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Hiring the right people is a difficult job, filled with numerous challenges. One is getting an application from someone who fits your organization and culture. Hireflex serves as the perfect solution for recruitment needs in 2022. It enables you to automate the entire recruitment process, thus making it faster and easier for recruiters to connect and engage with potential employees.

In 2022, candidates will use smart devices to control how their job search is conducted – from when they look for jobs to accept jobs. They will also choose what information they share and with whom. And as automated workflows are adopted, this will enable recruiters to focus more on the more complex functional aspects of hiring and less on administrative tasks.

However, this article will discuss how Hireflex simplifies the hiring process, exclusively connecting companies and workers.

What is Hireflex?

HireFlex is a cloud-based applicant tracking software and onboarding system designed to help small businesses recruit and hire employees. The software helps users manage the recruiting process, from posting jobs on social media sites to hiring candidates, including background checks, e-signatures, etc.


Moreover, HireFlex features include an onboarding module, which allows users to customize employee forms with their company’s logo and automatically send forms to new hires for signature. Managers can then store completed forms in the system for easy access.

In addition, the software enables users to send text messages to candidates when they schedule interviews or receive job offers; track compensation packages. And collaborate with team members by assigning tasks and setting reminders.

How does Hireflex work?

Hireflex is easy to use and can be accessed from any computer, tablet, or smartphone with an internet connection. The system allows you to keep track of your recruitment and hiring activities through a secure online portal. Hireflex can also be fully integrated with your existing HR information system (HRIS), making setup simple and fast.

The streamlined design of the portal makes it easy for users to access their data, either from a web browser or from the mobile app. With Hireflex, you can manage your recruitment advertising, view applicants, interview candidates, make job offers, and onboard new employees hassle-free. (exceptionalpets.com)


All you have to do is create a posting. Then Hireflex will match you with one of its skilled contractors. You can interact directly with your contractor through Hireflex’s online collaboration tools or meet them in person if you prefer.

When your project is complete, make a payment from your secure account, and post another job to rehire the same contractor or find someone new.

Key Features of Hireflex

Hireflex is an all-in-one applicant tracking system. It combines hiring features you need when recruiting with a beautifully designed career site to help you attract top talent.

Applicant Tracking

Hireflex helps automate your recruitment process to allow you to hire faster, more efficiently, and more cost-effectively.

  • Post jobs to the best job boards at no additional cost
  • Receive applications from job boards and your career site
  • Manage and communicate with potential candidates in the same place
  • Recruitment Tools for the Modern Hiring Manager
  • Sourcing
  • Search for potential candidates on social networking sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Xing, Twitter, Google+, and Monster. Com for free.

Communication Tools

Schedule interviews in your calendar automatically by inviting candidates from within Hireflex and managing interviews via email. Schedule meetings with candidates using Skype or GoToMeeting directly from within Hireflex. Send automated email communications to keep your applicants informed at every step of the hiring process.

Collaborate on a Candidate or Job Folder with Your Team Members

You can add team members to collaborate on a job opening or candidate profile within Hireflex. You can also set permission levels on profiles so only specific team members can access them.

How to register on Hireflex?

Registering on Hireflex is easy, quick, and hassle-free. You can also sign up using your Google account. Hireflex is a place where you can create your resume and apply for jobs.

Here’s how you can register on Hireflex:

  • First, visit www. hireflex. com
  • Now, click on the signup button on the home page
  • Enter your basic information like name, email address, and password to create an account.
  • After completing these fields, click on the “create account” button.
  • Your registration is complete.

Hireflex Login Process

  • To log in to Hireflex, follow the instruction below:
  • Visit their official login page through this link myhireflex. com
  • A page will appear on the screen to see “Login to SASR.”
  • Now enter your username and password
  • Hit the “Login” button
  • It will take you to your account dashboard, where you can seek jobs or hire someone.

How to reset the password on Hireflex?

If you forgot your password or you want to change your password, then please follow the below steps:

  • You can reset your password by clicking on forgot password button.
  • A new page will open where you have to fill email id there after clicking on the send button.
  • You will receive a “Verification Code” to reset your password at your email id (if you don’t receive the verification code within 10 minutes, check the Spam folder in your email).
  • Now enter the verification code received at email id and verify it.
  • Fill New Password, confirm new password fields, and click on the Update button.

How to manage the Myhre account?

Employers and Jobseekers can use the Myhire account on Hireflex. However, employers can use it to post jobs, search for candidates, and analyze job applications. Jobseekers can also search for jobs, register as a candidate, and apply online. Here you can manage your Myhire account:

  • Once you are in your HireFlex dashboard, click on “Create New Job” on the top right corner of the screen (this button will be green).
  • After clicking on “Create New Job,” a new page will appear that prompts you to fill out some information about your job.
  • You will need to enter a job title, where you will locate the job, an hourly pay rate, and the start date. You can also add a short description of the job if you like. Then click “Next” at the bottom right corner of the page.
  • On this next page, you will be prompted to enter some details about your company so that potential employees can get a better idea of what your company does and what they would potentially be working for.
  • You can enter a company logo by clicking the “Upload” button in the top left corner of the respective box or dragging and dropping an image file into that box.

Why should you use Hireflex?

Hireflex is a great tool to help you find the best possible candidate for your open position. Our search engine makes it easy to filter candidates by criteria specific to your business. We also have an employee review system that will allow you to see how people feel about working with a specific person and see if they would be a good fit for your company.

Hireflex saves time and money on hiring because it provides you with the information you need in one place. It also allows us to be more responsive as we get new requests every day. We can respond quickly to employers’ and employees’ requests, so everyone gets what they’re looking for faster.

SASR merchandising

SASR merchandising is a method for delivering incremental revenue to your company. It involves selling products related to the product you intend to sell.

Also, these accessories can be add-ons or may be items that enhance the main product. You can often sell these products with little or no additional cost to the customer, but they can add significant value and revenue to your business.

  • You can order SASR merchandise from the SASR Association website.
  • Payment is by credit card at ordering, and freight costs are added to the order.
  • Once paid, orders are usually dispatched within 2-3 days, although some more popular items may take 5-7 days to dispatch.
  • Delivery times vary depending on your location in Australia. Generally allow 1 week for delivery in a metropolitan area and up to 10 working days for rural areas.

FAQs on HireFlex

How does the Hireflix interview work?

Hireflex interview is a natural conversation between you and the interviewer. You will be asked questions covering your personality, work experience, and skills. In some cases, you may also be given tasks to complete.

The interview is video-recorded. The team of recruiters and specialist subject matter experts will review the interview and provide feedback. However, if it succeeds, the recruiter will contact you to discuss your options.

Why is Hireflex different from other companies?

Hireflex is different from other staffing companies because the focus is on personal attention. Hireflex cares about your experience, whether you’re looking for a job or hiring someone. You’ll have a dedicated account manager who makes sure everything goes smoothly and answers questions.


I hope you found this review of Hireflex useful. I’m a big fan of the software and highly recommend it. If you’re in the market for a new hiring software solution, look at Hireflex and see if it’s right for you.

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