incorrectly or prefer speaking less in this language.

 To sell online courses in English speaking, make sure to have grammar classes in them. Teach the important topics such as verb forms, tenses, active voice, passive voice, direct speech, indirect speech conjunctions, prepositions, and more. With effective grammar knowledge, students will become more confident to communicate in this language. 

  1. Have general group discussions 

The more students will use English in their daily life, the better will be their English speaking skills. All online teachers must have general group discussions in the live classes. For example, divide the class into small groups. Each group should be given a suitable topic to discuss. 

For example, you can ask students to discuss the importance of discipline in our lives. Give students some time to think initially. Once they get familiar with this pattern, have spontaneous group discussions too. Ask students to interact as much as possible and not to feel shy. Note down the mistakes made by students and guide them regarding the same. 

  1. Tell students not to let their inner fear stop them from growing

Many students have a fear that if they speak anything incorrect or stammer they may get judged, scolded, or joked off. They have low self-confidence and don’t feel comfortable with English communication. Provide students with a motivational boost and ask them to stop fearing. Make students feel comfortable and secure. Tell them the more they will speak, the better they will become. Ask your students to stay positive, think constructively, and keep trying. 

  1. Have one on one communication with all 

In a classroom full of students, all are different from one another. Some are quite active speakers while some stay reserved. You must try to make all students vocal as much as possible. Have interactions with all. Ask them about their daily life activities, what they learned in today’s class, some professional questions, and more. Focus on every student in your class and communicate with them one on one. 


For academic, social, and professional success, English speaking skills are important for all of us. In this regard, many students opt for online English-speaking courses. By following the above-mentioned tips, teachers can work better to enhance the English communication skills of students. Also, ask students to be accountable and use this language in everyday communication as much as they can.


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